How to Fix Adblock not working On Twitch

Twitch has become the most popular online streaming platform with more than 15 million users throughout the globe. Twitch provides your unlimited features that enhance your visual experiences such as easy transfer of data, free VPN, and so many more. But sometimes you might face some issue in twitch.

Usually, the Adblock not working with Twitch is faced by most of the users. Don’t need to worry we are here to help you. In this article, we will go through some technical and most commonly used steps used among users to fix the error of Adblock isn’t working on Twitch. 

6 Ways To Fix Adblock not working On Twitch

1. Use another browser

As you know that usually most of the users use many browsers for Adblocker. But this kind of browsers sometimes blocks the twitch also which creates trouble for you. So we recommend you to work with a different browser to fix this error. The opera GX browser is specially built for this purpose which is considered the best option to solve the error of twitch. 

Apart from this, opera GX also provides you strong protection from the virus that can attack your system which causes system crushing. 

Adblock not working On Twitch

2. Ad-block should be updated

It is generally recommended by professionals that you must use advanced versions of the Adblock extension to avoid many issues particularly when Adblock isn’t working on the twitch. There are various ways to update the AdBlock extension. You can also update this from its official website.

We recommend you restart your browser when you update the newer version of the Adblock extension. After restarting you will find that the Adblock extension is working properly if you found some issue after restarting then you should go for another method which we mentioned in the article. 

3. Change the setting from Google

As you are aware this fact the Adblocker works in the browser directly, so you might face issues in Adblock due to improper settings of the browsers. So we recommend you to check the settings of the browser properly before starting the Adblock on the twitch.  In this section of our article, we will some steps to change the setting of the browser for the proper functioning of the Adblock on the twitch. So let’s start it.

  • To change the settings of the browser, go to the browser that you are using and open it. 
  • When you will open the browser then you will saw an address bar on the top of the screen. Now you need to enter chrome://flags/#network-service. 
  • When you fulfill the above instructions you need to press the enter button. 
  • Now, you can see that a page is displayed in front of you which contains settings options. You have to opt for the enable network settings among the different settings. 

Change the setting from Google

  • Disable the network service from the settings and save the changes that you made in the settings. 
  • Now, restart the chrome and you will find that your problem has been solved and Adblock is properly functioning on the twitch. We provide an image below of this section of the article for your better understanding. 

4. Use any other player for twitch 

If you are continuously facing the ads problem on the twitch on the same browser, then we would strongly recommend you choose any other alternative player for better performance of the twitch. 

There are a lot of alternative players are available on Google and Firefox that can help you a lot to solve the issues including the AdBlock not working on the twitch. 

Use any other player for twitch 

5. Clean the cache from your system

The coaches are generally produced in the system due to corrupted files or the remaining the deleted files.  Such kind of cache files may be harmful to your browser and it impairs the normal functioning of an Adblock browser. You can tackle the issue by clearing the caches and keep your system up to date.

There should be sufficient storage in your device so that the adblocker can operate in your system. So, in this way, this proves an effective method for your troubles if you are also facing the problem when adblocker not working on the twitch. 

6. Use some advanced filters

You must aware of this fact that each Adblock extension provides you a wide range of filters. These filters can be applied manually so that you can tackle any issue related to Adblocking in which Adblock not working on twitch is one of them. 

Conclusion – Fix Adblock not working on Twitch

If you properly go through our article, then you must know that Adblockers are efficient ways to stop the annoying ads on the browsers.  We also provide you various methods that you can use to solve the errors such as when Adblock not working on the twitch. You just need to implement the instructions which provide in this article.

We are highly assured that your problems must be resolved from the above-mentioned methods, in rare cases if you’re not able to fix the issue of Adblock not working on the twitch we will recommend you to visit or consult with any technical professional. You can also solve some crucial errors by just visiting our website because we are truly dedicated to solving the issue of the users so that they can enjoy without any troubles.

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