10 Best Ad Blockers For Safari Browser In (2022)

Best Ad Blockers For Safari

When you visit any website on the Safari web browser and you will get frequent ads that are quite annoying and you also have a fear of privacy attacks. Apart from the two, there is another problem while getting ads that the page loads slower that means it affects the speed and performance of the system. Ad Blockers for safari is the software designed to block the ads from your web browser and offers past loading pages and a better browsing experience. 

There are many Ad Blockers for safari available in the market and these are completely safe to install in your Browser but it is quite difficult to choose the decent one. The best AdBlocker can block unwanted ads and enhance your browsing experience. Also, it adds a security layer to protect your online privacy. In this article, we have listed the best Ad Blockers for Safari Browser on macOS along with their features so you can choose the best one among them and get rid of unwanted ads while browsing.

10 Best Ad Blockers for Safari Browser

1. AdLock 

AdLock leads on the list of best Ad Blockers for Safari as it fulfills all the expectations of the perfect adblocker. It blocks all popups, banners, video ads, cryptocurrency mining ads. It keeps your safety ahead by tracing spyware and bugs. If you use AdLock you will not face any kind of annoying ads while browsing on Safari browser on macOS. It is a free and open-source content filtering and ad-blocking software for Safari and it is also compatible with other platforms like Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. With AdLock you will get faster loading pages with great speed and offers a great browsing experience.



  • It saves traffic 
  • Filter HTTPS sites 
  • It can block banners and pop-ups 
  • This tool allows you to whitelist any website
  • It enables browsing safely 

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2. AdBlock Max 

Talking about another Ad Blocker for Safari which is quite popular and also available for free is AdBlock Max. It can block ads on YouTube, FaceBook, Amazon, and other sites. The software helps in boosting the speed of loading sites and keeps your privacy protected. It supports several languages like English, Arabic, Greek, Korean, Portuguese, Punjabi, Chinese, Turkish, and many more. It is one of the most effective AdBlocker for Safari Browser on macOS with exclusive features and doesn’t let viruses enter your system through ads malware.

AdBlock Max 


  • It can block all the ads on the major sites like YouTube, Facebook, and many more 
  • It blocks viruses and malware 
  • It allows whitelisting the website 
  • Enhance the browsing speed by two times
  • It prevents trackers from seizing your privacy 

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3. Magic Lasso 

Next on the list of best Ad Blockers for Safari extension is Magic Lasso. It is available in free as well as paid versions. With its free version, it blocks various categories of ads but the only drawback is that it doesn’t block ads on YouTube. It is one of the efficient and high-performance ad blockers for Safari on macOS. Magic Lasso lets you smooth and fast browsing and removes all annoying ads and pop-ups. It enhances the speed of loading pages on Safari by two times and saves your data.

Magic Lasso 


  • Background ad-block rule updates with the pro version 
  • It boosts the battery life 
  • Fast loading pages 
  • Less data consumption 
  • Remove ads, pop-ups, and user tracking 

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4. uBlock 

uBlock is one of the prominent and effective ad blockers for Safari that offers great site loading speeds and allows you smooth browsing. It is a free and open-source ad blocker for Safari. It will help users to get rid off of the unwanted ads that disturb them while doing their important works. It also blocks video ads, pop-ups, and intrusive trackers. It takes care of your privacy by tracing malware thus it enhances your online privacy.



  • It is an open-source ad blocker
  • This tool supports several browsers
  • It has a dynamic URL filtering feature 
  • Logging functionality 
  • Cosmetic filtering 

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5. Ghostery Lite 

Ghostery Lite is the popular Ad Blocker for Safari. It offers two options; default protection and custom protection. If you want to block all the ads and trackers then select default protection or if you want to select the tracker categories to block then you can choose custom protection. Ghostery Lite allows you to whitelist the website you want. It offers fast and safe browsing as it keeps your privacy ahead. Sometimes, you enter a malicious site so it stops you from doing so and protects your privacy by blocking trackers from acquiring your personal data.

popular Ad Blocker for Safari


  • Privacy protection feature 
  • It allows blocking trackers by categories
  • Fasten the page loading process 
  • Allows you safe browsing 
  • It allows whitelisting the website  

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6. Ad Guard 

Ad Guard is the adblocking software that consumes much space and RAM for the Safari browser. It will help in getting rid of unwanted annoying ads while surfing on the Safari browser on macOS. It acts as a shield when your search for any site by tracking the malware and virus. It offers great privacy protection by blocking malware, adware, trackers and spyware. Also, Ad Guard offers great browser speed and makes your web browsing experience to an extreme level. Ad Guard blocks all types of video ads, banners, and pop-up ads. The software also aware you when you enter any malicious sites. 

best ad blockers for safari


  • It saves your traffic 
  • It can block anything on the page 
  • It allows parental control 
  • Stealth mode 
  • Popup blocker 

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7. Disconnect Premium 

Disconnect Premium considers being one of the best ad blockers for Safari which also protects your privacy. It prevents malicious tracking, blocks ads, and is also aware of other privacy threats. It is a highly trustable ad blocker for Safari and has about 750 million active users. With Disconnect Premium you need not worry about your online privacy as it keeps your online activity private. The app protects your system against malware, malicious ads, and content.

ad blockers for Safari browser


  • Enhance the device performance
  • Simple to use
  • Doesn’t track your online activity 
  • It blocks malicious ads 
  • Keeps your privacy protected 

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8. Ka-Block 

Ka-Block is a free Ad Blocker for Safari Browser that consumes less RAM and offers a great surfing experience. It is one of the effective and open-sourced content blockers for Safari on macOS. It can block all ads and third-party tracking scripts from slowing down the websites you visit. It boosts the page load time and also consumes less data. With Ka-Block you are able to enhance the battery life of your system. It takes care of your privacy and doesn’t allow malware and viruses to enter your system.

free Ad Blocker for Safari


  • It is an open-source ad blocker for safari 
  • It has an organized filter list 
  • It never slows down the page 
  • It blocks all ads and trackers 
  • Constant update

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9. Adblock Plus 

Adblock Plus is one of the most popular Ad Blockers for Safari browser extensions for MacOS that removes all the annoying ads while browsing and offers you a smooth browsing experience. It can block all types of ads like YouTube video ads, banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, background ads, and Facebook ads. Moreover, AdBlock is a free and highly trusted Adblocker for Safari. It can block ads on YouTube, CNN, DailyMail, etc, and also consumes less space. It supports several languages like English, Spanish, French, German, and many more.

Adblock Plus has a feature of ‘acceptable ads’ which is turned on by default but if you wish to turn it off you can do so. It has several other amazing features that are why we have kept it on the list of best Adblockers for Safari.

Adblock Plus 


  • Enables acceptable ads 
  • Disable tracking 
  • It disables social media buttons 
  • It has a feature to the wishlist for favorite sites
  • Default filter lists

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FAQs On Adblocker For Safari Browser

Can you put AdBlock on Safari?

Yes, you can put AdBlock on Safari by downloading it on your device. You can download AdBlock Plus for Safari from the app store of your device. Now, open the iPhone settings and Safari and navigate to the Safari app’s settings. At last, go to the General tab and tap on Content blockers to turn on Adblock Plus. 

How do I turn on Adblock on Safari?

Yes, you can put AdBlock on Safari by using AdBlockers. If you want to know about some of the best Adblockers for Safari browser for macOS then you can read the above article. We have listed some of the top Adblockers for Safari browsers that will prevent you from annoying ads. 

Is AdBlock for Safari free?

Yes, AdBlock is a free Adblocker for Safari. It is a powerful as well as easy-to-use adblocker. It doesn’t allow unwanted ads and pop-ups to come and blocks them.  

What is the best free ad blocker for Safari?

There are many AdBlockers available that are free to use. Some of them are:

  • Ghostery Lite 
  • Ad Guard 
  • Ad Block Max 
  • Ad Block Plus 
  • AdLock 

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