9 Best Free Slideshow Makers For Windows 11, 10 PC

Best Free Slideshow Makers

Making slideshows used to be a cumbersome task requiring a lot of design and programming expertise. But with the development of modern slideshow makers, anyone can create a professional slideshow in minutes without any prior experience or training.

In this article, we will be discussing the 9 best free slideshow makers for PC. But first, let’s look at what makes a good slideshow maker.

9 Best Slideshow Makers For Windows 11, 10 PC

1. Animoto


This slideshow maker allows you to create professional-looking videos using your own photos and videos and licensed music. It offers a variety of styles and templates to choose from and is easy to use.


  • Unlimited video length
  • HD quality
  • Music Library
  • Social media sharing

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2. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

This slideshow maker is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of tools and offers a range of features for creating beautiful slideshows. It has a variety of templates to choose from and allows you to add text, images, and video to your slides.


  • User-friendly Interface
  • Easily create beautiful slideshows with your photos, videos, and text
  • Choose from a variety of themes and layouts
  • Add photos and videos from your device or from Adobe Creative Cloud

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3. Canva


This design tool is not specifically a slideshow maker but offers a range of templates and features for creating slideshows. It’s easy to use and allows you to add text, images, and other design elements to your slides.


  • Create slideshows with photos, videos, and text
  • Add your logo
  • Export to PDF or JPEG
  • Share with others

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4. Animaker


This slideshow maker is focused on animated content and offers a range of templates and features for creating animated slideshows. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface and allows you to add text, images, and video to your slides.


  • User-friendly Interface
  • Create stunning slideshows in minutes
  • No design or coding skills required
  • Export to video or share online

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5. Icecream Slideshow Maker

Icecream Slideshow Maker

Icecream Slideshow Maker is a nifty little program that you can use to create amazing slideshows out of your favorite photos and videos. With Icecream Slideshow Maker, you can quickly and easily create both professional and stylish slideshows.

To get started, simply add your photos and videos to the program. You can then choose from various slideshow templates to create a look that’s perfect for your needs. Icecream Slideshow Maker also includes a range of powerful editing tools that you can use to customize your slideshow further.


  • Slideshow Maker with Music
  • Add Text, Photos, and Videos
  • Choose from a Variety of Themes
  • Share with Friends and Family

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6. Wondershare Filmora

Free Video Cutter

Wondershare Filmora is a video editing software that helps you edit your videos easily. It is simple and easy to use with a user-friendly interface. Wondershare Filmora is a program that helps you to make slide shows with your photos, videos, and music.

It provides an easy way to make your slide shows more interesting and professional. With Wondershare Filmora for slide show makers, you can add transitions, titles, effects, and music to your slide shows to make them more attractive and fun to watch.


  • It is a slide show software that helps users easily create, edit and share slideshows with music, text, and effects.
  • Users can easily add photos and videos to a project and then drag and drop the desired elements to create a slideshow.
  • It offers a wide variety of transition effects, royalty-free music, and text fonts to help users create a polished slideshow.
  • Users can share their slideshows with others by exporting them to various formats, including MP4, AVI, and MOV.

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7. Animotica


This slideshow maker offers a range of templates and features for creating professional-looking slideshows. It has a simple interface and allows you to add text, images, and video to your slides.


  • Create a slideshow presentation in minutes
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Create a stunning slideshow presentation
  • Easy-to-use slideshow maker tool

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8. FlexClip


FlexClip is a web-based video editing platform that allows users to create and share videos easily. The platform offers a variety of features, including drag-and-drop editing, the ability to add music, text, and images, and integration with social media platforms. FlexClip’s intuitive interface makes it easy for users of all levels of experience to create professional-quality videos.


  • Attractive user interface
  • Create professional-looking slideshows
  • It can be shared easily with friends and family

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9. Gilisoft Slideshow Maker

Gilisoft Slideshow Maker

This powerful slideshow maker software enables you to create a slideshow from your pictures and videos easily. It provides a simple and professional way to make your photo and video slideshow, with a wide range of transition effects and background music.

You can also add text and captions to your slides, making your slideshow more interesting and fun. With Gilisoft Slideshow Maker, you can easily create beautiful and professional-looking slideshows in no time!


  • Easily create slideshows with your photos and videos.
  • Add music, text, and transition effects to your slideshow
  • Customize your slideshow with a range of settings
  • Export your slideshow to video or share it online

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There are many excellent free slideshow makers available for PC users. These include Animoto, Adobe Spark, Canva, Animaker, Icecream Slideshow Maker, Wondershare Filmora, Animotica, Animoto, and Ect. Each of these slideshow makers offers a range of features and templates to help users create professional-looking slideshows with minimal effort.

Some, like Animoto and Adobe Spark, focus on creating beautiful videos. In contrast, others, like Canva, offer a range of design tools for creating slideshows with a more polished and polished look. Regardless of which slideshow maker you choose, you’ll be able to create stunning slideshows in no time.


What is the best free slideshow maker?

Several free slideshow makers are available, but the best one depends on your needs. Some are more user-friendly than others, some offer more features, and some are better for creating specific slideshows.

What is the best program to make a slideshow with music?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best program to make a slideshow with music depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some of the most popular slideshow software programs include Wondershare Filmora, Gilisoft slide show maker and etc.

What is the best free slideshow maker for Windows 10?

There are a number of slideshow makers available for Windows 10, but the best one for most people is probably Wondershare Filmore it’s easy to use, and it produces high-quality slideshows.

Does Google have a free slideshow maker?

Yes, Google has a free slideshow maker called Google Slides. Google Slides is a simple online slideshow maker that lets you create and share slideshows with your friends and colleagues. You can create slideshows with text, images, and videos and share them online or embed them on your website or blog. Google Slides is a great way to create online presentations and is free to use.

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