5 Best Free Online AI Editor Websites

You can modify Adobe Illustrator (AI) files online with the best online AI editor websites. These online editors can be used on any device and are free. Five free online AI photo editors that let you edit Illustrator files are discussed in this piece.

5 Best Online AI editor websites

1. Inkscape Editor

Inkscape Editor

Inkscape is one of our list’s best online AI editor websites. It is an excellent free tool for creating vector graphics. You can make scalable images on this website so that the images will not be blurred when adjusted. Because of its excellence, it is a strong rival to expensive programs like Adobe Illustrator. 


  • It allows users to import images in PostScript, EPS, JPG, BMP, PNG, or TIP formats and output them in PNG or vector formats.
  • It has many tools like paths, shapes, marks, text, clones, transformation, transparency effects patterns, gradients, and groups.
  • Shapes in a picture can be changed in a variety of ways.
  • Mesh gradient support, measure tools, improved spray, and a checkerboard background are all features of the most current version of Inkscape.

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2. Photopea


One of the top free online AI makers is Photopea. Its usefulness and appearance are similar to Adobe Photoshop, which is great for designers. If you’ve used any image editing software with a similar layout, Photopea will be easy for you to use.

You can make general and specific adjustments, like changing a picture’s brightness or HSL or choosing an image from the background. It accepts several file formats and works for raster and vector graphics.


  • Photopea can be instantly viewed on almost any device, including Chromebooks and Computers operating Windows 10 in S Mode.
  • It accepts most image-editing file formats and functions effectively with file types such as PSD.
  • It has a very easy-to-use interface.

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3. Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is a lightweight graphics creation solution for web, product, and graphic designers. You can examine and edit AI files online and is an excellent online AI photo editor. Create an open layout first, and then upload an AI file.


  • It includes several complex tools such as vector, structure, precision, text, layout, and style.
  • The use of tools like icons, UI design, graphics, presentation, and motion can be revolutionized by Gravit Designer. 
  • It functions well as a desktop program or in-browser application on Chrome OS, Windows, Mac systems, and Linux. 

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4. Vectr


Vectr is the next free online AI photo editor. It provides a ChromeOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows app. As a result, you can download the software to your computer or use it in a web browser. Expect everything to be simple from this editor’s functionality; it only includes a basic set of tools that are adequate for editing tasks.


  • This editor instantly transforms AI files to SVG and adds them to the workspace when loaded.
  • The design can be saved as a PNG, SVG, JPG, or PNG file after the required adjustments have been made.
  • The converted AI file’s SVG version contains every feature, including layers.

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5. Autoenhance.ai


It’s quite simple to use Autoenhance; upload an image, and the AI will handle the editing. The altered photos can be downloaded right away. This is a fantastic online tool to use if you want a quick process for editing photos.

You can even incorporate Autoenhance in your apps using an API. The API is also free, but only for up to 15 pictures. You can pay as you go or select from various bundles.


  • Blending HDR pictures more quickly
  • Automatic perspective adjustment fixes uneven angles for a polished look.
  • There are no limitations on shooting techniques. Improve JPG and RAW images to get the best results.

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Can I edit AI files online?

Utilizing the web, Adobe Illustrator editor is one of the sites to edit AI files online. The Illustrator file can be found on the Adobe site.

How can I edit AI for free?

You can edit for free on Hotpot Tools, Autoenhance.ai, Pixlr, LunaPic, Google Photos, Fotor, YouCam Enhance, and iPiccy.

Where can I edit AI files?

Adobe Illustrator’s default file type is called AI. It is a program that can modify AI files and save files in AI format the best. Adobe Illustrator supports every feature required to access and correctly edit AI files.

Can we use Illustrator online?

The ability to obtain appropriate tools for graphic designers not installing them on your computer has been made achievable by technological advancements. Illustrators can now work on their creations instantaneously with online illustrator software, saving time on downloading and installing new software.


Above, we have the best online AI editor websites. Also, other queries you might seek answers to have been answered in the blog post. Look through, read, and digest the features to pick the best one.

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