Apple Raising The Price Of Replacing Batteries Starting In March

Apple Raising The Price Of Replacing Batteries

It was recently announced that Apple would be increasing the cost of battery replacements for certain devices starting on March 1st. 2019 saw the official conclusion of its one-year, $29 replacement offer, which was made available immediately after its CPU throttling issue gained international attention. This change will affect customers who own older models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices, as well as customers who do not have AppleCare+ coverage.

The new prices for battery replacements will vary depending on the specific device and location. In the US, the cost of a battery replacement for an iPhone 6 or newer model will increase from $29 to $49 for customers without AppleCare+ coverage. After March 1st, 2023, all iPhone SE, iPhone 8, and other older devices with a $49 battery swap will now cost $69 instead.

Either use Apple’s self-repair program or get the battery changed at an Apple retail shop. It is uncertain, though, whether battery replacement costs through self-repair programs will increase at the same time.

Apple has cited the rising cost of materials and increased demand for battery replacements as the reasons for the price increase. The company has also stated that the new prices will allow them to continue to offer high-quality repair services and to maintain the safety, reliability, and performance of their devices.

Remember that the cost of battery replacements for devices covered by AppleCare+ will not be affected by this price increase. The most recent update states that batteries for the iPhone 14 series will cost an extra $20. The current battery price for notched iPhones from models X to 13 is $69. With the introduction of the new price increase, a battery swap will now cost $89 plus an additional $20.

Overall, the price increase for battery replacements may come as a disappointment to some customers, especially those who own older devices and do not have AppleCare+ coverage. 

However, it is worth considering the potential benefits of investing in AppleCare+ coverage, as it can provide protection for a variety of issues, including battery replacements, and may ultimately save customers money in the long run.

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