How to fix Among Us Chat Not Working issue (5 ways)

Among Us Chat Not Working

Quick Chat is now present on the Among Us platform for teammates to communicate with each other. However, off late, it was found that Among Us chat is not working for many. But, without chatting, effective gaming is not at all possible. 

The teammates need to chat with each other to make progress in the game. To make it work, you need to fix it. If you wish to fix it, players need to try some quick fixes, and to try these quick fixes, you must follow their steps.

In this article, we will prescribe the best five fixes for you to follow. They are all simple remedies to this lingering issue of your Among Us chat not working. One of the fixes will at least work for you, among all.

How to fix Among Us chat not working Issue

1. Update outdated driver with Driver Booster

The first fix that might help is the use of the Driver Booster. It is an essential tool for those who want to update their Windows drivers. Regular update of your drivers is essential to improve your system’s and gaming performance.

Additionally, only by updating your driver can you resolve the Among Us chat not working issue in your game.

  • Download the Driver Booster from the below link. 

Download button

Driver Booster

  • Tap the Scan Now option.
  • After the app begins functioning, it will automatically identify old and broken drivers.
  • Driver Booster will search for the right drivers and will update them replacing them with old and broken drivers.

If your audio driver is not updated, and you are still using a broken or outdated driver, it could be one of the reasons behind your Among Us chat not working

Once your drivers are updated, log off and start your device once again. Check if your Among Us chat is working post this stage.

If your Among Us chat is not working still, try the next fix.

2. Check if your mic is working appropriately 

Among Us chat is not working

Your game chat will not function properly if there are mic configuration issues. To ensure you have a perfectly working mic, you must check if it functions well.

  • Check if your mic is working on another device correctly.
  • Watch for the right headphone jack.
  • Include the latest Bluetooth driver for your feasibility

Use the below steps to check if it is your mic that is the reason for the Among Us chat not working properly.

From the bottom right portion of your screen, press the Sound Settings and choose the Open Sound Settings option.

  • Select the Input device appropriately from the Input segment. 
  • Next, press the Device properties and test microphone option.
  • Uncheck the square box next to the Disable tab.
  • Pull the slider below the Disable tab to 100 
  • Press the Start test option and then speak on the microphone. After speaking for a certain amount of time, press the Stop Test option. If your microphone is functioning on your Windows, you will see a prompt that says that the highest value we notice is xx (xx > 0) percent.

This will mean your microphone is operational on your Windows device.

Once you have set the mic configuration check if the Among Us chat not working issue is resolved.

3. Alterations in your Game Chat type

Alterations in your Game Chat

Now and then, your Among Us game might introduce some special features. It’s quite cool to have these features but they might hinder the normal functioning of the voice chat. In such scenarios also, voice chat can stop working properly.

Recently, the new quick chat feature was introduced. With this feature enabled, you can use shortcuts to send your voice messages. To find out if the new Quick Chat feature is hindering your voice chat facility, use these below steps to confirm.

  • From the Among Us app, click on the Settings tab.
  • Navigate to the Data option, and change your chat type to Free or Quick Chat type. If your chat can’t be changed, you surely have set your age as under 18.
  • Try again to find out if you can chat now with your crewmates and if your Among Us chat not working issue is solved.

4. Change your age in the game

Change your age in the game

To change your age in the game, visit the Steam Library; choose Among Us by right-clicking on it.

  • Choose the Properties tab and then the local files tab.
  • Press on the Browse option and then open the playerPrefs.  
  • Change your age by changing your year of birth and date.
  • Press any of the Save options to click save the file.

Move to the resolution as given below, if the current one also does not work.

5. Check for the Corrupted Game Files

Corrupted Game Files

If you have missing or corrupted game files, your Among Us chat not working issue might prevail despite trying all the above fixes.

  • Move to your Steam client base and then tap the Library option.
  • Choose the Properties option by right clicking on Among Us.
  • From the Properties segment, click on the Local Files tab.
  • Press on the verify integrity of game files option.
  • After you are done with all the above steps, check if your Among Us chat is working now.

Conclusion On Among Us chat not working

One of these ways should work well for your Among Us chat not working option. If you know of some other way, do let us know about them here in the comment segment. The chat not working issue is not a huge problem and using these simple tricks, you can quickly solve them.


How do I enable chat on Among Us?

To turn on the chat option in Among Us game, use the below steps;

  1. Sign in to your Among Us account.
  2. Move to the Settings option represented by the Gear icon from the Main Menu segment.
  3. Alter all the basic settings of the game from this segment including the chat option.
  4. Move to the Data tab from where you can change the chat type to free or quick chat.

How do I fix typing in Among Us?

Change your age and make it 18 and above to fix the typing issue in Among Us.

How do I enable free chat on Among Us without account?

  • Open the Among Us app, and then force close it.
  • Go to your stored files and open the PlayerPrefs option.
  • Over write the content with the following: PlayerName,1,0,1,False,False,False,0,True,False,0,11,17,1,0,0,0,True,0,True,0,1,,9,10,0,03/31/2021 23:26:57,1,False,,False
  • Replace with your desired nickname.
  • Remove the secure New named file. 

How do I fix proximity chat in Among Us?

Check for the resolution options given above in the article.

Is there voice chat on Among Us?

It does not come with an in-game voice chat option.

Is there game chat on Among Us Xbox?

There is a text chat option and not a voice chat option available.

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