10 Best Gacha Games You Must Know

If you are looking for some best gacha games to install, then you are at the correct place. We have brought the top 10 best gacha games for the year 2020 for you all. With the developing popularity of android phones, there is a boom in the field of mobile gaming from recent years. Many players are losing themselves in the virtual world of mobiles which are inside these android devices. 

‘Gacha Games’ is a Japanese term which is known as mobile games. The name came from a random toy vending machine because of its random nature of earning extra characters, cards, and items. Some of the Japanese games are known as internationally with overseas fans who have treated the gacha games as the trove of Japanese mobile gaming. 

Here you will find some best gacha games that are played internationally with a nice experience and made it to the top.

Many best mobile gacha games are best without any list of orders. Some of the top gacha games of 2020 are discussed below: 

List of Best Gacha games To Play

1. Arknights

Arknights - Best gacha games

In this game, at the time of defending the enemies the operators are controlled as the gamer is in charge of all the activities of the organization which is called as Rhode Islands. There is a huge range of operators that have related to the special talents and skills which generally helps to defend and the gamer an also strategize some good strategies to come up with an excellent team that will make this possible. The battles in the gacha games are very exciting and full of fun. The artwork of the game is based on the Anime style of styling. 

The global version of the gacha game is under several testing processes and will be released soon on a global platform which is awaited eagerly by the gamers.

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2. Warhammer Odyssey

Warhammer Odyssey - Best gacha games

In each game, the developers mainly look for the feature of no auto-combat and no auto questing that increases the performance of the game through the interface. Gamers can enjoy the game without any disturbance and play the game. 

The most challenging content of each game Warhammer Odyssey is the PvE content which helps the game to take place at the fantasy of Warhammer and also allows us to explore the adventurous locations that provide a powerful experience in the dark fantasy. It is very exciting to wait for the further details of the gacha game that is yet to be launched by the gameplay trailer. 

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3. Rise of Awakened Project E

Rise of Awakened Project E

It is one of the best gacha games from the list as it supports the great graphics that deal with the action style of 3D RPG. The overview of the gameplay looks cool that is enjoyed by the gamers. The setting of the game is related to the 1970s city setting that is set in a parallel world. The ongoing battles of the gacha game are well equipped and well-designed with the stages that deal with the real-time PvP with the feature of classic side-scrolling. 

Very unfortunately, the beta was closed in the year 2019 and it is yet to announce globally, for which everyone has to wait with patience. 

4. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

This game is popularly added into the list of best gacha games that provides several unique features into the game and makes it special for the gamers. The game has a powerful striking anime aesthetic that majorly influences several popular games like Breath of Wild, Zelda, etc. The game is excellent in its features and the company is also working on it to bring out the knowledge of action which is embedded in the game by combining the massive world and action combat with it. 

The release is expected in the mid of 2020! 

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5. Marvel Super War

Marvel Super War

The gameplay of MOBA is generally compared with the Marvel Comics universe as they similarly perform on the iOS interface, etc. At the edges, the game seems to be rough which must be polished well to use it as a mobile game that would be beneficial for the gamers and would enhance the potential of the game. 

The only drawback of the game is the least interesting new mobile MOBAs which degrades the interest of the game. There are several gacha game tough competitors in the market like Wild Rift, AoV, Legends, etc. The features of the game should be upgraded with the period to decrease the competition around them. 

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6. Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross:

top gacha games for android

This is one of the best 10 gacha games that captures the anime style and has an interactive interface to draw the attention of the massive gamers of the mobile game towards it. There are many anime hero collectors of the mobile game that enhances the excitement of the game. The actors increase the internal 2D chibi models of the software of the gacha game. The game includes 3D character models in the game with excellent animation and wonderful skill design. 

The game has a huge variety of cosmetics options into it which should be used for the characters to play the game uniquely in a different manner. There is no realize date declared for the game yet, so everyone must cross their fingers. 

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7. FFBE: War of the Visions

FFBE- War of the Visions

The game is developed by Square Enix and Gumi. The game was supposed to be realized in the late 2019s but it is yet to be realized. The game has the advantage of live PvP which would increase the excitement of gamers towards the game and it will be a competitive game among gamers. 

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8. Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal

The game indeed hurt the market due to its lack of development and other features that spread the negativity about the game in the gaming world. 

This game is on the list because it has developed itself to various versions and now working with mobile games genre for their clients to shine in the field of mobiles. The developed interface of the gameplay is excellent including all the developed features. It has become one of the games that should be tried at least once. 

9. Shining Beyond

Shining Beyond

The gameplay of the game is very unique and different. It is not alike the other 2D games that are available with auto and turn base, it has a strong action RPG that controls all the party and the directions related to it. The artwork of the game is excellent with wonderful scenes of battle that are fun for gamers. 

10. League: Wild Rift

League- Wild Rift

This game is one of the most popular games in the world that provides the experience of the eSports category on the mobile phone. It is stepping forward to realize the platform in the mid of 2020s. It has an interactive interface that allows to have fun with the game and provides unique gameplay for the gamers t experience through the interface. 

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