AWeber Vs Mailchimp (2021)- The Comparison Guide

Are you looking for AWeber vs Mailchimp unbiased review then you are in the right place. The big claim that AWeber has, besides being in business for more than eighteen years, is the autoresponder invention. Of course, MailChimp is a new kid from the block. Somewhat the new kid that every individual is taking about due to the clever marketing tactics it is following. 

You won’t go wrong in choosing any one of these email services, but you need to check out and use the better ones in the AWeber vs Mailchimp. Here it would be best if you had clear goals before beginning to find the deep similarities among the features both have. Just go ahead and read on to know more.

AWeber Vs Mailchimp 2021 – Which is the Best

1) Getting Started And Signing Up

AWeberRegarding the signup, AWeber has a large green button that you need to click for starting the 30-day free trial period. For signing up, you must provide basic information like name, address, and details of the credit card information.  

AWeber vs mailchimp

 After that, AWeber provides a welcome video that will provide you detail about how to set up the account, creating the first list, and customizing the confirmation email of yours. In the AWeber, the user interface has the logic menu with four sections. 

The first section displays the system’s major components, and this consists of messages, subscribers, and lists. The second section will display the kind of help available, like online guides, webinars, and videos. The third section will show and highlight the subscriber statistics, and the fourth part will show the recently sent messages and their statistics. 

Mailchimp – Concerning Mailchimp, it collects the same details for use in other settings. But, it won’t require your credit card information as it provides a free account. Now this plan comes with certain restrictions on the number of features you can have; still, it does have an unlimited trial period that you can try. 

Aweber vs Mailchimp

So, once you are able to finish this step, go to the dashboard that will show your options. Now, these options contain details on learning more about the prompt present in each of the sections. Using Mailchimp, you have the option for creating and sending a campaign, begin creating your audience, creating a list, inviting your colleagues, and verification of domain for sending. The best part is that its user interface is very much uncluttered and has more options for providing templates, reports, campaigns, and automation for providing simple navigations. 

The winner among the AWeber vs Mailchimp is a tie one. Both the Mailchimp and AWeber are easy to sign up, and their dashboard navigation is simple. 

2) Easy To Use And Editor

The biggest pride Mailchimp has is that its ease in usage. This might be surprising for certain people that what it says is not fully true. It isn’t the most intuitive solution for a beginner. But it does gain points for easier and faster navigation, well-designed backend, etc. 

Of course, certain functions are quite hard to find (like how to add the opt-in for new signups, they have the best features like navigation menu for checking each step while creating up your campaign. 

But as a whole, the Mailchimp platform is easier to use compared to the AWeber. In the latter, some options are somewhat hidden ( like how to select a sender address or to reuse a campaign), and the navigation among the steps of the campaign is difficult. 

Also, there is a strange design choice that also makes them lose a point, and this is the confusing naming conventions. A perfect example would be where they call regular newsletter as Broadcast and Campaigns are known as email automation. 

So, ultimately, the winner by large is the Mailchimp.

3) Flexibility And Design

One of the major pieces of advice in terms of newsletter layouts is to make them simple. This is why it is great to see that Mailchimp has an 80 clean and sleek kind of templates, and these are divided into various sections like events, e-commerce, and holidays. Furthermore, you can easily customize these templates with various layouts, and along with colors and font. 

After you have done the necessary tweaking, you can save the template and reuse it again for all kinds of communications. Plus, you can create HTML templates using.Zip file or URL. 

AWeber scores a huge point in terms of the template numbers (this is 150), however, this doesn’t mean that it is better. Their style is kind of outdated, and it is tough to find two or three column layouts. No doubt, you would be able to develop what you want due to the best customization options; however, this is less flexible. 

The winner between AWeber Vs Mailchimp in terms of design and flexibility is Mailchimp. It is better to have a few templates and gain more flexibility in our design. 

4) Email Templates

Both Mailchimp and AWeber provide a huge amount of email templates, and these are created for meeting various requirements. But AWeber provides more than 700 templates compared to the 100 ones provided by Mailchimp. Most importantly, both of them allow you to tweak the templates and even help you code on your own.  

Also, the email templates have a responsive design, and they can easily and automatically get resized for suiting any device. So, the clear winner here is AWeber, as it has more options regarding templates. But in email design, Mailchimp wins. Here you get to design the template right from scratch rather than being limited. 

5) Design Testing And Spam

You must always make sure that the email looks great in all inboxes. That is what Mailchimp helps you to achieve with their third party tool called Inbox Preview. Even though this is considered a nifty tool, it is still not free if you are on the lookout of a cheaper subscription plan. 

Most importantly, they don’t provide any spam testing. With AWeber, there is no spam testing and preview system. So, the winner in the AWeber Vs Mailchimp is Mailchimp.

6) Prices

Most people are aware of the generosity of Mailchimp pricing and its free plan. Along with the presence of ads in the footer, you can easily earn 2,000 subscribers (or have the option to send 10,000 per month). But they end up being expensive quickly. As soon as you move to 5,000 subscribers, you end up paying $50 per month. 

As you move up and go, 10K users, it reaches $75. The bigger aspect is the pay as you go offer, where you can easily send 1,000 emails for $30 and $150 for 5,000 emails while you can send 10,000 emails for $200. 

Another aspect with the AWeber pricing is that there is no pay as you go, and it has a limited free plan. The plan begins from $19 a month for 500 subscribers, which is very expensive. 

Here the rest of the AWeber pricing is somewhat on par with MailChimp’s, having the same plan rate for 5,000 subscribers, which is at $49 and $69 plan for the 10,000 subscribers. 

Finally, the verdict is that although some might not be a great fan of the Mailchimp pricing, the free option and pay as you go model make the Mailchimp a winner. 

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AWeber Vs Mailchimp – Final Verdict As A Whole

In the comparison between AWeber Vs Mailchimp, the winner looks like an Aweber. Both Mailchimp and AWeber have a certain advantage over each other. If you are looking at one that is easy to use, you might have a great time using anyone. Here it depends on your usage and requirements.


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