How To Use Google Sheets Offline

Process to use Google sheets in offline mode. Here is the complete guide to easily use google sheets in offline platform.

How To Use Google Sheets Offline

How To Use Google Sheets Offline in 2019

First step by step process to use Google sheets offline below

Step 1: To use Google sheets offline you just have to install the Google docs offline extension Google chrome

Step 2: Now you just have to open the Google drive in the chrome browser

Step 3: Now just open the Google sheets and click on the three dot icon which is available at the left hand side

Step 4: Now just clicks on the settings option

Step 5: You just has to enable the option of offline and click on ok button.

Step 6: Now you are able to open any DOC file and check it

Step 7: This is the whole process to setup Google sheets offline mode.

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