Avast Vs AVG Free Antivirus (2021) | The Ultimate Comparison Guide

Avast Vs AVG Free Antivirus

For many years, there has been an increase in incidents related to hacking. Also, there is a huge concern regarding how digital data can be secured and made safe. Avast Vs AVGwhich is the best antivirus program you should choose? Find the answer below

All these reasons have led to the requirement of a good antivirus tool. One that fits our personal needs as well as the business requirements of corporate. 

AVAST Vs AVG 2021 (Expert Comparison Guide)

If you are looking for a good antivirus program that is efficient and best, then you have two choices – AVG and Avast. Both are the commonly used antivirus programs worldwide. They are efficient and make sure that your PCs and mobile devices are safe from various dangerous viruses, hacking, and phishing attempts. 

But you might have doubts regarding which among these two antiviruses are better. Don’t worry. Just read through this article and you will know who flares better in terms of the features, pros, and cons, etc. 

AVAST Vs AVG – Features

Features Of Avast Security Suits

Avast has various versions to choose from. The free option works fine, but it will not include all the features that the paid version will have. Some of the premium Avast features that you can enjoy in the free version includes:

  • Wi-Fi inspector to verify whether Wireless networks are available
  • Regular Software Update
  • A highly effective password Administrator
  • Allows game mode for an uninterrupted gameplay experience
  • Rescue disk with malware rooting alternative
  • Practical browser extensions

To experience extra functionality that is not available with the free edition, consumers should register for the Premium edition with particular feature including-

  • Sandbox technology in a remote region for finding vulnerable spots and phishing attempts
  • Real website work to shield your computer from false and malicious websites and to protect data
  • An advanced Avast Security firewall to inspect activities online
  • An option to delete unwanted emails and junk mails
  • VPN for Online Privacy

The following are the major features of Avast’s paid version.

Besides the presence of the free features, this paid version provides you with the awesome Sandbox tech. With the Sandbox, you can test suspicious or dangerous files in a safe and isolated environment. So, it won’t infect your PC and harm other private data. 

Also, there is another unique feature, which is the Real Site. This is used for avoiding any dangerous users or hackers from redirecting you to fake websites. These websites can steal your private details. The paid version of the Avast tool has a premium product support. 

If you really like to use the best-paid version filled with mind-blowing features, then Avast Internet Security is the perfect one. You get right from the Pro plan along with the required security using the in-built firewall.

The firewall is used for keeping an eye on internet traffic. So, any kind of web concerned attacks can be stopped and prevented. Are you aware that the Avast Internet Security has the best and unique Ransome protection feature? This will keep your files safe from theft attempts and hackers. Plus, the paid version will have many kinds of anti-spam filters to keep your inbox clean. It will save you from spammy junk mails and other dangerous phishing scams. 

This is another paid version of the Avast antivirus program. In this, you would get all the necessary features of the Internet and Pro security version of the Avast. 

Besides, there is the file shredder and automatic software updater feature with this version. Plus, you get protection from being spied on through any web camera. 

Being the ultimate full stacked version of the Avast antivirus, this can be regarded as the best one. It is filled with the required features that are present in the free and the other paid versions. 

Besides these features, there are other useful ones like powerful cleaning up tools, ultimate VPN, etc. No doubt, the premium version of Avast is the best, reliable, safe, and has excellent password management and vault. 

Features Of AVG

AVG is a famous rival of Avast. The free version is available only on Windows and not on Mac computers. Windows version is AVG Antivirus Free. You should use the online version to enjoy all the features. Let’s check out the premium features of this antivirus software:

  • Obstructs disastrous websites, links, and connection
  • Phishing security
  • Various additional security services
  • Protection of Ransomware
  • Tool for encoding.
  • Improved Firewall
  • Webcam coverage
  • Protects WIFI.
  • Scam phishing and protection of email 
  • Multiple device deployment
  • Remove junk files
  • Improves battery life
  • Updates software regularly
  • The Free edition is available only on Windows while Windows and macOS have both paid versions (Internet Security and Ultimate).

AVG Internet Security

This is the paid version and you get multiple features that weren’t present in the free version. You get the webcam protection, ransomware protection, enhanced two-way firewall, encryption tool, etc. Also, there is the silent mode feature and Wi-Fi guard feature present in this paid version of AVG Internet Security. Such features would help in keeping your email free from various phishing and spam emails. 

AVAST Vs AVG – System Performance

Another major aspect of comparison in the Avast Vs AVG is system performance. Here you need to find out the impact both the antivirus programs have on the performance of your PC. A good antivirus tool won’t slow down your system. 

As per the AV-Test evaluation done on both AVG and Avast, it was found that they each got the same score, i.e. 6 out of 6. So, in terms of the impact on system performance, both of them are great. 

As per the AV-Comparatives and the performance test conducted in April 2019, AVG and Avast got the highest ADVANCED+ award as both have less impact score. 

So, both the antivirus tools were neck and neck, it is a tie in the system performance feature. 

AVAST Vs AVG – Protection

Avast: Avast Premium Security is the company’s first premium product to offer full protection against malware of all kinds. Additional features in the package include:

  • Firewall – Tracks and protects gaps in the network traffic.
  • Ransomware Shield – Protects your private data from hackers, so that they do not have any access to you for ransom.
  • Real site – Protecting you from fake websites and ensuring you end up on the original sites.
  • Defender and Password Administrator – Manage the network keys and limit unauthorized entry.
  • Spam control – Keep your junk and phishing emails away from your inbox.
  • Sandbox Feature – Open the suspected files and documents to avoid secret malware threats in a secure mode.
  • Shield camera – Secures you and your colleagues against spyware 
  • Shredder file – Deletes files permanently from the trash.
  • Wi-Fi Inspector – Monitors your household and public networks’ vulnerabilities.

AVG: AVG Internet Protection package offers full protection from all kinds of malware, including spyware and ransomware. Additionally, this suite provides advanced features:

  • Enhanced Firewall – Prevents access of hackers through the use of threat detection and removal tools supported by artificial intelligence.
  • Online security – Blocks unsafe links, email attachments, and downloads.
  • Webcam protection – Protection from webcams prevents hackers from spying.
  • Protection against payments – Protects against fake and replica websites when you shop online so that you have secure financial information on the web.

AVAST Vs AVG – User-Friendliness

The interface of an antivirus program has to be easy to use and simple. It should be easy to navigate and understand for a computer literate too. So, let’s check out the user interface feature between Avast Vs AVG

Regarding the interface of Avast, it is a bit straightforward and intuitive. Plus, you would be surprised to know that it is dominated by dark colors. In the left-hand bar, you would come across four major categories – Privacy, Status, Performance, and Protection. 

The default view would be the screen status. If everything is fine, a green checkmark will be displayed in the center. There would be a message stating ‘You are protected’. With a single click of a button, you can immediately begin a quick scan. 

Another major feature is the easy customization of the controls. You can do it by turning off or adjusting the usage. Plus, you can reduce the amount of software performance through less scanning and monitoring. These might put a huge strain on your PC. 

Concerning the interface of AVG, it is more intuitive and dark. The primary color is more white and green. In the main screen, you would come across a huge circle right at the top. If all the things are fine, this will have a green checkmark. At the bottom, you will also see an important button called ‘Scan Computer’. This will assist you to scan in a single click. 

AVAST Vs AVG – Pricing

In the avast vs avg comparison, the pricing structure plays a major role. Well, both the security tools have excellent pricing, and below will show you in detail.

Avast’s Pricing

1Avast Pro Antivirus$49.99/year
2Avast Internet Security$59.99/year
3Avast Premier$79.99/year
4Avast Ultimate$119.99/year

AVG’s Pricing

1AVG Internet Security$69.99/year
2AVG Ultimate$120/year

Pros And Cons Of Avast Vs AVG

The following are the pros and cons of AVG software – 

1It supports various operating systemVPN is offered and available for premium package
2The protection is rated a bit higher than AvastThere is no parental control
3It has many unique features and protectionIt has less theft identity and privacy protection package
4Separate VPN, system optimization, and identity theft protection products are available

The below given are the pros and cons of Avast software – 

1There is only one paid virus protection packageNo introductory first-year discount
2The paid package consists of various apps and function-specific extras tooNo multiyear subscription
3All the product support MacOs, Windows, iOS and AndroidLimited identify theft protections
4No VPN includes in any of the antivirus packages

Final Verdict

Frankly, both Avast and AVG are great antivirus programs. They have reliable and test real-time security features. A detailed analysis will show you that both of them have the same options and tools. But there are specific ones you need to keep in mind while selecting the best antivirus software as per your needs. 

The good news is both Avast and AVG will secure your PC whenever you are online, emailing, messaging on social media, and chatting. Unluckily, there is a clear winner in the comparison among Avast Vs AVG. In the head-to-head competition, both have proven their worth. 

Ultimately, it all goes down to one’s personal preferences. Well, you won’t be disappointed whichever you choose. If you still have doubts, download the free version of both the tools and check for yourself. 


1) Are AVG and Avast the same thing?

Well, AVG and Avast are not the two names of a similar product. These are different products developed by two various companies. 

2) Does Avast own AVG?

On July 2016, Avast acquired AVG for $1.3 billion.

3) Is Avast Free Good Enough?

Of course, it is a great antivirus solution, as long as you are using the free version. The basic version has decent features and might be suitable for home PCs.

4) Can I trust Avast Free Antivirus?

Yes. Avast Free Antivirus is a great product. It will keep your system and PC completely secure.

5) Is Avast enough to protect my PC?

Avast does provide a high detection rate and prevents malware. But not everything offers 100% protection and security. It all depends on usage.

6) What is the best antivirus among Avast and AVG?

Frankly, it depends on usage. Both are good and provide excellent security and antivirus detection.

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