AdTargeting Review: Features, Pricing & Details

AdTargeting Review

Do you want to boost your return on investment by targeting a more specific audience?

People are spending more on advertising as more businesses move online in the hopes of reaching a larger audience and increasing sales. The average Facebook CTR in the newsfeed is 1.11 percent, according to This is on the decline, with a fall of 0.37 percent from the previous year 2020.

Facebook being one of the fastest-growing ad networks, advertisers using Facebook has increased more than double in the last 18 months. The platform might be intimidating because there are so many different ad targeting options to use, and each client’s performance varies.

Performance on Facebook can vary by industry, much as it can on Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords). So, how do you boost your ROI in the face of such fierce competition? How do you set yourself out from the competition? This is where AdTargeting comes in; it assists you in locating a target audience based on a search of interests.

In this post, we’ll go over an in-depth overview of AdTargeting, including its benefits and drawbacks, as well as its price model.

AdTargeting Review

In simple terms, AdTargeting is an interest targeting tool that assists you in identifying relevant interests (keywords) to refine your target group and increase return on investment (ROI) while lowering ad spending.

You’ll discover new interests and better focus your target audience using AdTargeting and uncover new audiences and avoid fishing in the same competitor’s interest.

With just a simple interest search and expansion tool, AdTargeting provides powerful data analytic capabilities. Advertisers can also upload all of their interest lists to Facebook Ad Manager with a single click.

This tool aids in the pre-planning of advertising to increase visibility and interaction and the placement of ads on the platform.

Why use AdTargeting?

The only thing that matters to any online business is their customer. It’s a waste of time and money to create an ad that doesn’t reach the intended demographic, as it lowers conversion and raises CPC, lowering ROI. The AdTargeting tool aids in the discovery of interests, resulting in the refinement of a solid target audience, ultimately increasing ROI and reducing ad spending.

Around 85 percent of ads are targeted based on the country rather than a specific region, according to, while only 45 percent of ads use interest targeting. With the help of this platform, you may search for more relevant keywords for your business. Most of the system-recommended words may be evaluated in detail.

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AdTargeting Features

Check out all the features of AdTargeting to get the best result in business.

Finding new interest for Facebook and Google advertising:

Choosing the correct interest term will assist your company in reaching out to a new audience. Facebook compiles a list of users’ interests based on their actions, such as liking a page, searching, and other methods.

AdTargeting allows you to search for words that aren’t already available on Facebook. Simply type in your interest, and AdTargeting will provide you with a list of related topics as well as suggestions. You can further limit your search by audience volume to get better results.

Another option is to use the Top charts on the menu bar to view all of the major areas of interest.

AdTargeting Features

It contains the most well-known interest lists in various industry sectors, as well as their volume. You can also delve further into a key category to customize your search.

various industry sectors

The same can be said for Google keyword research. Change the platform to Google to search for niched terms.

Google keyword research

Interest comparison to find a better target audience:

If you’re confused about whether you’ve chosen the right interest keyword. AdTargeting allows you to compare two interest keywords side by side on all aspects to filter out the best one.

You can use Facebook keyword analysis to determine the gender ratio, age range, relationship status, , job title, education level, and audience size to determine your audience profile.

Facebook keyword analysis

AdTargeting audience analysis is entirely based on the audience screening method of Facebook audience insights. Simply put, the two different interests and AdTargeting will analyze interest and give a detailed description of each interest in the form of graphs.

AdTargeting audience analysis

Spy on competitor’s ads campaign:

Spying on your competitor’s ads campaign sounds interesting. Analyzing your competitor’s ad campaign and the hot terms they utilized might help you plan your own marketing and ad campaign significantly. 

Having access to such vital information can put you one step ahead of your competition. Advertising trends, popular terms, geographical distribution, platform distribution, creative distribution, and creative insights can be examined by advertisers.

AdTargeting Reviews

The creative distribution section displays images, videos, and carousel advertising. The creative insights section displays ads that may be filtered by country, platform, and time.

distribution section displays image

Pricing of AdTargeting:

Starting with free, Basic, Pro, and VIP Enterprise, AdTargeting offers four different options. You can try it for three days for $1, after which you must pay the full amount. It also allows you to run an infinite number of queries every day.

Free – It is entirely free to the user. It provides access to the very minimum of the tool’s functionality, such as interest/keyword search and audience insight, as part of the free service. In addition, you are limited to three searches every day.

Basic — It is $9 per month. The free plan includes a keyword recommendation option in addition to the other capabilities. It also allows for up to 20 queries every day.

Pro – This $69/month package comes with a slew of capabilities that can significantly boost your targeted marketing campaign. It also includes advertising rating, advertiser insight, top charts, and online assistance, in addition to the capabilities found in Basic.

VIP Enterprise – It is AdTargeting’s most expensive subscription, costing between $199 and $999 each month. It also includes deeper, more sophisticated ad research, API integration support, personalized service, access to information on rivals’ advertisements, and higher ad dimensions, in addition to everything you get with the Pro plan.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Lower ad costs.
  • It is available in ten different languages.
  • Compare and contrast the audience differences between two different interests.
  • Spy on your competitors’ Facebook advertising and steal their traffic.
  • In a single click, you may add interest to your ad manager.
  • The tutorial wizard makes it simple to use.


  • The reach of the audience is limited.
  • Invasion of privacy.


AdTargeting is a fantastic marketing tool that will assist you in bettering your marketing strategy and increasing your ROI. A good company understands who its customers are and what they want. If you’re going to get a better understanding of your audience and their hidden interests. Give the AdTargeting tool a shot; you’ll be blown away by the results.

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