7 Best Alexa.com Alternatives for Website Ranking

Alexa com Alternatives

Alexa.com is one of the most popular, powerful and effective platforms that provides users with the ability to perform keyword research, get best content ideas, do competitive analysis, monitor website ranking and more. The service is based out of San Francisco and owned by the tech giant Amazon. But unfortunately, after 25 years of service, the company has decided to put an end to the global website ranking system & analysis platform.

Wondering why? Well, according to the organization, they feel that the cost of running the site is not worth the expenses made now. 

This has led a variety of digital marketers to search for its reliable alternatives. If you are on the same hunt, keep reading to learn about the most suitable options available in the market. 

Top 7 Alexa.com Alternatives To Choose In 2022

Use any of the below-mentioned services to measure website popularity & gain other insightful data, just like Alexa.com helps you. So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

1. Semrush 

semrush SEO Audit

One of the closest substitutes to Alexa.com is Semrush. It’s an all-in-one marketing platform, packed with a vast range of tools, dedicated to SEO, Competitor Research, PPC, Social Media/Content Marketing that gives users the opportunity to captivate and grow potential target audiences at the fastest rate.

The platform is trusted and used by a variety of digital marketers around the globe. The subscription model starts at $119.95 for individuals. It even offers a free 7-day trial access, so that you can utilize the toolkit and decide whether it’s worth the investment or not. 

Highlights: Semrush 

  • Best Alexa.com alternative to do keyword research. 
  • Provides an easy way to do Rank/Backlink Tracking. 
  • Allows users to perform competitor SEO analysis. 
  • Help marketers with paid search campaigns. 

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2. Ahrefs

ahrefs keyword research

You probably saw this coming, right? Well, listing out the best Alexa.com alternatives, and no mention about Ahrefs is certainly not possible. The platform is highly popular and has become a household name in the digital marketing community.

Using Ahrefs, you can easily see how your website is performing against their potential customers, do keyword research, track another website ranks and more. SEO experts surely love this platform, and all credit goes to the quality metrics and actionable insights it provides. Keep reading to learn what all Ahrefs has to offer: 

Highlights: Ahrefs 

  • Holds the rich dataset as compared to other Alexa.com alternatives. 
  • Assist users with website optimization. 
  • Performs competitive analysis and monitors web rankings. 
  • Capable of measuring keywords across 10 different search engines. 

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3. Similarweb 


Our list of best Alexa.com alternatives is certainly incomplete without talking about Similarweb. The platform provides actionable insights on website rankings, audience insights and other traffic statistics. Just like Alexa.com, Similarweb also offers both paid and free editions.

To get started with the latter version, you just need to provide details like Name, Email, Industry, and Job function. The platform is used by a wide array of SEO experts and Digital Marketers, so that they can grow their businesses to maximum profits. 

Highlights: Similarweb 

  • Provides insightful details like a website’s monthly traffic, visits, bounce rate etc. 
  • Helps users know the details of each traffic source. 
  • Users can also monitor the social media traffic, referral traffic etc. 
  • Helps in lead generation, sales engagement, fraud detection and more. 

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4. Moz Pro 

Moz Pro 

Moz Pro was founded in 2004 by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Musessig. This Alexa.com alternative was initially established as a simple blog where SEO experts had the opportunity to share their knowledge, research and ideas.

Later, the platform was evolved to provide users with a variety of SEO tools, options to check website ranks, analyse domain, Keyword research features and more. In fact, as compared to Alexa.com, Moz Pro offers more information and data related to competitor’s analysis. The platform also helps users identify website issues! 

Highlights: Moz Pro 

  • Offers Link building opportunities. 
  • Allows users to keep track of the most important keywords. 
  • Helps users to check your competitor’s most well-written content. 
  • Get the web’s best SERP analysis report. 

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5. Ubersuggest 


Here we list another great Alexa.com alternative, Ubersuggest that you can get your hands on. One of the best functionalities of using the platform is – get relevant information related to Domain, check top-ranking pages, lists out high-ranking keywords, best content ideas and more.

To be honest, Ubersuggest, might not offer a lot of features as compared to Moz or Semrush listed above, but it is undoubtedly a great option for novice users, SEO enthusiasts or amateurs who want to get their basics correct, before entering into the digital marketing sphere. 

Highlights: Ubersuggest 

  • Excellent dashboard to get fruitful insights on Domain ranking & more. 
  • Get content ideas and monitor backlink history. 
  • Beginner-friendly platform that you can try using this 2022. 
  • Best free Alexa.com alternative with limited features. 

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6. Serpstat 


Considered as one of the most popular and best Alex.com alternatives to use in 2022, Serpstat is a great platform to start with. Using the service, one can easily do keyword research, do analysis of a variety of domains, check ranks, site audit and do complete competitor research.

The platform is basically a good blend of Semrush, Alexa.com and Ahrefs. With the combination of 30+ tools, webmasters can easily make the right decisions. Talking about the pricing model, Serpstat offers the subscription model, ranging from $69 to $349 based on the set of features offered

Highlights: Serpstat 

  • Provides a set of free tools as well to get started with. 
  • Assist users with keyword research & domain analysis. 
  • Have their own backlink index. 
  • Considered a ‘Swiss army knife’ when it comes to automating SEO processes.  

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7. SpyFu 


Before we conclude today’s list of best Alexa.com alternatives, it would be wise to mention SpyFu. It is a great service that allows users to track keyword rankings, check PPC keywords of competitors, track their backlinks and so on. All of the gathered and displayed information can be easily exported in an Excel File or saved as CSV. Similar to Alexa.com, SpyFu also offers both paid and free versions.

With the Free version, you can undoubtedly enjoy a lot of valuable features and the latter version provides unlimited data exports. Talking about the pricing models, the basic edition starts with $33/month & Pro version with $58/month. 

Highlights: SpyFu 

  • A great tool for performing competitor analysis. 
  • View PPC keywords of competitors
  • Over 10 years of historical data, and API access.
  • Check competitor backlinks based on keywords with this Alexa.com alternative.

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Which Is The Best Alexa.com Alternative You Would Choose In 2022?

Semrush is one of the closest substitutes to Alexa.com. It’s an all-in-one marketing platform, packed with a vast range of tools, dedicated to SEO, Competitor Research, PPC, social media/Content Marketing that gives users the opportunity to captivate and grow potential target audiences at the fastest rate. The platform is trusted and used by a variety of digital marketers around the globe. 

If you know any other great Alexa.com alternative that deserves a place in this list, feel free to share the suggestions with us in the comments section below! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. Which is better, Alexa or SimilarWeb?

After comparing both the services on multiple factors, we’ve come to the conclusion that Similarweb provides more in-depth and accurate stats for better optimizing and understanding your website. 

Q2. Who is Alexa’s rival?

Semrush and Ahrefs are one of the strongest competitors to Alexa.com. Both services are considered to be the most comprehensive SEO solution that eases the task of digital marketers, SEO teams and large enterprises.

Both the platforms have an extensive range of tools to conduct keyword research, track website ranks, and do a lot more to captivate and grow your potential target audience.

Q3. What is SimilarWeb?

SimilarWeb is the best Alexa.com alternative, designed for SEO enthusiasts, webmasters and digital marketers. The platform provides actionable insights on website rankings, audience insights and other traffic statistics.

It provides insightful details like a website’s monthly traffic, visits, bounce rate, details of each traffic source, monitor the social media traffic, referral traffic etc. 

Q4. What is Alexa com?

Alexa.com is one of the most popular and powerful tools to monitor web traffic, check global rankings, and get insightful data that reveals how a website is doing in relation to its competitors. This helps SEO experts and digital markets to conduct fruitful benchmarking and competitive analysis for better captivating the market by optimizing their website accordingly.

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