10 Best Free Music Key Finder Software For Windows PC

Music Key Finder Software

Looking for the best free Music key finder software for Windows then you have landed on the right platform. Here we have listed some of the best music key finder software for Windows which are available for free. But before learning about this software firstly you should know what music key finder is and why it is used?

What is Music Key Finder

Music key finder software is the most helpful tool for music enthusiasts and DJs who have to know about the music key of a particular song for song mixing and other work. The music key defines the pitch and scale of sound in music. With the help of music key finder software, you can learn about song elements like tempo, notes, chord, harmony, and melody. Apart from understanding music keys the software also helps in gaining knowledge of beat intensity, genre, artist, title, etc. 

10 Best Music Key Finder for Windows PC

1. KeyFinder 

Key Finder is the perfect music key finder software through which analyzing music keys is very easy. It is easy-to-use software with a user-friendly interface. In this software, you can easily search for songs and find the music keys.

Key Finder is the most suitable music finder software for beginners because of its simple interface. You don’t need to be professional to use Key Finder software to understand its functions. The software is best for DJs and helps them create new remixes through the old tracks. You can use Key Finder on both Windows as well as Mac platforms.



  • It is an open-source key detection tool 
  • It mainly aims at harmonic and tonal mixing 
  • This tool displays the metadata of a song 
  • It supports both macOS and Windows


KeyFinder is free and open-source music key finder software. It is portable software so you need not install it on your system to use it.

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2. Rapid Evolution 

Rapid Evolution is the most dedicated software for finding the music keys of any song. Apart from music keys, the software lets you find BPM, beat intensity, and track replay gain. It is the best free music key finder software that has the largest collection of song keys and BPM info. The software enables you to add metadata to your music. Rapid Evolution is a comfortable music key finder software for beginners as well due to its simple UI. The software supports most of the music formats like MP3, WAV, MPC, OGG, etc. 

Rapid Evolution 


  • It supports audio formats such as FLAC, MPC, OFG, MP3, etc. 
  • It lets you save and share song information you detected the key 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • It quickly identifies song key, beat intensity, and BPM


Rapid Evolution is free music key finder software for Windows that doesn’t charge anything for analyzing music files for BPM, key information. 

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3. Mixed in Key 

Mixed in Key is the popular music key finder software for music producers and DJs. This is the best key-finding software for creating harmonic mixing as it supports analyzing multiple music files at once. The software supports several plugins and bundles that can be downloaded from their website. Mixed in Key doesn’t offer any free trial version. This is award-winning software that lets you create amazing tracks and DJs mixes.

Mixed in Key 


  • It supports customizable ID3 tagging 
  • It supports macOS and Windows PC
  • This tool lets you export cue points to other third-party tools 
  • Find compatible songs for mixing 


Mixed in Key is available for both Mac and Windows OS and its pricing plan starts at $58 with the 30-day money-back guarantee. 

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4. GetSongKey 

GetSongKey is the popular music key finder software that is available for Mac, Windows as well as a web-based app. The software has several best tools to find music keys instantly. Get Song Key is a reliable music key finder for musicians, songwriters, and DJs. You can also link your Spotify account with the software and find keys from the playlists. Beginners, as well as professionals, find Get Song Key is the perfect key finder software for creating harmonic mixing. You can also go to the website and select the music of your choice to get the music keys.

GetSong Key 


  • It offers suggestions for harmonic mixing 
  • It supports making complex melodies 
  • Extract song keys from chord progressions 
  • It analyzes multiple songs at one time 


Get Song Key is free music key finder software for Windows that is available on Mac, Windows, and web-based apps.  

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5. Tunebat 

Tunebat is the most reliable music key finder software that has a database of about 40 million songs to offer key, BPM, and other information related to any song. It also offers recommendations for harmonic mixing. Tunebat is the best music key finder software for DJs. It is free software that helps you in knowing the keys to your desired songs. Tunebat uses data from Spotify and lets you access the popular songs that are released. The software takes care of your privacy and doesn’t leak your data. It has a huge database of music tracks. 

music key finder software


  • This software tool secures your music files
  • It offers recommendations for harmonic mixing
  • This tool has a database of over 40 million songs
  • It offers a maximum accuracy level  


Tunebat is free music key finder software for Windows. Tunebat Analyzer Pro is available at $7.99/ month if you take the monthly subscription. For a yearly subscription, it charges only $2.99/month.  

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6. VirtualDJ

VirtualDJ is the best free music key finder software for DJs to find the music keys you desire. The software works on both Mac as well as Windows platforms. You can easily download VirtualDJ from its official website to use it. It also offers you the metadata of the song along with the song key. The metadata includes information like year, title, BPM, genre, and others. The software lets you import the music files and provides all the information related to the song you are fetching keys to.



  • It supports macOS
  • It offers additional tracking information 
  • This tool scans and finds the key to multiple files 
  • It lets you import the music files


VirtualDJ is available for free for non-professional purposes. It offers a professional user license that costs $19/month. It also offers a one-time purchase for $299. For Business users plan it charges $99/month. 

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7. Mixx 

Mixx is the popular music key finder software for Windows specially designed for DJs. The software has a user-friendly interface and easily detects the music key. It can work on all platforms like Mac, Windows, and Linux OS. You need to import the song of which you want to know the keys and when it is successfully imported to the software it will display the metadata of the song. The metadata information includes the artist’s name, genre, title, album, etc. Apart from finding the music key, the software will also display the BPM of the song.

popular music key finder software


  • You can change the cover art 
  • It supports Mac, Windows and Linux OS 
  • ReplayGain Normalization
  • Live broadcasting


The mix is free and open-source music key finder software. Its core plan costs $6.99/month. 

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8. Audio Key Chain 

Audio Key Chain is an online tool that helps in identifying the music key and tempo of the whole song. This music key finder software helps in creating mashups with compatible tracks. The software allows users to upload their music and share them in public and it is the choice of the user whether he chose the website privately. It is free software but you need to create an account to sign up. The software supports only MP3 and WAV formats with a size limit of 15 MB file size to upload the tracks.

Audio Key Chain 


  • It has an option to choose whether you want to share it with the public or not 
  • It allows you to export results with your friends
  • You can edit any of the track data 
  • Supports only MP3 and WAV audio formats 


Audio Key Chain is free music key finder software that requires only sign up to view the data. 

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9. Rekordbox 

Rekordbox, the music key finder software offers accurate results of finding music keys. The software consists of several amazing tools that help in identifying various keys and creating new music or audio. The software is available in both free as well as premium versions. If you want to use some more professional tools then you should go for its premium version where you will get lots of features.



  • Cloud with unlimited storage 
  • RMX effects 
  • Collection auto upload 
  • Device library backup 
  • Video feature


Rekordbox is available at $29.99/ month.

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10. Djay Pro 

Djay Pro is the best free music key finder software loaded with extremely interesting music key finder tools. It is packed with advanced tools to find keys, beats, and BPM. The software has an attractive interface with a frequency-based color waveform. It is also available in the app form with unique surface dial support.

It has a huge database of music tracks. It transforms your Android device into a full-featured DJ system. The software has an auto mix mode feature that allows the software to create a seamless mix for you automatically.

best free music key finder software


  • It has a database of over 20 million songs 
  • It supports touchscreen and desktop 
  • This tool has advanced audio processing features 
  • It offers a multi-channel audio interface to monitor channels while performing 


Djay Pro is available for free on Mac and Windows platforms. 

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How do you find out what key a song is in software?

There are many music key finder software in we have listed the best of them in the above article. The music key finder software will help you in finding the key for any song. If you use Rapid evolution to find music keys then follow the below steps:

  • Through the import, feature add single or multiple songs 
  • Choose them on the main interface and then right-click on choose the detect and click on the key option 
  • When it completes the detection process the song key will be displayed

How do I find the key to song software for free?

There are several music key finder software available on the internet some of them are free and some of them are available for paid versions. In the above article, we have listed some of the best free music key finder software that will let you find the music key of any song. 

How do you find the key to a beat?

There are several music key software available on the internet that help in finding the key to a beat. In the above article, we have listed some of the top music key finder software for Windows in both free and paid versions. 

Is KeyFinder a virus?

KeyFinder is a virus when malware authors write virus files and name them after KeyFinder.exe to spread the virus. 

What key is most popular in music?

There are many keys in music but C and its relative minor, A is the most popular keys among them. Apart from them, C major and G major and their relative E minor are quite popular keys in music. 

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