4 Best DPI Tester Websites to Analyze Mouse Sensor Activity

DPI Tester Websites

Dots Per Second (DPI) is a unit of measurement used to determine how sensitive a computer mouse is. A lot of makers call it CPI. (Counts Per Inch). If you are looking for the best DPI tester website, then you are on the right blog.

The mouse is typically more responsive, and the other way around, if the DPI is greater. To evaluate mouse sensor sensitivity, this piece discusses the top 4 DPI tester websites. 

4 Best DPI Tester Websites To Try In 2023

1. Mouse Sensitivity Calculator

Mouse Sensitivity Calculator

One of the top DPI tools on this list is the Mouse Sensitivity Calculator. It can analyze mouse sensor activity and assist you in precisely determining the level of sensitivity for a particular DPI number. Its PC library has a large number of both recent and old games. Many games are available, so you may employ this resource to choose the options that will provide you with uniformly high sensitivity levels.


  • The tool can assess game sensitivities.
  • You can discover the configurations to obtain a comparable level of sensitivity for various games. 
  • You can change the mouse sensitivity for different titles using this calculator.

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2. DPI Analyzer

DPI Analyzer

DPI Analyzer can identify your mouse’s precise DPI and sensitivity instead of the values set by the company that originally made it. This tool uses a special and cautious method. Entering the distance you want and DPI selection is the first stage. This tool plots the intended position on a scale using your input.


  • Based on your input, this tool sets a target point on a scale.
  • This tool shows your mouse’s DPI, actual, and target counts.
  • Can determine your mouse’s exact DPI and sensitivity instead of using the settings set by the device maker.

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3. Mouse DPI Calculator

DPI Tester Websites

You may check the sensitivity of the mouse with the Mouse DPI Calculator. Start by entering the calculator with your current DPI and sensitivity settings. The required new DPI value will then need to be entered. The calculator uses your given data to estimate the increased sensitivity you’ll get from using a higher DPI.


  • You can determine the new dots per inch sensitivity for the specified current sensitivity and DPI.
  • Swift and trustworthy outcomes.
  • It is free to use.

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4. Mouse Sensitivity

DPI Tester Websites

This software determines the mouse multiplier and sensitivity. With this fundamental tool, you can input the game sensitivity, the Windows multiplier, the present mouse DPI, and the yaw position. The Windows multiplier input feature is useful for multi-screen users of PCs. You may find the multiplier by entering the total amount of displays, your mouse or game sensitivity, and the degrees per inch.


  • Feature for Windows multiplier input.
  • Determines the sensitivity and mouse multiplier.
  • You can adjust the sensitivity of the game.

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How do I check my DPI online?

To check your mouse DPI online, The Mouse and Keypad Center is where you should go. Select the mouse you would like to examine. Opt for Basic Settings. The sensitivity part should list your mouse DPI there.

How do I know if my DPI is 800?

Red: 1600 DPI.

Blue: 800 DPI.

Yellow: 400 DPI.

Green: 3200 DPI.

How do I check my mouse sensitivity online?

You should head over to the Mouse and Keypad Center. Choose the mouse that you want to test. Select the default settings. Your mouse’s DPI should be listed in the sensitivity section.


These four free online mouse DPI testers enable you to rapidly assess the exact sensitivity of a certain DPI value. As a result, you won’t need to experiment with various DPI settings each time you switch to a new game or program. 

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