10 Best Airdroid Alternatives You Must Use In 2022

Airdroid Alternatives

You must have heard about the AirDroid Application. This app is usually popular among Android users for transferring data from Mobiles phones to a personal computer. There is a number of applications that are making it easy to transfer data from Android devices to PC. Airdroid is one of them which makes it easy to transfer your Android files easily. We have listed down the best Airdroid Alternatives as some users are facing issues with this application.

Airdroid is a popular application that helps to transfer data with the help of Wi-Fi. This app helps in managing files getting notification replies to messages and other features. There is a number of users who have been complaining about this app. So here we are coming up with the best Airdroid alternatives

Best Airdroid Alternatives in 2022

1. PushBullet

PushBullet - Free Airdroid alternatives

Push bullet is the best Airdroid alternatives application that connects your phone to PC. If you have a habit of using your smartphone with the Windows PC then this app is something which you are looking for. The functionality of this application is similar to Airdroid as you can access your android phone notification, messages and also you can chat with your friends.

Push bullet does not have a files transfer feature. This application provides end-to-end encryption technology. If you want you can go for the premium subscription of the app which include removing limitation from messages and file sharing.

Available for – Windows, Chrome, Android, Firefox, Portal Link

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2. Xender 

Xender - Airdroid Alternatives

Xender app is a popular app to transfer files from a computer to an Android phone. This is one of the popular file-sharing apps which is available on all platforms. This Airdroid alternative helps in using the drag and drop function from their Windows computer or Mac to the other iPhone or Android phone.

You can also go for the Windows app which you can use on any platform. With the help of this app, you can transfer any type of file of any size in a pretty well manner.

Available for – Android, iOS, Windows, Web (FREE)

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3. Mightytext

Mightytext - Best Airdroid alternatives

Mightytext is another similar app to AirDroid which also provides wireless transferring of data from Android devices to PC. This app provides the function of texting directly from the desktop.

With the help of this Airdroid alternative, you can manage all functions from desktops like texting, call notification, battery alerts, photo editor, etc. This app is limited to some Android devices.

Available for – Android

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4. Shareit


Shareit is one of the popular Airdroid alternatives which is a popular file-sharing application if you want to transfer files as soon as possible. This app makes it easy to transfer and receive files photos videos apps easily.

You just have to scan the QR code from your PC and start using this application. Just have to download the software on your Windows PC before sharing the data with the PC.

Available for – Windows, Android, iOS (FREE)

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5. Airmore 

Airmore - Airdroid similar apps

This is another similar application to AirDroid. This particular application is used to transfer files and folders from your Android device to PC and vice versa. This Airdroid alternative helps to sync your app’s messages and contacts easily.

It has a unique feature named a reflector which helps you to mirror your Android device’s complete interface to a computer. This app helps you to send messages from your PC. 

Available for – Windows, macOS, Chrome, Android, iOS (FREE)

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6. Join

Join - Similar apps like airdroid

This is one of the popular file-sharing platforms and which become hugely popular because of its functionality. This app basically helps you to share your files, location, text messages, to multiple devices. This Airdroid alternative helps you to get notification messages on a computer easily.

This app also has Tasker integration in the app. You can try this similar app to AirDroid. This app is available for a 30 day free trial after that you have to make a payment of $3 for getting a premium plan. If you want to use this app for different platforms then you have to take a premium account for different platforms. 

Available for – Windows, macOS, Chrome, Android, Extension (FREE)

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7. Superbeam


SuperBeam is another good Airdroid alternative with share the files with the help of Wi-Fi. Contains the same feature as the shareit which uses a QR code scanner to connect with the other. With the help of this SuperBeam application, it is easy to transfer videos pictures music documents. 

This portable application is available for free and is available for Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. you want to transfer your files from Android to a computer then you have to pay some amount.

Available for – Windows, macOS, Chrome, Android, GNU/Linux platforms (FREE)

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8. Polkast

Polkast - airdroid alternatives

This is another trusted application like Airdroid. If you want an application that can share your files as well as provide you with personal cloud storage then this alternative to Airdroid is beneficial for you. With the help of this platform, you can easily access your files from any place. 

Available for – Windows, Android, iOS (FREE)

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Conclusion On AirDroid Alternatives That You Must Use

So this is the list of Free Airdroid alternatives which you can use to share files. Share your comments below if you have a better alternatives software as Airdroid.

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