Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro Review (2022) : Is It Safe OR Good

Various people follow one single solution for dealing with a slow personal computer or laptop. It is buying a new one. Well, that is not the only solution. There are ways for you to save thousands of dollars, only if you invest in something nice, like the tune-up utility like the IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro whose review is given below. 

With this application, you can do many things like system repairing actions that are present in the IObit Advanced SystemCare Free. Plus it will add real-time optimization, Windows registry cleaner, and other features. 

If you check the Advanced SystemCare features are better then AVG TuneUp and Iolo System Mechanics ability for tuning up the PC. However, the application can be considered for doing premium performance and cleanup right at a good price.  For Windowsradar users, it is available for 83% Off. Click below to get the offer.

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Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro Review 2022

User Interface Review

advanced systemcare review

One thing you might like about the Advanced SystemCare is that it has a straightforward user interface compared to other products. Also, it has easily categorized various kinds of components and tools. It is so easy to navigate that even a person with minimum or basic computer knowledge can easily navigate. The tool has tabs like Speed Up, Care, and Protect. 

If you check out the Action center tab, it will show off some of the offers of other IObit products. Plus, it will display the actions that need to be taken like updating the old software. You might find the window and scanning icon a bit attractive. 


Now the Advanced SystemCare will load the simply ‘Clean & Optimize’ tab by default. Most importantly, you might easily be able to use it for doing a quick scan and that of the system based on the selections present at the bottom of the screen. 

iobit advanced systemcare review

The default scan checks for various things like Registry, spyware, file junk, broken shortcuts, traces, etc. It will even run the Internet Boost module along with it. Here you do have the option to add other components like the disk scan, disk optimization, and Registry defragmentation. Frankly, you would be able to disable most of the selected components just before hitting the scan button. 

The scan would take some amount of time and this will be based on the selected components and even the performance of the PC. There would be a checkbox that can be used for fixing the program related to all issues that are automatically found, however, it is not a great option. Once the scan is completed, the summary of the program’s findings will be shown in the end. 

Here the security, stability, and performance of the PC are rated by the Advanced SystemCare based on the results of the scan. So, before you hit the scan button, hit the fix button and it will fix all the selected issues (here it means the default issues). Then you can click on the component to know more about the issues that have surfaced in the scan. Besides, you can uncheck some of the issues that are not fixed. Also, you can modify the action of the program that it will undertake when one hits the fix button.

The Installation Review

Regarding the installation of the Advanced SystemCare Pro, it is quite simple. More importantly, the installation is lightweight too. Compared to other software, the SystemCare Pro installation file size is 48MB and takes only five to six minutes to download. 

Keep in mind that the installation time varies and simply based on the configuration of the system. Now if you have a higher system configuration along with faster internet, then it will take less time. 

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Features of Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro Review

Now is advanced SystemCare safe? This might be a doubt in your mind. The below features will prove that to you.

1. Care

Now the care has various kinds of options. Most of these options are chosen by default and there are some which aren’t. Here you have the option to utilize the Select All button that immediately chooses all the options. Well, this is a great idea for scanning the PC especially with the options that are chosen.

Plus you can even configure the settings in each of the options. For doing that just click on the gear icon that is present near to each of the options. This will provide you with additional customization for your scan.

2. Speed Up

Now the Speed Up tab present in the Advanced SystemCare will be having very few options and features that help to increase the system speed. Here the Turbo Boost option will block the unnecessary apps and services that are not required. It will even release the RAM of other programs. 

Here the Hardware Accelerate won’t work unless you are downloading the IObit Driver Booster. In the same way, Toolbar Cleaner or App will only work if one gets the IObit uninstaller. There is the Deep-Optimization feature and it will tweak the system settings for increasing the speed of Windows computer. 

Now the Speed Up tab will show four options for improving the system performance. They are – 

Advanced SystemCare pro Review
  • Turbo Boost: When this mode is enabled, it will help in improving the performance by blocking all the background services and apps. Plus, it will help in releasing the RAM. This particular model will ship in three modes which are game, work, and economy. From this, you can choose to go with anyone to configure. You will even find options for selecting services, apps, and other settings that you might want to turn off. 
  • Startup Accelerate: You can easily analyze startup programs. Also, you can make suggestions for disabling the startup for items that you won’t need at all times for speeding the system start. 
  • Deep Optimization: You can suggest optimization for the network, hard disk, and system item for improving the performance.

3. Protect

Concerning the Protect feature, there are various options for securing your sensitive data. Here the Privacy Shield will avoid the blackmailing software and phishing sites from stealing any kind of confidential details. In the same way, Browser Anti-Tracking will clear the browsing fingerprints. Plus, it will prevent other websites from tracking. So, it means that Real-Time Protector will avoid spyware attacks. 

Here you must realize that Protect is considered as the first tab that will show the Pro-only features. The following ones are the three options given to free users – 

S. NoParticularsDescription
1Surfing ProtectSecuring against all kinds of online threats.
2Win10 ReinforceIt provides the suggestion for turning off certain features of the Windows 10 like Connect User Experiences as well as Telemetry, Remote Assistance Services, and allowing apps in using the advertising ID.
3DNS ProtectionThis will secure the DNS settings for avoiding all kinds of malware from making changes to the settings.

4. Toolbox Review

There are many components to the toolbox and you can use them for optimizing the PC. Here the toolbox contains System Optimizing tools, System Cleaning tools, and Security and Repair tools. IObit even lists out other products but you would have to purchase them separately. 

Most importantly, the entire tools present in the toolbox have to be downloaded. For that, you would require an internet connection just of Advanced SystemCare review for you are using them. Now few users might see it as an issue, even though they are quite easy for installing. The whole installation procedure is very simple and all one needs is to click on the tools for doing the installation. 

The toolbox will separate tools into three sections like repair and security, system clean, and system optimizes. 

Toolbox Review
S. NoParticularsDescription
1Repair and SecurityThe following are the major parts present in this section – MyWin10, PC transfer, Disk Doctor, Undelete, Default Program, File Shredder, System Control, and IE Helper.
2System OptimizeHere this contains Auto Shutdown, Startup Manager, Registry Defrag, Program Deactivator, ASC Portable Version, and System Information.
3System CleanThis contains the various tools like Empty Folder Scanner, Large Files Finder, Cloned Files Scanner, Shortcut Fixer, and Process Manager.

Value In Terms Of Money – IOBit Advanced SystemCare Review

A doubt might arise in your mind. Is advanced SystemCare good? Well, there is no doubt that the Advanced SystemCare review is a feature-rich product. On the whole, it is low priced compared to the other software that you might find online. The cost of the ASC Pro 13 is just $19.99. Plus, it is licensed to work on three PCs in a single year. No doubt, it is a great and best affordable system maintenance tool. Not only it targets many areas of the computer but it even helps in removing junks. 

Also, it will defrag the registry and disk for providing a stable computing experience. Of course, it has a competitive price for such a kind of feature-filled tool. 

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1) Is Advanced SystemCare safe?

Of course, the Advanced SystemCare review is safe. It is an excellent tool for you pc

2) Is IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro worth it?

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro does a great job of rejuvenating the slow-moving PC. But few issues might keep it from being one of the top-most picks for the tuning up utilities. 

3) Which is better-advanced SystemCare or CCleaner?

Both are different programs. The CCleaner will clean the whole registry and even the temp or cache files. Advanced SystemCare is better then CCleaner as it contains all the functions and it is legit tools.

4) Is IObit software good?

Frankly, the IObit Advanced SystemCare is one of the impressive free PC optimization tools. You might be surprised to know that it is less comprehensive compared to the paid-for alternatives. 

5) Is Advanced SystemCare a virus?

The answer is No. It is safe. SystemCleaner will assist in cleaning up the documents right from the system; however, it won’t interfere with the private details. 

6) Does advanced SystemCare work

Yes, It is one of the top pc software

7) Is IObit products safe?

Yes, it is safe. The SystemCare product will work with certain minor defects. No doubt, IObit products are safe. 

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