13 Best Free Movie Download Sites in 2023

Best Free Movie Download Sites

We all love to watch movies and that is why we are in search of a reliable website which enables us to download movies for free online. But it is quite difficult to choose a genuine movie-downloading website as many sites are fraudulent and illegal.

When we see free movie download sites we get attracted towards them but most of the times the sites are illegal or pirated. Also, the sites are prone to virus attacks. That is why paid websites are highly recommended and trustable.

Still, there are several movie downloading sites available that offer free and secure movie downloading but finding one is quite difficult. That is why we are here with an article where we have accumulated a list of the most genuine and free movie download sites.

List of 13 Best Free Movie Download Websites

So, without wasting any further time let’s know about the best free movie download websites one by one along with their features to know their best qualities.

1. Hotstar


Hotstar is one of the most popular websites which provides a huge array of movie collections and allow you to download movies for free. Whether it is new or old you will get varieties of movies on this platform.

You can use this platform to watch movies online without paying any cost but you can not download them. For this, you need to purchase the premium plan which will permit you to watch ad-free movies and extended content. 


  • It has a separate section for popular Hindi movies
  • Provides easy navigation tools 
  • Popular sports streaming site 

Get It Here

2. YouTube


Undoubtedly YouTube is one of the most popular ways of entertainment and you can use it to download movies for free. It offers a huge collection of web series, movies and various shows, music videos, etc. You can simply search for the movie in the search box and the related content will appear in front of you. 

Apart from watching movie trailers, you can watch full-length movies. It doesn’t charge you anything for downloading the movie but to get high-quality movies you can purchase the premium plan. 


  • Free to access content
  • Offers various movies, TV shows, music and other videos based on different categories 
  • Lets you download full-length movies for free

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3. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Crackle is a great movie-downloading website offered by Sony. Here you can find various popular movies and TV shows which are not available on other sites for free. It is very easy to use and you just need to sign up and create a watchlist. 

You will get various movies belonging to different genres including comedy, thriller, romantic, crime, Sci-Fi and many others. As it is free you will not get a smooth watching experience as it is loaded with ads. It is a genuine free movie download site.


  • Easy to navigate 
  • Offers content from Warner Bros, Universal Studio and Fox Digital 
  • It offers apps for iOS and Android 

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4. Vimeo

Vimeo files

Talking about Vimeo, it is a reliable free movie download site where you will get a lot of exciting movies and documentaries. Apart from the huge collection of movies, you will also find several short movies.

It also provides an on-demand video section which you can use to watch popular movies and TV shows but you need to pay for it. 


  • It doesn’t display any ad
  • High Definition playback support
  • High quality live streaming 

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5. Netflix 


Netflix is one of the most popular sites for streaming high-quality content across the globe. It also has millions of subscribers. Here you will get both Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Apart from a movie collection it also provides TV shows and web series. It has a huge catalogue of unlimited movies, web series and documentaries. 


  • Offline downloads are available 
  • No ads and commercials
  • Huge list of movies and shows 

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6. Zee5


Zee5 is another popular platform where you can watch movies for free. It has a collection of about 500+ movies which you can watch for free. You need not purchase any premium subscription or log in to the platform to access free movies.

But the only drawback is that with the free plan you will not get a smooth viewing experience. For this, you need to get the subscription plan and watch all the movies and web series without any problem. 


  • It has 90+ live TV channels 
  • Supports multiple languages 
  • Offer user-friendly experience 

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7. SonyLiv


If you want to watch good quality movies online then SonyLiv is one of the best platforms. Although the collection is not as huge all the movies are worth watching for free. Apart from movies, you can also watch some web series.

You can not download the movies for free but you can watch them. For downloading them you need to get the premium plan. 


  • The latest International shows are available 
  • Download episodes and watch them anytime
  • Offers all live sports and TV channels 

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8. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime 

Amazon Prime is the most popular site where you can download new movies for free. Apart from movies you will also stream various web series and shows on this platform. It is the best site which allows you to watch high-quality movies whether in audio or video.

Users can access all the available content for free but only for a month. After this, if you want to exceed you need to get an Amazon Prime subscription. 


  • Offers various trending movies 
  • Easy navigation 
  • Offers high-quality content 

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9. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another site which allows you to download movies for free. It consists of a huge collection of movies and other television channels. It has a great interface where you will get different channels whether news or sports.

But there are many movies and Tv shows which are restricted and you can watch them only if you are in the US. You can use a VPN service to access the restricted content in other regions. 


  • It has an extensive movie index
  • Kids mode available 
  • Watch list feature
  • Social share button 

Get It Here

10. Jio Cinema 

Jio Cinema

If you are having a Jio number and active plan then you can enjoy watching movies online on Jio Cinema. This site is restricted only for Jio number holders. It will provide you varieties of movies and web series for free. Though the movie library is not as huge as other sites it is worth it as a free movie download site


  • Watch list feature
  • Resume watching 
  • Autoplay TV series 
  • A Voice search option is available 

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11. Tubi TV

Best free Movie Download Sites

Tubi TV is another best website which lets you download movies for free. It doesn’t require any membership or registration to download the movies. You will get several ads while watching any movie but you can easily block them by enabling the ad blocker on a web browser. It also offers various TV shows to stream for free. 


  • Offers on-demand content like TV series, movies and live-streaming channels
  • Supports various streaming devices like Xbox One, Android TV, etc. 
  • Offers popular sports channel 

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12. Retrovision

free Movie Download Sites

Like its name, Retrovision is a free movie download site where you get lots of classic movies and TV shows. It is easy to use this site and also can apply filters to search the movies based on their genres. Some of the movies are also available in HD quality.

Here you will get a lot of movie categories like horror, comedy, cartoons, Classic TV, drama and many others. 


  • It offers an Android mobile application
  • Provides unique content 
  • It is powered with genre-specific menus

Get It Here

13. The Internet Archive 

Best Movie Download Sites

The Internet Archive is another best free movie download website which has an extensive huge collection of movies and music. The website is loved by all movie lovers as it offers a huge library of movies of different genres which does not offer by any other site.

It also allows you to access various short movie clips and TV series. The best thing about this site is that it keeps updating the movie content. 


  • Updates movies regularly 
  • It offers about 14000 movies
  • Also lets you upload any videos and movies 

Get It Here


Which website is best to download movies?

YouTube is one of the most popular and also most loved video streaming sites available on the internet. You can simply search for any of the movies on the search box and if the full-length movie is available you can download it for free. 

How do I download new movies?

In the above article, we have discussed various sites which allow users to download movies for free. So, you can check these sites and search for the desired movies. If the movie is available on the website you can easily download it. 

Where can we download movies for free?

Downloading movies for free has become easier now. There are various movie downloading sites available which allow you to easily download the desired movies and also offer various other TV shows, web series and other content. Some of the sites which lets you download movies for free are:

  • Zee5
  • YouTube
  • Netflix 
  • The Internet Archive 
  • Tubi TV

How do I download a movie using Google Chrome?

You can download movies using Google Chrome by following some simple steps. If the direct link is available to download the movie then click on it or simply right-click and select save as. Various videos allow you to download it by just clicking the download icon. 


All the above-mentioned sites allow you to download and watch all your favourite TV shows and trending latest movies. All the sites are trusted and don’t contain any viruses so you can completely rely on them for downloading the desired movies.

Now, you can choose among them which suits your needs and offers you a high-quality movie experience. I hope now you can watch your favourite movies easily and download movies for free after using the above sites.

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