11 Best File Copy Software For Windows 11, 10 PC

Best File Copy Utility Software For Windows 10

Listed are the best File Copy Software that is quite important in Windows PC. These utility tools will help you to increase your file transfer speed from any location in your Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7 PC.

Copying or transferring files from one location to another on our desktops or laptops is a mundane task that we do on an everyday basis. Most of us follow the usual method of right-clicking on the file, selecting the copy option from the context menu, navigating to the desired location where we want to have the file, and simply right-clicking again to choose the paste option.

Besides this, most of the users prefer to drag and drop files to the desired location to get the files copied automatically. To be honest, the native fast file copy process is pretty easy and straightforward. 

But what if you want to transfer a large set of files/folders? Well, for batch processing, following the aforementioned methods will be relatively slow and consume a lot of your time and effort to transfer each file one by one.

Hence, you need a dedicated file copy utility that will speed up the transferring process. In this article, we’ve covered the list of paid and free file copy software for Windows PC.

Here is the list of File Copy Utility To Enjoy the Fastest Transfer Speeds.

  1. Teracopy
  2. File Fisher
  3. FastCopy
  4. CopyHandler
  5. UltraCopier
  6. KillCopy
  7. ExtremeCopy
  8. MiniCopier
  9. Unstoppable Copier
  10. RichCopy

What Is the Best File Copy Software for Windows

Use the following Windows file copy tools to transfer files/folders from one location to another at a high speed. Review the list carefully and choose the most suitable option for your PC/Laptop. 

1. EaseUS Disk Copy

EaseUS Disk Copy is the best file copy software for windows 11/10 PC that you can use at home as well as for business activities. This tool provides you with an amazing way to copy the data of one HDD/SSD to another without any delays or data loss.

It is the best cloning software for Windows 10 that can enhance the speed of copying the data.

File copy software


  • Creates a bootable CD/USB to clone disk in case of system failure. 
  • Simple interface.
  • Clone HDD to SSD
  • Resize partition during the copy

Install Easeus diskcopy

2. TeraCopy 

When we are talking about the best copy software for Windows PC, then it is imperative to mention TeraCopy in the list. The file copy utility is considered to be a perfect replacement for Windows Explorer’s copy feature. It works pretty fast to transfer files in bulk & offers various other functions as well. 

file utility software

Perks of using TeraCopy: 

  • Lightweight file transfer software to use on Windows PC/Laptop. 
  • Automatically skips the problematic file, despite terminating the entire process. 
  • Keeps the original time and date of files when copying.

Install TeraCopy! 

3. File Fisher 

Here comes versatile file copy software for Windows users. The application is highly customizable and comes as a portable version as well. Hence, you can carry the file transfer tool in a USB and instantly use it wherever needed. You can pause, resume, or cancel the copy process as per your preference. 

File fisher

Perks of using File Fisher: 

  • The file copy software preserves the original file structure. 
  • Provides a bunch of flexible settings & parameters to copy/move files as per your needs. 
  • Supports tons of file formats and has an intuitive GUI. 

Install File Fisher! 

4. FastCopy 

Considered one of the most efficient Windows file copy tools to install, FastCopy allows users to move files/folders rapidly from one network to another. To ensure the fastest speed, this free file copy software employs multiple threads to read, write, and verify the overlapped & direct I/O systems. 

fast copy software for windows

Perks of using FastCopy: 

  • Works efficiently to copy and back up a large set of files in a few moments. 
  • Doesn’t occupy a lot of system resources, making it the best file copy software. 
  • Has Command Line and UI wrapper support for all the techies out there. 

Install FastCopy! 

5. CopyHandler 

CopyHandler is another open-source, free file copy software for Windows PC to use. The file copy utility is highly customizable and comes loaded with a variety of features to ensure high-speed transferring of files and folders. It even offers multilingual support & compatible with all popular Windows versions. 

Copy handler

Perks of using CopyHandler: 

  • Strictly check the working health while the file transferring process. 
  • Supports drag-and-drop functionality, which makes it the best file transfer software. 
  • Enables queue support and it automatically completes all the unfinished copy tasks. 

Install CopyHandler! 

6. UltraCopier 

Listing out the best file transfer software for PC and not including UltraCopier in the list is certainly not possible. It works quite fast to copy files from one place to another and it even supports options like Start, Stops and Resume to manage the file copying process accordingly. 


Perks of using UltraCopier: 

  • The file-transferring application supports Windows, Mac & Linux.
  • Comes with an error management feature to manage problematic & corrupted files. 
  • Open-source file copy software with intuitive UI & supports themes & languages. 

Install UltraCopier! 

7. KillCopy 

Considered one of the fastest file transfer tools for PC, KillCopy is a great application that eases the copying process with a drag & drop feature. It uses high-speed verification mode to ensure no errors occur during the file-transferring process. Keep reading to know more about the tool. 


Perks of using KillCopy: 

  • Has a Turbo Mode to enhance the copying speed of large files between local disks.
  • Allows creating hard links to NTFS files by dragging & drop the context menu. 
  • Has a KillDelete option to remove the source file, once the copying process ends.  
  • Features an Auto Resume functionality to automatically start the file transfer process after an abrupt disconnection. 

Install KillCopy! 

8. ExtremeCopy 

Discussing the best paid & free file copy software and not mentioning ExtremeCopy would be unfair. Their developers claim to improve the data transfer speed from 20% to 120% as compared to the default Windows file copy utility. It has some incredible features listed below. 

Extreme Copy

Perks of using ExtremeCopy: 

  • Comes with a flexible read/write buffer size. 
  • Supports task queuing, so that all the operations are conducted accordingly. 
  • Certainly, a fast file copy utility and highly compatible with all popular Windows versions. 

Install ExtremeCopy!  

9. MiniCopier 

MiniCopier is a free file transfer software to use on Windows PC. The program lets you copy and paste files and folders from one location to another in a few clicks. It features an intuitive interface and a drag-and-drop functionality to its basket to manage the tasks easily. 


Perks of using MiniCopier: 

  • Add multiple files/folders to the basket to execute the transferring process. 
  • Easily pause and resume the copying/transferring process as per your needs. 
  • This best copy software is fully operational on Linux, Windows, and macOS X. 

Install MiniCopier! 

10. Unstoppable Copier 

Now you must be thinking why data recovery software is listed here. Well, Unstoppable Copier certainly does more than restore your lost precious data. You can also use the tool as a file copy manager, as it holds the ability to copy files and folders at a high speed from one location to another. 

File Copy software

Perks of using Unstoppable Copier: 

  • Best free file copy software that uses fewer system resources. 
  • It can easily copy files from defective disks as well. 
  • You can create transfer lists and save them so that they can be used at any time in the future. 

Install Unstoppable Copier! 

11. RichCopy 

Before we conclude our list of best file copy software, it is essential to mention the RichCopy Windows file copy tool. The application lets you copy files in folders at a high speed. To get started with it, all you need to do is select the source path & the final destination. 

File Copy software

Perks of using RichCopy: 

  • Considered a great file management program to manage your collection. 
  • Ensures a faster file copying process as compared to its counterparts. 
  • Allows users to copy your files to FTP locations with ease. 

Install RichCopy! 

Which File Copy Software Will You Choose For Your Windows PC? 

Well, if you are looking for fast and reliable file transfer software for your computer then choose none other than TeraCopy. It is a multithreaded copying tool that can speed up the file copy process on your computer/laptop.

This tool is considered to be a perfect replacement for Windows Explorer’s copy feature. It works pretty fast to transfer files in bulk & offers various other functions like automatically skipping the problematic file, despite terminating the entire copying process. And, it also keeps the original time and date of files when copying.

If you consider using any of the aforementioned file copy utilities, do not forget to express your views and experience while using the product! 

FAQs | List of Best File Transfer Tools For Windows PC

Q1. Which is the best file copy software?

TeraCopy is a wonderful file copy utility to use for Windows PC. It works pretty fast to transfer files in bulk & offers useful functions like automatically skipping the problematic file, despite terminating the entire copying process and so on. 

Q2. What is the fastest file copy software?

As the name entails, FastCopy is considered to provide the effortless speed to transfer files from one place to another. 

Q3. Which is better, Robocopy or XCopy?

Both are pretty useful tools for bulk file copying, but Robocopy gets an edge with certain features to make the job easier. 

Q4. Is TeraCopy better than Windows copy?

TeraCopy is certainly the best file copy utility as it works flawlessly when it comes to handling a large number of files. It has a decent performance to copy files as compared to its competitors. 

Q5. What is a file copying utility?

A file copy utility is software to automate the process of copying and transferring of data from one place to another. These nifty utilities ensure that a large number of files are transferred at a high speed. 

Q6. What is the fastest way to copy files?

Using professional file transfer software is certainly the best bet to copy files from one destination to another at the fastest rate possible.

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  1. According to my experience with most of copying softwares ,the best one that has a high performance and speed in WIN 10 is a program called Gs richcopy 360 .

  2. Easeus disk copy is really the best. I am using it from almost 1 year

  3. I would give EaseUS 5 stars as a powerful backup and copying product as per my experience as an expert user with most backup and copying programs, it is affordable and the best one in 2020.

  4. EaseUS is really the best backup tool this year and Carbonite is me second best

  5. Really Gs richcopy 360 is the best , using it for several years and the Support team are quick and knowledgeable

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