9 Best Google Chrome Games To Kill Boredom

When we have the Google Chrome browser on our device then it is possible to play games. In this article, we are going to list the best Google Chrome Games that you can easily install on the Chrome browser.

Google Chrome is a widely used and popular web browser that people are using. It provides support for various extensions and also has a Chrome web store. It consists of games of different genres in both single and multiplayer games so that you can enjoy playing with your friends.

The best thing is that various games are available for free so you can play them without paying a single penny. You can add the game to the Chrome browser and start playing it. 

9 Best Google Chrome Games You Must Play

In this article, we will list the top-most free Google chrome games both offline and online. The list contains some of the amazing games which you can enjoy whenever you wish to play games.

1. Cut the Ropes 

Cut the Ropes 

The first name in the list of best Google Chrome games is Cut the Ropes. The game has a simpler and more attractive interface. Initially, the game can only be played on Android devices but later on due to its immense popularity, the developers decided to release it on other popular devices.

The game is quite popular among users and become one of their all-time favorite games. The game revolves around a cute monster that you have to feed. You need to cut a rope and make the candy accessible to the monster. As you complete the levels the game becomes harder. 

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2. Treasure Arena

Treasure Arena 

Treasure Arena is another free Google Chrome game that you can play with your friends. It is a 2D interactive game based on amazing gameplay. You can play with up to four players and kill the enemies. You can get the treasure and collect different types of weapons like swords, rockets, and many others.

It is a multiplayer game that is based on the storyline of the old-school arcade game of yesteryear. Defeat your enemies with your smart strategies and reach a higher level. 

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3. Solitaire 


If you are a card game lover then Solitaire is not an unknown name for you. It is the widely and most popular game which has a huge fan base of approximately 700k users. It is a free Google Chrome game that doesn’t require any downloading or registration to play the game. 

The game has a beautiful interface and allows you to even change the background by offering various themes. It has various beautiful card sets, card backs, and soft animations. You will get nine different challenging Solitaire games. The game is very simple to play and if you require any suggestions for moving it has a hint function. 

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4. Entanglement


Entanglement is a perfect Google Chrome game for you if you like challenging games. The game has a beautiful interface. It offers various hexagonal tiles which you need to rotate and adjust to create a long path. While creating the path you need to be aware and not hit the wall. To play this game all you need to use is a mouse pointer. 

It is considered to be one of the best Google Chrome games which you can play with your friends. Yes, it is a multiplayer game that you can play online. You can challenge your friend to beat you.

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5. Basket & Ball

Basket & Ball

Next, we have Basket & Ball game which you can play on the Google Chrome browser. All you need to do is make a correct aim and reach your ball to the basket. You can use arrows to provide the direction to the ball and press enter key to bounce the ball. For accomplishing the game you need to pass all the obstacles like avoiding fire and spikes. 

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6. Pacman 


Pacman is another free Google Chrome game that you can even play when offline. It has great gameplay where you are playing as a character of Pacman and you need to eat all the dots inside the maze. You can move around the maze to eat all the items but be attentive as the monsters are all over the maze and want to grab you. Once the monster gets you the game will be over.

The game is challenging and a lot of fun in playing. You can spend hours playing to create high scores or beat your high scores. 

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7. Tank Riders 

Tank Riders 

If you are in love with action games then Tank Riders would be the best game for you. It is the most popular 3D action game which you can play on Chrome browser. In this battle game, you have to defeat the incoming enemies before they attack you. The game offers three different modes; Campaign, Multiplayer, and Invasion. 

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8. Fruit Slasher 

Fruit Slasher 

If you like challenging games then Fruit Slasher is one of the best games you can play on Google Chrome. To accomplish the levels you need to slash all the fruits which are splashing on the screen. It is easy to play and a fun game where you need to cut down all the fruits in the air before the drop. 

You should avoid the bombs and try not to skip too many fruits from cutting otherwise the game will be over.

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9. Little Alchemy 

Little Alchemy 

The last game we have listed is Little Alchemy. It is a game in which you can spend a lot of hours. The game starts with the four basic elements which are fire, water, air, and earth, and concocts an assortment of more complex elements as the game moves further. Try to unlock all the combos and have fun playing. 

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What games can you play on Google Chrome?

Google Chrome Web Store offers a wide range of games based on different genres. It offers both offline and online games. In the above article, we have listed the topmost games which you can play on the Google Chrome browser. 

What is the best Chrome Web Store game?

Chrome Web Store has many online and offline games which it allows users to play without downloading. In the above article, we have listed the most popular and highly loved single and multiplayer games available in Chrome. Some of the best games are: 

  • Cut the rope
  • Treasure Arena 
  • Guess Number 
  • Pacman 
  • Fruit Splasher 

Is Google Chrome good for gaming?

Yes, Google Chrome is good for gaming as it offers thousands of games based on different genres. The game is available offline and online mode. Some of them are single players and some of them are multiplayer which you can play with your friends. 

What is the best free Google game?

Some of the best inbuilt Google games are Snake, PacMan, Cricket and Minesweeper. For more games, you can take reference the above article. 

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