9 Best File Compression Software For Windows PC

Now sharing large files is easier than ever, all you need to do is use the best file compression software to reduce the size of your files and upload them on cloud or send via any file transfer program. Moreover, storing compressed files on your device certainly takes less storage space, prevents unnecessary strain on system resources and they’re certainly easy to manage. Fortunately, the market has dozens of file compression programs but choosing the most suitable one can be an annoying task. 

So, we’ll be introducing you to top 9 paid and free file compression software that you can use right away and get the job done! 

9 Best File Compression Software For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 PC

You can skip buying an additional HDD to store your precious data, instead use the best file compressed tool to reduce the size of files. Let’s check out the most popular options to use in 2022. 

1. WinZip 

Compatibility: Windows & Mac 
Supported File Formats: zip, tar, gzip, cab, rar, 7z, IMG, ISO & more. 
Price: Free trial, $35.34 



WinZip is probably one of the leading programs, known for file compression, encryption and backup. It offers all the essential functionalities for handling ZIP archives and other files. All these tools are equipped with an intuitive interface, making it a suitable choice for novice & power computer users.  

Perks of using WinZip: 

  • Enjoy fast processing speed with minimal system resources consumption. 
  • Get files ready for instant compression via drag and drop or context menu. 
  • Ability to resize images according to several preset resolutions & watermarks.  
  • Shows all the archiving & extraction details & info like name, type, size, path etc.  

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2. 7-Zip 

Compatibility: Windows, Mac & Linux 
Supported File Formats: 7z, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP, WIM etc. 
Price: Free file compression software 



7-Zip is another popular compressed tool that you can use on your Windows PC to create and extract archives in a couple of clicks. It’s an open-source file compression software that uses solid AES-256 encryption, has an integrated file manager & it can handle almost all large files easily. 

Perks of using 7-Zip:

  • Fast and powerful compression and decompression capabilities. 
  • Supports integration with Windows Shell & has a file manager. 
  • Granularly set up your benchmark values for the compressing/encryption processes. 
  • Localizations for more than 74 languages.

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3. WinRAR 

Compatibility: Windows & Mac 
Supported File Formats: 7z, ARJ, ZIP, RAR, TAR, ISO, CAB, IZ, LZH and so on.
Price: Free trial, $29/user



WinRAR is a popular file compression program that features a perfect blend of a strong compression engine, security functionalities, integrity check-up, file splitting, and more. It provides the ability to convert your archives from one popular format to another in a few clicks and also add the password to protect your files. 

Perks of using WinRAR: 

  • Supports multiple extraction parameters. 
  • Set a password, add archives and file comments easily. 
  • It even supports NTFS file security & data streams. 
  • Allows compressing batch files with a solid archive box functionality. 

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4. Zipware 

Compatibility: Windows .NET 4.0 & Above 
Supported File Formats: ZIP, ZIPX, 7Z, RAR, RAR5, ISO, VHD, GZIP etc. 
Price: Free file compressor 



Zipware is another free file compression software that supports almost all popular archiving formats including the new RAR5 file format, which holds the ability to handle both large and small-sized archives. It even comes with a Password Manager, so that you can store and save your credentials and other information securely. 

Perks of using Zipware: 

  • Neatly organized and user-friendly dashboard. 
  • Holds the ability to convert the supported archive formats to Zip. 
  • Upload your archives to VirusTotal and scan them against multiple antivirus engines.
  • Option to split archives into different volumes as per your requirement.

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5. PeaZip 

Compatibility: Windows & Linux 
Supported File Formats: bz, bz2, bzip2, tbz2, tbz, gz, gzip, tgz, tpz, tar, zip, zipx etc. 
Price: Free file compression software 



If you are someone who regularly deals with ZIP files, then consider using PeaZip file compression software. It comes compatible with more than 150+ file formats and also provides tons of functionalities like password manager, two-factor authentication, duplicate finder, archive splitter and more. 

Perks of using PeaZip: 

  • Supports Drag & Drop and integrates with the system’s context menu.
  • Tools to extract, compress, encrypt, shred and save backup scripts. 
  • It can also convert almost all archive formats in a couple of clicks. 
  • Comes with an improved file manager and refreshed themes. 

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6. AX-ZIP Archiver 

Supported File Formats: ZIP, CAB, RAR, JAR, XAP, ACE, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR etc. 
Price: Free trial, $15 


AX-ZIP Archiver 

AX-ZIP Archiver is a reliable compressed tool that allows users to manage different kinds of archived files without any hassles. This best ZIP program also features a File Explorer and solid tools to add, extract contents and even assist users in renaming and deleting the file according to your needs and requirements. 

Perks of using AX-ZIP Archiver:

  • Easily view, modify, delete or extract file contents with this file compression software. 
  • Ability to work with multiple archives at once. 
  • Support of cloud drives and special folders.
  • Offers Windows Shell integration & has a Explorer -like UI. 

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7. Express Zip File Compression 

Compatibility: Windows and Mac 
Supported File Formats: .zip,.zipx,.rar,.gz,.gzip, .tar,.tgz,.tar.gz etc.
Price: Free, $16.97 


Express Zip File Compression 

Dedicated to exploring, creating and managing archives of a variety of file formats in the blink of an eye, Express ZIP File Compression is another great compressed tool you should consider installing in 2022. It offers both paid and free editions, with the latter one you can easily execute tasks related to file opening, zipping, unzipping, compressing etc. 

Perks of using Express ZIP File Compression: 

  • Create new ZIP files quickly.
  • Edit and move contents of ZIP files using this best ZIP Program. 
  • Doesn’t occupy a lot of your storage or memory space.
  • A self-extracting archive can also be created. 

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8. ZipGenius 

Compatibility: Windows and Mac 
Supported File Formats: ZIP, RAR, 7Z, EXE, TAR, CAB, ISO, NRG, XPI etc.
Price: Free file compression software 


Best File Compression Software

ZipGenius is considered one of the best file compression software to shrink numerous files in a few clicks and save precious disk space. It’s a totally free file compressor program, but the ZipGenius project is supported by ads, so you may see pop-ups for making donations to trustworthy organizations via PayPal and more. 

Perks of using ZipGenius: 

  • Has a powerful and secure engine to manage multiple archives. 
  • Ability to create new archives, open them, extract them and share them via email. 
  • The actual compression task is done via a Command Prompt window.
  • Minimal CPU and resources consumption. 

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9. IZArc 

Compatibility: Windows and Mac 
Supported File Formats: ZIP, 7Z, ARC, ARJ, BIN, CAB, ISO, JAR, LHA, MDF, RAR etc. 
Price: Free file compression software 


Free File Compression Software

Discussing best file compression software and not mentioning IZArc is certainly not possible. It’s a popular and reliable compressed tool that allows users to create archives, extract files and more. It supports a wide range of file formats and comes integrated with Windows explorer so that it can be easily used by both amateur and pro computer users. 

Perks of using IZArc: 

  • Ability to create new archives and extract its contents easily. 
  • Supports checking the integrity of existing packages. 
  • Allows users to convert archives and CD images. 
  • Holds the potential to repair broken archives as well. 

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Which File Compression Program Will You Choose For Your Device?

So, this was our concrete list of Best File Compression Software for Windows to use in 2022. All the above-shared options work optimally and do a decent job to compress, extract contents, encrypt files and more. We’ve been using WinZip for a quite long time now and believe it is probably one of the best programs to perform actions like file compression, encryption and backup.

It offers all the essential functionalities for handling ZIP archives and other files. All its features are neatly equipped in an intuitive & easy-to-use interface, making it a suitable choice for novice & power computer users.  

Frequently Asked Questions On File Compression Programs

Q1. Which is the best software to compress files?

WinZip is the best file compression program to use in 2022. It offers all the essential functionalities for handling ZIP archives and other files.

Q2. What is file compression software?

File compression programs are tools that allow users to reduce the file size and decompress them according to the user’s needs and preferences. These tools even offer options to extract, encrypt and edit those archives as well. 

Q3. What is the best file archiver?

Besides WinZip, you can consider using WinRAR to create archives on your Windows or Mac machines. 

Q4. Is WinZip a compression software?

WinZip is a leading file compressor program that allows you to zip, protect, share, and manage files quickly and easily.

Q5. Which is better, WinZip or 7zip?

To be honest, WinZip is more versatile and simpler to use file compression software as compared to 7-Zip. Some of the most prominent highlights of WinZip that gives it an extra edge over 7-Zip includes its advanced WAV compression capability, large number of decompression format support and solid backup features. 

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