Best File Copy Utility Software For Windows 10

Best File Copy Software For Windows PC In 2020

Some of the well known and common functions performed on the Windows system are cut, copy and paste. It can be done easily through the keyboard shortcuts keys that help to perform the copy, cut and paste task efficiently. The Keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+X is used for cut, CTRL+C is used to copy and for paste, CTRL+V is used. The speed of the copy function depends on the size of the media or file that is copied. As the speed of the copy function is generally low by the system so it is better to use USB 3.0 ports for file copy. 

In the Windows system, the general process of copying has two major drawbacks. One is the speed of the file copy and the other is to pause or halt the process in between does not make the process to resume from the last same stage of the copy. The trouble of slow speed of file copy in the Windows system can be solved through some Fast file copy software for the Windows system. Some of best file copy utility software for windows 10 are available here

Best File Copy Software For Windows 10 8 7

1. EaseUs Disk Copy

File copy software

It is one of the best file copy utility software that are available in the market for the function of the copy file in the system. To transfer the data of one drive to another, it is the best tool to copy all the data of the drive. 

The EaseUs Disk Copy software is a simple application that is easy in use. It is a quick and secure application that helps to copy the file in the system. 

There are two versions available for the software. One is EaseUs Disk Copy Professional and the other is the EaseUs Disk Copy Technician version. 

The EaseUs Disk Copy Technician is compatible with Windows 10 system. It supports hard drives up to 16TB in size. It is generally used for business purposes in the industry. 

Download here

2. TeraCopy

file utility software

It is a smartly designed free transfer utility software that has a high and rich feature of copy and paste tool in it. It helps to avoid or skip the files which create problem during the process of copying. It is one of the fastest copy software that copies the file through the fastest mean of the channel in the system. 

At the end of the process, the user is asked by the software whether to copy the files that are avoided previously or not. TeraCopy also allows us to pause or halt the copy process in between and can start from the initial stage. 

This free windows file copy software has a smart error recovery process embedded in it to provide better speed to copy files than Windows. You can download Teracopy for windows 10 8 and 7 from the link below.


  • Available for full windows version 64 bit  and 32 bit
  • Teracopy is available for both windows 10 and 7

Download here

3. Fast File Copy Software

fast copy software for windows

Fast copy software is an open-source free utility computer software. It is portable in use for Windows 10 system for 32 bit and 64-bit version of Windows. 

The software helps to copy files easily and quickly to the desired folder or drive. The speed of the file transfer is better than the transfer rate of Windows in the system. 

The option of “Fast Copy” can be selected to copy the file in the desired location. It can also be used with the other super fast copy software in the system without any issue or problem. 

Download here

4. File Fisher

Best copy software

This is an open-source free file copy utility software which is free of cost and easily available in the market. File Fisher software is said to be the most versatile software to copy the file in a system. 

The software can be stored and carried in a USB for instant use. It has a feature to be customizable. The process of copy file can easily be paused or cancel or resumed from the earlier stage. The copy process can be re-initiated from its initial stage. 

It has the advantage of preserving the exact structure of the file during the process of file copy. 

Download here

5. Ultracopier

Best file copy softwares

It is an open-source file copy software. It has a remarkable fast file copy speed and has the quality to resume the copy file process even from a removed or disconnected USB Storage in the system. 

To get the desired efficiency and speed the software can be controlled with some set of policies by the user. It allows performing multiple copy file operation in the system. The order of the queued file can be changed, paused or resumed any time. 

After the copy file process, the software produces an error log report which is presented before the user. 

The Ultracopier software has many other features embedded in it such as speed limitation, management of error, resume and pause options. The process can be resumed at the error points of the copy file.  

Download here

6. Dabel File Mover

Best file copy software for windows

It is a simple and powerful interface copy file software. The copy file can be selected from the source and the desired destination can be chosen for the copy process. It allows the file copy process for multiple sources and destinations.

The software does not need any installation and can be used directly from the desired folder. 

7. ExtremeCopy

copy software for windows 10

It is one of the best Windows file copy software that is available in the market. It has two versions one is free of cost and the other is paid version. The free version of the utility software is faster as compared to the windows copy. 

It is easily controllable and available in multiple languages. It provides a 30 days free trial. 

8. CopyHandler

Copy handler

It is an open-source file copy utility software. It contains many other configuration options. Some like the shutdown of the function when the task is completed or resuming the task if an error is faced.  

It has a standard window and a detailed version of the Window which is used to display the transfer of the data process in the file system. 

It can also resume the process or operations after the reboot of the computer system.

9. NiceCopier

fastest file copy

It is an open-source and light software to copy the file in the system. The copy file process can be resumed or pause as per the user’s wish. 

It is an effective substitute option for Windows 10 copy utility software. 

10. Microsoft Richcopy

Microsoft richcopy

This software is easily available on the official website of Microsoft that’s Microsoft Technet. 

The software allows having multiple accounts for the use in the system. The process can be resumed or stopped at any time. 

Which copy software is the fastest ?

EaseUs Disk Copy is fast copy software for windows PC which you must use.

Is robocopy faster than Windows copy?

Yes Robocopy is faster then windows copy. Robocopy command is in built function in the windows. So you can easily use robocopy command for fastest copy.

How can I make Windows copy faster?

The Keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+X is used for cut, CTRL+C is used to copy and for paste, CTRL+V is used. These shortcuts will make your copy paste faster

Is TeraCopy free?

Tera copy is free utility software to copy your files

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  1. According to my experience with most of copying softwares ,the best one that has a high performance and speed in WIN 10 is a program called Gs richcopy 360 .

  2. I would give EaseUS 5 stars as a powerful backup and copying product as per my experience as an expert user with most backup and copying programs, it is affordable and the best one in 2020.


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