9 Best AdSpy Alternatives In 2021

Are you looking for the best Adspy alternative then you are in the right place. With the increment of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. it has become easier for businessmen to take their business advertisements online. Social Media advertising is like a boon for businesses to gain more online visibility and audiences. Online advertising helps in getting more traffic and receive to the targeted audiences that lead to more sales.  Adspy is one of the popular spy software but if you are looking for cheap Adspy alternatives then this list will help you.

But it is not a simple task to create an effective social media ad campaign. You can put ads on social media platforms but until you don’t know about the correct advertising strategy the ad will not deliver the exact result that you want. That is why you need a tool that provides you with the correct ad strategies like AdSpy. 

What is AdSpy Tool

AdSpy is one of the popular AdSpy tools that offer you the largest database of Facebook and Instagram ads around the globe. It displays the advertiser’s name and lets you see the ad copy, URL, and landing page. It also shows you the likes and comments of the ads and their targeted group. All in all, AdSpy is a great tool that keeps an eye on your competitors’ advertising strategies. It is one of the robust tools for dropshipping and affiliate platforms. You can run it without having any technical knowledge thus it has a user-friendly interface. It is a competitor tracking tool that collects all the information on your competitor’s keyword strategies.   

Despite having so many ad spying features most people don’t prefer it and search for its alternatives. One of the major reasons is it is quite expensive, you need to pay $149 every month to use it. If you are also looking for the AdSpy alternative then you are in right place. 

9 Best AdSpy Alternatives

In this article, we have listed the best Adspy alternatives which offer a great set of features and helps you in boosting your advertising strategies.  

1. Power Ad Spy

Talking about the best AdSpy Alternative, first place is given to Power Ad Spy. It can track ads on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, GDN, Google, Native, and also it tracks on an e-commerce platform, Shopify. This tool covers a database of ads from over 15 countries. It lets you search for ads with niche keywords, advertiser name, and competitor domain. Power Ad Spy is equipped with a powerful search algorithm to discover the correct ads for you. You can also bookmark the ads for later view also it offers analytics with real-time visibility.

Power AD Spy has some third-party integrations and it has a feature of Chrome extensions through which you can navigate to the rival’s sites and look into the ads they run. It offers you customer support through Live chat or by submitting a contact form. PowerAdSpy has several pricing plans; Free plan, basic plan, standard plan, premium plan, platinum plan, titanium plan, and Palladium Plan. 

AdSpy Alternative


  • It bookmarks the best ad
  • Robust search algorithms 
  • GEO targeted 
  • Call to action based sorting 
  • Narrow down your searches 

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2. Anstrex 

Anstrex is software like Adspy that offers several features like AdSpy. Through this, you can spy on native ads, push ads, and e-commerce spying. It tracks ads from 64 countries and has an enormous database of native ads of about 10 million and for push ads, it has over 3 million ads in the database. Apart from this, it tracks ads from over 25 ad networks including Newsmax, Adblade, Gravity, Popin, etc. It is a highly recommended spying software for eCommerce platforms but if you want to trace social ads then you should check other AdSpy Alternatives.

Anstrex offers multiple pricing plans; Anstrex Native + Push, Anstrex Native, Anstrex Push and Anstrex Dropship. 



  • Visual Analytics 
  • Dashboard 
  • Ad hoc reporting 
  • Key performance matrix 
  • Performance metrics 

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3. Spyfu 

Spyfu is an Adspy alternative that offers you insights into your competitor’s marketing strategies. It is a great keyword research and competitive intelligence tool specially designed for digital marketers to boost their performance in an online search. It is an amazing tool for keyword research and competitive analysis. SpyFu is used by the customers to search promising keywords to target with SEO and SEM campaigns and understand their rival’s online marketing strategies.

SpyFu offers three different types of paid plans; Basic, professional, and Team plan. 

AdSpy Alternatives


  • Backlink research 
  • Keyword research 
  • Competitive analysis 
  • SEO research 
  • Keyword rank tracking 

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4. Bigspy 

Bigspy is one of the AdSpy Alternative that proves to be an effective tool that helps in spying on your competitor’s ads for multiple networks like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. It is a widely used Ad spy tool used by about 3,00,000 users around the world. This tool lets you filter ads by choosing the country, date created, ad type, etc. It also allows you to filter ads for multiple niches like eCommerce, travel, health, etc. BigSpy helps in keeping eye on your rival’s top affiliate marketers.

With this tool, you can track and download rival’s landing pages. But it doesn’t offer third-party integrations whereas AdSpy does. It provides customer support via blogs, reports, tutorials, etc. It offers four different types of pricing plans; Free plan, Basic plan, Pro Plan, Elite Plan.   



  • Big ad database 
  • Multi ad platforms 
  • Powerful search 
  • Advertising analysis 
  • Featured ads  

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5. Social Ad Scout 

Looking for a reliable alternative to AdSpy, Social Ad Scout would be a decent choice. It is a great tool to spy on social ads. It is the best tool that will help you in reaching the targeted audiences through social media. Social ad scout has a user-friendly interface you need not know coding knowledge to test social ads. You can search ads with keywords, location, URLs, ad type, etc. It allows you to see ads on their originating sources by offering the link of actual ads. It also offers the IP addresses for social media ads so that you can know the actual landing pages used by your rivals.

The tool allows you to save ads you like by favoriting them. It offers three types of plans; monthly, semi-annually, and annually. Social Ad Scout offers more features than AdSpy like download ad landing pages, etc.  

best AdSpy Alternative


  • Incredible user interface 
  • Detailed search filter 
  • It displays ads from enormous markets and other countries 
  • It covers all the ad formats like video, images, text, etc. 
  • Identical targeting directly from ads 

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6. Sprout Social

Another AdSpy Alternative on the list is Sprout Social that is an all-in-one social media management platform. Sprout Social enables you to analyze and track trends on social media to make sure that you are using the right content and strategies or not. It is equipped with a great set of features for businesses and large enterprises. It allows you to use multiple social media accounts in a single intuitive interface. This tool is one of the must-have tools if you want to top the marketing game and have a strong social media strategy.

Sprout Social can be used as a Facebook scheduler, Instagram, Tweet, and Pinterest Scheduler. Sprout Social offers a free trial and offers pricing plans; standard, professional, and advanced plans. 

Sprout Social


  • Onboard with ease
  • Tack back control 
  • Increase team productivity
  • Elevate business strategy 
  • Cultivate loyal communities  

7. Adplexity 

Adplexity is the AdSpy alternative that helps in tracking competitor’s Facebook ads. It has divided Facebook ads into multiple categories like mobile, desktop, native, push, eCommerce, and many more ads. It covers 75 countries to track ad campaigns. You can filter the search by publisher, keyword, affiliate networks, country, devices, traffic sources, etc. It provides you with real-time insights on campaigns running on desktops.

AdPlexity offers different pricing plans; AdPlexity Mobile, AdPlexity Desktop, AdPlexity Native, AdPlexityPush, AdPlexity Push, AdPlexity Ecommerce, AdPlexity Carriers, and AdPlexity Enterprise.  



  • Powerful filter options 
  • Easy to use interface 
  • They have access to data from over 100,000 eCommerce stores 
  • It offers real-time data on the affiliate networks 
  • It analyzes campaigns by ad trends, traffic sources, a device targeted, etc. 

8. Adbeat 

Adbeat, an amazing AdSpy alternative, offers you an insight into your competitors that what are they doing, and how they are doing. It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use the tool. It is a great spy tool for all types of online marketers in businesses. This tool lets you spy on advertisers, publishers, Ad networks, and many others. It is the best suitable tool for advertisers, agencies, publishers, etc.

Adbeat offers three different types of plans; Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plan. 



  • Advertising management 
  • Dashboard 
  • Competitive analysis
  • Promotions management 
  • Ad hoc reporting  

9. Agorapulse 

Agorapulse is another AdSpy Alternative which is also a great social media management tool that helps businesses to manage their social media messages, identify key influencers, schedule and publish content. It is one of the reliable social media management tools used by about 23,000 social media managers daily. This tool enables you to schedule, reschedule, queue or bulk upload your posts.

It offers an a30-day trial. It has a user-friendly interface and it is quite simple to use this plan that is equipped with so many exciting features. This tool is specially designed for the customers to create and schedule social media content, engage audiences and analyze social media performance. This tool integrates with social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Agorapulse offers four different kinds of pricing plans; Free, Pro, Premium plan, and an enterprise plan. 



  • Inbox zero communication
  • Facebook and Instagram Ad comments management 
  • analytics in PowerPoint 
  • social listing 
  • profiling your fans and followers 

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