13 Best Windows 11/10 Christmas Theme You Must Use

Best Christmas Themes for Windows

When we use a PC regularly we like to customize its background themes to give it a new look. The customizing theme can depend on the festival which is coming or depending on our mood or on other factors. If Christmas is on the way or you want to give a look at Christmas on your Windows PC then this article is helpful for you.

With the Christmas theme you can modify your PC look by applying Christmas Taskbar, cursor snowflakes, music and jingles, and other Christmas effects to the desktop. With these Christmas themes, you will get holiday spirit on your PC. These themes consist of background, sounds, and music all of which are related to Christmas. 

In this article, we have curated a list of 13 best Windows 10/11 Christmas themes to celebrate the festival and get a joyous feel. So, without any delay let’s know the best Christmas themes to enhance your PC look and decorate your desktop using these wallpapers, etc.

13 Best Christmas Themes for Windows 11, 10

1. Ninja Cat Holiday Escape

Ninja Cat Holiday escape

Next, we have ninja cat holiday escape which offers you the holiday vibe on your desktop. You will get different Wallpapers and all are related to holiday seasons in which ninja cat goes on different adventures. It consists of 14 different high-definition wallpapers for Windows 11 which you can easily download from the Microsoft store.


  • It has loads of unique and fun images suitable for the winter season 
  • Al the themes are free 
  • It is compatible with Windows 10

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2. Fireworks theme

Fireworks theme

If you like to decorate your desktop with sparkling themes then Fireworks is a perfect theme you should apply to your Windows PC. It provides mesmerizing fireworks landscape view of different cities. This team provides you with the exact feeling of a new year celebration.

It is loaded with some beautiful fireworks background images which you can switch at a given time. All these Wallpapers are in HD so it provides you with a wonderful experience.


  • It offers 17 HD wallpapers 
  • Offers fireworks view in different parts of the globe 
  • It also available on Windows 8 and 7

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3. Snowy mountains

Snowy mountains

If you want to give a look of beautiful landscape to your PC then the snowy mountain is the perfect option for your Windows 11. The theme offers 18 images of snowy mountains. It allows you to shuffle between different wallpapers which makes your PC look clean and updated.


  • It has images of snowy mountains under the moon, stars, and northern lights
  • It lets you shuffle between the themes
  • This theme is free to download 

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4. The Christmas countdown

The Christmas countdown

From its name itself, you can get an idea that it will show you the countdown clock to Christmas. The theme is useful when you are a busy person and does not have time to remember dates then the theme will always remind you how many days are left for Christmas.

You can easily switch between all the amazing Christmas background themes. You need not to manually apply the settings to your device. It also displays heart-warming videos each day.


  • You can install these themes from Microsoft 
  • It is an appropriate theme for kids
  • It helps you remember the days left in Christmas

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5. Santa Claus theme

Santa Claus theme

Next we have the Santa Claus theme in the list of best Christmas themes for Windows 11, 10. From its name itself, you can get the idea that this theme is dedicated to Santa Claus.

It includes 12 high definition Wallpapers of Santa Claus which is able to give a Christmas feel to your desktop. You can easily download this theme on your Windows 10 and 11.


  • This theme offers you the perfect Christmas spirit
  • Loaded with some of the best Santa Claus wallpaper
  • It has beautiful Santa Wallpapers on the moon, chariot, in snow, and many others

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6. Blue Christmas theme

Blue Christmas theme

The list of best Christmas themes for Windows 11 and 10 starts with a Blue Christmas theme. It is developed by Starline with an aim to provide amazing features and easy to access. It has the most colorful Christmas wallpaper with unique Christmas sounds to offer you a great festive mood off Christmas.

This theme is loaded with 11 beautiful Christmas wallpaper in blue color. Moreover, it changes the desktop icons to a Christmas shape. It also modified the mouse cursor and other gadgets with a Christmas look.


  • It just needs one click to be installed on your pc 
  • It offers Christmas sounds, icons, cursor, and gadgets 
  • Beautiful wallpapers in blue colors 

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7. Holiday lights theme

Holiday lights theme

Holiday light theme is another best Christmas themes for your Windows for Windows 11, 10. It consists of various Wallpapers and Office sparkling images that provide a holiday celebration feel to your desktop.

Using this theme you can decorate your computer with Christmas lights and other decorative elements which you see at Christmas. The wallpaper consists of sparkling trees, white snow on trees, candles, fireplaces, and other things which remembers you a Christmas feel.


  • The wallpaper contains colorful trees 
  • It is the perfect theme for setting a holiday mood
  • Apart from flights this theme also offers Candles, pinecones, and other Christmas-related items

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8. Christmas tree theme

Christmas tree theme

Next we have a Christmas tree theme that offers you the exact Christmas spirit on your desktop. It is loaded with 16 beautiful images of Christmas trees in HD quality. The trees are decorated with lights and snow and give a real feeling of Christmas.

All these themes are free to download on your Windows 10 and 11. The theme is also available on the previous Windows version.


  • It offers the best decorative tree images which you can apply on your desktop background
  • The trees belong to different parts of the countries
  • Decorative trees with snow and lights 

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9. Christmas theme

Christmas theme

This theme is dedicated to Windows 10 and 11 and consists of a lot of icon packs, Wallpaper, and skin which are enough to give you a feel of Christmas. Using these themes you can customize the look of your desktop. This theme consists of 16 HD Wallpapers.

The wallpaper is blue in color and contains a Christmas tree on half of the screen. All the Wallpaper is related to the Christmas festival and offers you the same feeling.


  • It offers beautiful Wallpapers consisting of all the elements related to Christmas
  • It adds a Christmas look to your PC
  • It has some of the colorful themes best suited for the festive season

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10. Snowflakes theme


It is one of the amazing Christmas themes for your Windows PC. Firstly it is free and also a lightweight theme. It provides a winter mood and a snowing feeling on your desktop.

So even in hot summer when you look at your desktop screen you will feel a winter-like season. When you move the mouse cursor snowfall will appear on your screen.


  • Easy to apply themes without installation
  • With the increased movement, snowflakes look bigger
  • It has a fun theme that adds Christmas Touch to your desktop 

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11. Ice Castle theme

Ice Castle theme

When it comes to Christmas one thing which always strikes in my mind is snow and ice. This theme is meant to offer you the exact feeling. It consists of some of the best and most stunning ice castle Wallpapers Around the globe. So using this theme you can decorate your computer with eye-catching ice castles. The ice castle theme is available on both Windows 10 and 11.


  • Enhance the loop of your PC With new icons, sound effects, cursor, and AI Enhanced wallpaper
  • It offers 4 teens HD Wallpapers
  • It offers images of varieties of castles in different parts of the world

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12. Panoramic Snow

Panoramic Snow

Christmas is a festival in which one thing definitely comes to our mind which is snowfall. So if you want to get a snow experience on your Windows PC then Panoramic Snow is the best theme that offers a Christmas feel to your desktop screen.

It contains snowfall Wallpapers off some cold reasons like Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, and UK. It has 12HD images which you can use on dual monitors.


  • It offers various images To choose
  • You can easily change the color of your desktop
  •  Download these themes from Microsoft Store for free

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13. Winter garden theme

Winter garden theme

If you are a nature lover and also looking for a decent Christmas theme that you can use to decorate your PC screen then winter garden theme is the perfect option for you. It contains some amazing wallpaper that makes your PC look like a garden.

The wallpaper consists both photos of trees, leaves, branches, flowers, and other stuff related to the garden. It has eight unique Wallpapers which you can download for free on your PC.


  • It has 8 high-resolution images of Leaves and fruits with snow and ice
  • Using these Wallpapers you can bring a winter time on your desktop
  • This theme includes one custom color

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