9 Best Backup Software For Windows PC

Best Backup Software For Windows

The best backup software has one major advantage. You can easily take a reliable backup of your data. That makes it easy for you to use and manage.

Irrespective of whether it is for your personal or business needs, it is important to have good backup software. You get a place to store all your documents, data, etc. Otherwise, you would risk losing all the necessary information.

Nowadays, you would get various kinds of best backup software for Windows and tools. They do exactly like how you want. You can easily and automatically create various backups as and when required.

How To Choose A Backup Software?

Have you ever thought of taking a backup of data with minimum effort? You can even take backup for free. However, the free version of the backup tools would have certain weaknesses.

You might be lazy and won’t want to spend any money. But taking backup of important data is necessary.

The data would be your music, photos, scanned documents, contacts, etc. Of course, it would be everything on your phone but not on your computer.

When you are choosing the best backup software, check whether it has a file syncing service. Even you need to see if they have a good online backup plan that can naturally fit. If a huge amount of files are stored on your computer, then a file synching service would be great.

9 Best Backup Software For Windows PC

1. Aomei Backupper Professional

Aomei Backupper software is used by millions of people worldwide. The software has a huge installer of 104 MB of space. It would take you less than 5 minutes to download and install it.

Also, the user interface has a retro look. The workflow and layout are intuitive. So, beginners would find it easy to use. Well, the tool allows you to take the backup of the whole system, tuitions, hard disk, and individual folders.

Additionally, the tool supports file syncing. That makes sure you won’t lose the necessary files.


  • Powerful and easy to use
  • No event-related scheduling
  • Contains file synching
  • Supports differential, full and incremental backups

Aomei Backupper Professional


The tool has a 30-day trial period. If you like it, you can purchase the paid version. The paid version costs around $49.95 and is suitable for two PCs.

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2. EaseUs Todo Backup

Created in 2004, the EaseUS Todo is one of the top names in the data backup. It has the best recovery niche and contains many touts.

Signing up for the free version takes only a couple of seconds. But the installation takes a few minutes. The tool has one of the best user interfaces. All things are neatly laid out. That makes navigation smooth and easy.


  • Automatic smart backups
  • Contains a very useful pre-OS feature
  • No event-related scheduling
  • Makes differential, full and incremental backups

Best Backup Software For Windows 10


The EaseUS Todo Backup price begins at $69.62 per year and for each user. There is a free version of the tool.

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3. Acronis True Image

The Acronis True Image is an old player in the backup arena. It began as a disk imaging program. Now the signing up and installation procedures are simple, easy, and fast.

The user interface is intuitive and clean. It contains seven huge tabs present on the left panel covering all major features and settings.


  • Contains a wide range of amazing features
  • Backs the whole hard drives to the cloud
  • A bit expensive
  • Great ransomware protection

Acronis True Image


The best backup software For windows  provides a free trial for 30 days. It has three plans.

  • The first one is an Essential plan priced at $49.99 per year.
  • The next one is the Advanced plan which is priced at $89.99 per year.
  • The last one is the Premium plan which is priced at $124.99 per year.

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4. Macrium Reflect

With the Marcrium Reflect free edition, you can take the whole back up of the whole computer and schedule backups. As it is the best backup software, it is quite powerful too. Also, it creates an effective backup.

The tool’s interface allows you to take an image of your computer’s hard drive. You can save and view them later on.


  • A wide range of plans is available
  • Powerful
  • Full backup encryption
  • Automatic backups

Backup Software


For a single PC, it is priced at $69. The price for four PCs is $139.95.

5. IDrive

Since 1995, IDrive has been in the business of backup. This California Company helps you to take backup using cloud technology. With IDrive, you can upload data faster compared to other backup solutions.

Another great advantage is File Sharing which helps you to share files with IDrive customers. The IDrive would encrypt data at the client position and it supports the private encryption key.


  • Fast upload speeds
  • Backs up unlimited computers
  • No unlimited storage option
  • Back up of mobile devices

Backup Software


The best backup software also has a free plan. The IDrive personal plan provides 2TB space and its price is $69.50. The IDrive Business plan provides 250TB and is priced at $99.50.

6. BackBlaze

BackBlaze is another major name and the best backup software For Windows available for cloud backup. Signing up is easy and takes less than a minute. Here the tool would provide unlimited cloud storage.

Also, the tool shows the progress report of the backup. There are buttons for restoring and changing the settings.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • No multiple-computer plans
  • Unlimited cloud storage

Backup Software for windows


The tool has a 15-day trial period. You can purchase the tool for a priced subscription at $6 per PC.

7. CloudBerry Backup

Now the CloudBerry won’t be a standard cloud backup choice. It is a backup control center. That means it won’t provide cloud storage. But it would allow you to store your stuff on one or more cloud solutions of your choice.

That allows you to manage all the backups from a single place. It provides 60 storage destinations which have OneDrive, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, etc.


  • Many advanced features
  • Multiple backup options
  • Strong security
  • Supports various cloud providers

CloudBerry Backup


The best backup software provides a free version and you must use 200 GigaBytes of cloud storage. But with the desktop version, you can handle 5 TeraByte of cloud storage. It costs around $49.99 for a single machine.

8. O&O DiskImage

The O& O DiskImage is one of the popular and local best PC backup tools. Here the installation procedure would be straightforward.

The user interface would use text along with some of the best images to display many backup options. These would be easy to use and follow. The options are easy to use and follow.


  • Supports various kinds of backups
  • Easy to use
  • No chat support
  • One-click backup option

O&O DiskImage


The tool comes with a 30-day trial period. After that, you need to pay a one-time fee of $49.95 for a single PC and $69.95 for five PCs.

9. MSP360

The MSP360 is another standard kind of cloud backup. It is an amazing backup control center. Here this best backup software doesn’t give dedicated cloud storage. It helps you to store your data on one or more cloud solutions. That allows you to handle all backups from a single place.

It contains 75+ storage destinations. It covers all the various storage scenarios.


  • Multiple backup options
  • No attached storage space
  • Supports various cloud providers
  • Many advanced features

cloud backup


MSP360 provides a free version. But that provides only 200GB of cloud storage. The other priced versions provide 1TB of space for five machines. The pricing is based on your needs.


In the dynamic digital landscape, safeguarding your data is paramount, and the right backup software can be your digital fortress. From user-friendly interfaces to robust features, the best backup software for Windows PCs offers a spectrum of options to suit diverse needs. As we conclude this exploration, it becomes evident that investing in reliable backup solutions is an essential step toward securing your valuable information. Whether it’s the seamless recovery process, incremental backups, or cross-platform compatibility, these tools ensure your data remains resilient against the unforeseen. Make an informed choice and fortify your digital world with the protective shield of top-tier backup software.


1. Which Backup System Is Best?

Some of the best ones are IDrive Personal, Backblaze, Acronis True Image, and Carbonite Safe. It also contains SpiderOak One, Zoolz Cloud Storage, etc.

2. What Is The Best Free Backup Software?

The best free backup software is EaseUS Todo Backup, Paragon Backup, and Recovery, NovaBackup PC, etc.

3. Which Software Is Used For Backup?

Some of the best software for backup are Avamar, VMWare vCenter Server, Vembu BDR Suite, R-Studio, NetWorker, Acronis Backup, and Recovery, etc.

4. How Good Is WD Backup Software?

The WD Backup is a perfect choice for personal backup. It can secure your data with a password. The welcome addition is the 256-bit encryption.

5. Does Windows 10 Have Backup Software?

The primary backup feature of the tool is called File History. This is still available in Windows 10 even though it is a legacy function. Both features can be used to take a backup of your machine.

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