14 Best Free Sound Booster Software For Windows 10

Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on an immersive listening experience while you’re listening to a song, watching a movie, or playing video games? Windows 10’s audio mixer does not always provide the best sound which is awesome to listen. So here comes sound booster software, which is essentially a tool that allows you to tune, cut, or increase sound frequencies for the best audio experience. These best free sound boosters for windows PC using various tools to boost sound, such as Equalizers, Pre-Amplifiers, Volume Controllers, and so on.

However, you can use one of the volume boosters for Windows 10 from the list below to improve the overall sound of your Windows 10 while playing games or watching YouTube videos.

Best Free Sound Booster Software For Windows 10

Listed are the 14 best PC sound boosters for Windows 10,8 and 7 that will help you increase sound in your system.

1. Boom 3D 

It is one of the best PC sound boosters for Windows 10. Boom is an easy-to-use music player and equalizer improving the sound quality of your gadgets. It contains a modular graphic interface, a bass booster, and presets adjusted as needed. It is based on a proprietary technique called the 3D Surround Audio Engine Algorithm, which can calibrate acoustic sensations and allows you to watch or download music with all of the effects directly from Dropbox and Google Drive. Boom Android gives you access to more than 20,000 local and international radio stations, as well as 20,000+ podcast stations from 120 countries! Listen to your favorite radio station at your leisure.

Sound Booster Software


  • Compatible with earphones and headphones, as well as surround sound.
  • Bass Booster and Special Effects.
  • Powerful equalizer with presets you may use or make your own.
  • To improve the quality of sound, use various effects along with an equalizer.

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2. Equalizer APO 

Equalizer APO is another best free sound booster for Windows 10 PC. Multiple channels, minimal latency, a modular graphic user interface, VST plugin support, and interaction with Voicemeeter make Equalizer APO one of the greatest free sound boosters. It’s a free lightweight program that doesn’t eat up a lot of your CPU’s resources. The only disadvantage is the lack of a graphical user interface (GUI).

Equalizer APO 


  • Equalizer APO has an infinite number of filters for various applications.
  • It offers a modular graphical user interface and can work with various channels, including 5.1, 8.1, and more.
  • Plugins for VST are supported.
  • Voicemeeter and Peace Interface is compatible.

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3. DFX Audio Enhancer 

This software is also one of your best choices if you are looking for a free DFX Audio Enhancer. It makes it possible for you to listen to your favorite music at more than 100% volume. Moreover, it will enable you to stop the default player and gives a fantastic sound boost to the audio files. Also, it offers many features like an equalizer, volume/sound booster, and any music or audio file that can use the preset setting. To understand it more clearly, let us get into its features. 

DFX Audio Enhancer 


  • Through this software, you can access different music, videos, and view song lyrics. 
  • DFX Audio Enhancer improves the sound quality of your audio files to another level. 
  • This software is easy to use. Therefore, you can play any of your favorite music and games and watch them. 
  • Moreover, it can improve the sound quality of any music video. It can be from Netflix, YouTube or Facebook, and much more. 

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4. VLC Media Player 

 VLC Media Player is a feature-rich, free-to-use media player that can play a wide range of audio, picture, and video formats. It allows you to equalize music with a 10-band equalization according to your preferences, and the preset feature allows you to experience the parameters of many music genres. The main benefit of this media player is that it supports practically all audio formats, allowing you to listen and enhance audio from any format.

VLC Media PlayerFeatures:

  • It has a lot of customizing options.
  • There are no adverts, spyware, or user tracking in this free software.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of audio files.
  • Smart decoding, which runs videos quicker based on the intricacy of the animation or resolution.


  • Free

5. Viper4Windows 

This volume booster for Windows 10 can be downloaded and used for free. The program has audio post-processing algorithms and a number of features for making all forms of audio signals sound better, louder, and clearer, including music, movies, radio, video games, and internet voice chat.



  • Music Mode, Movie Mode, and Freestyle are the three modes available.
  • Clarity and purification of sound.
  • Equalizer.
  • Integration with Spotify and Sound cloud.


  • Free

6. Ear Trumpet

Ear Trumpet is another best sound booster for pc which is more of an extension to the basic Windows 10 Audio Mixer than a standalone program for boosting sound on Windows 10. These software’s main features include automatic updates, dark mode, multi-lingual support, and many other features. The setup is straightforward, and you may switch between playback devices with a single click.

best sound booster for pc


  • Controls the loudness of both old and new apps.
  • With two clicks, you may change the default audio device.
  • It has the same appearance and feels like Windows.
  • Apps can be moved between playback devices.


  • Free available in Microsoft store.

7. Letasoft

Letasoft is yet another fantastic Windows 10 sound booster. Web browsers, online chat software (Skype, MSN, Live), all types of media players, and games can all benefit from Letasoft Sound Booster. You don’t have to start Sound Booster manually because it may be activated when Windows starts up.

Windows 10 sound booster


  • Increase the volume beyond the maximum.
  • It employs two approaches to increase sound volume: code injection and APO effects.
  • There is no sound distortion.
  • It can increase the volume of your sound by up to 500%.


  • Basic ($19.95),
  • Standard ($34.95),
  • Professional ($49.95).

8. Bongiovi DPS

Bongiovi improves the sound of your music, games, apps, and movies using Digital Power Station (DPS) technology. It works in real-time to fix and optimize sound and is available for both Windows and Mac. You’ll get more depth, clarity, bass definition, presence, and increased stereo field imaging with Digital Power Station DPS technology on your laptop or desktop PC.

Bongiovi DPS


  • Bongiovi DPS scans audio signals in real-time using unique digital power station technology.
  • Because the audio signals for music and movies are so dissimilar, the DPS processor has two separate settings.
  • Easy-to-use bass and treble controls let you dial in the exact tone for you.
  • Bongiovi DPS also provides services to internet platforms, podcasts, and radio stations.


  • Subscription $4.99/mo.

9. VoiceMeeter

Voicemeeter is another free pc sound booster for windows 10. It’s an Audio Mixer Application with a Virtual Audio Device that may be used as a Virtual I/O to mix and manage audio sources from and to any audio devices or apps. It has an equalizer for every app.



  • VoiceMeeter is capable of combining audio sources from both audio devices and audio applications.
  • Microphone, music, film, Skype call, gaming sound, and internet radio can be blended and routed to several audio outputs.
  •  MME, Direct-X, KS, WaveRT, WASAPI, and ASIO are all supported audio interfaces.
  • Full Parametric Equalizers and an Integrated Recorder


  • Free

10. FX Sound 

If you don’t find the above software compatible with your PC, you can try this one of the best free sound boosters for Windows 10. It has a user-friendly interface to make your task super easy to handle. Moreover, it also comes with an outstanding sound equalizer to enhance the audio tracks’ sound quality. 

Sound Booster Software For Windows 10


  • This software comes with a user-friendly interface to make it super easy for you to handle. 
  • It provides you with a fantastic sound equalizer. 


  • It helps you enhance and improve the sound and audio quality as you want. 
  • This software works great for video games too.


  • It’s the only con is that it works only for Windows PC. 

11. Fidelizer Audio enhancer 

Fidelizer will increase the sound quality of audio apps by optimizing the Windows multimedia framework. It works with most software, including YouTube, VLC, Spotify, Qobuz, and Tidal streaming services. It improves audio performance by prioritizing audio tasks, improving low latency stability, and increasing clock resolution accuracy.

Sound Booster Software For Windows 10


  • It separates non-audio activities and lowers their priority, reserving all possible CPU resources for expanding volume windows.
  • The user can choose from seven audio profiles in the complete version.
  • Compatibility with Logitech Media Server software has been improved.
  • On greater user-level optimizations, system/audio stability has improved.


  • Free
  • Plus ($39.95),
  • Pro ($69.95).

12. Breakaway Audio Enhancer 

Breakaway Audio Enhancer: Breakaway Audio Enhancer lets you control and enhances your audio output by including sound effects compatible with Windows Media Player and other programs. Multi-band audio processing will bring out the punch and balance in all of your audio, while detailed and accurate metering will show you how it works.

Breakaway Audio Enhancer 


  • Compatible with Windows Media Player, among other things
  • Sound effects are provided to help you regulate and enhance your audio output.
  • There are a variety of manual and preset tools available.
  • Enhances the listening experience by digitally remastering audio in real-time with the same technology used by experts in the music and television industries.


  • $29.95

13. AudioRetoucher

With AudioRetoucher, you can fulfill the required settings for your audio file. This software is easy to use, and you can make the changes to the audio file and save it. No doubt, this software is considered a fantastic sound booster for Windows that lets you amplify and improve the quality of the sound. 



  • This software does not take much of your time in managing the setting of the audio file. 
  • It allows you to change the minute details of the audio. 
  • It gives you an option to change the pitch and tempo of the music in no time. 


  • You can manipulate the audio file format with this software. 
  • It provides you with a user-friendly interface. 
  • It lets you smoothly synchronize karaoke and lyrics. 


  • AudioRetoucher cannot optimize video files, game videos, and media files. 

14. DeskFX Audio Enhancer 

This media player software is the best and most used software in the list of free sound booster applications. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac. Adding effects in real-time is the unique feature it offers. Now let’s know about its details in the list below. 

DeskFX Audio Enhancer 


  • It gives you an option to use filters to prevent the noise at few portions of the audio. 
  • You can choose as many effects as you want in your song track. 
  • If you want your music to sound like a professional track, then this software is for you. 


  • It allows you to change the audio on the speakers in no time. 
  • It works both for Windows and Mac users.


  • If you are a fresher, then this program might be confusing for you. 
  • This software takes up a lot of memory space.

FAQs On Sound Boosters For Windows PC

Q: Do sound boosters work?

ANS: Yes, sound boosters are software that assists a system in reaching its full capacity. To put it another way, your speakers are set to a lesser volume than they are capable of.

Q: How can I boost the sound on my computer?

ANS: Choose one of the sound boosters listed below to improve the sound on your PC. These apps are specifically intended to magnify and enhance existing sound.

Q: Which is the best sound booster for PC?

ANS: Boom 3D is one of the best applications since it works with all other apps on your system as well as online browsers. This software may enhance the sound of any media you play on your computer. Earphones/Headphones are given special consideration.

Q: Is there a sound booster for windows 10?

ANS: All of the sound boosters in this list are compatible with Windows 10. The following is a list of some of the greatest applications for improving the sound quality of any media you play.

Q: Are sound boosters safe?

ANS: Sound Booster Applications are safe to use since they are lightweight applications that do not demand a lot of resources and can enhance the sound to the extent that your hardware allows. 

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