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5 Best Game Booster for Windows PC in 2020

There are several best free game booster for windows pc available online that are used to play high-quality games online on the Windows platform. The application act as a booster for the gaming applications in android phones and Windows PC. To optimize the Windows PC one should select some best game boosters for Windows PC in 2020 that will help to boost the speed of the PC and would also handle unnecessary operations by customizing the whole boosting process. The game booster apps will help to optimize the overclocking of software and will enhance the performance of the system hardware in the PC. 

By playing most of the games, the computer system’s or android phone’s resources gets used up entirely which results in slowing down the hard drive of the system. To stop such kind of technical issue or interruption, you must install some best game boosters that will enhance and stop the technical issues in the system successfully. Following are few Game boosters softwares that must be installed in the system for effective results: 

Best Game Boosters for Windows 10, 8, 7 PC in 2020

1. Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster is an effective option for gamers in the world of games to have a smooth experience with the system used for gaming purposes. It is advanced game boosters for Windows PC in 2020 which has several Optimizing icons that help to optimize several gaming apps on the system. The application will automatically optimize the system and will open the computer system directly. This tool is effective and helpful, especially for gamers. The feature of dynamic System Optimiser can be used to enhance the performance of optimizing the system without any fail or difficulty.  

2. Game Fire

Best Game Optimizer

The common trouble of slow lag can be solved with this booster application that will help to increase the speed of the system on a remarkable note. Everyone should try for Game Fire at least once. This best free game booster for windows helps to optimizes the resources of the system which removes all the issues of lag time in the system. It has several features that are user-friendly and can be easily used by gamers. It has a feature named ‘Turn Game Mode On’ that helps by blocking the background features that are playing on the system. It is similar to other booster apps with some special features added to it. The application will work effectively and optimize the system without any hitch in the PC. 

3. WTFast

Best game optimizer for windows pc

To rescue the problem of slow lags in the system, you should go for WTFast that will help to boost the system without disturbing any of the configurations of the system. The application automatically boosts the Frames per second that are related to the gaming mode that should not be get disturbed. As the application ensures authenticity, one must have an ID and password that should be created at the time of the website serving. The reviews of the website will help to identify and judge the services that are provided by the application. This is because it is amazing game booster for windows PC

4. Speedltup Free 

Speedltup Free 

Speedltup Free is one of the best free game booster for windows that should be used at least once by everyone to understand the effectiveness of the tool. The tool does not take much space in RAM as it is lightweight as compared to other applications. The application can be used free of cost where one can experience an excellent service of the performance of the system and CPU with the memory of the system. 

5. Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex - windows 10 game optimizers

Razer Cortex is one of the famous game boosters for windows that helps to boost up the software of the system or android on which the application is used. It enhances the performance of the system on an overall basis which specifically focuses the RAM, CPU and other resources of the game or related to that. The application will also allow performing customization with the system as per the preference of the user. Except for boosting features, there are several other pre-programmed features on the application like FPS monitor graph and lucrative rewards, etc. 


These 5 best free game booster for Windows PC has been discussed with its advantages and quality of the service the applications provide. As many of the games are bulky and space-consuming which can result in slowing down the performance of the system that can make the working of the system slow with other applications. So if anyone tired of the slow speed and poor performance of the system can take support from the listed list of 5 applications that will help to enhance the performance and speed of the system. The games can be played faster with the booster applications on the system that will optimize the unwanted files on the system and enhances the overall performance of the application on the system. The game booster for windows pc in 2020 should be used to balance the speed of the game and the other operations on the system.

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