7 Best GPS Speedometer Apps for Android & iPhone

Best GPS Speedometer Apps

A device mounted on the dashboard called a speedometer displays the car’s current speed. Never take a speedometer for granted because it eliminates many potential threats. Today’s drivers may be certain that their smartphones will make their commutes safer and more convenient.

That’s the finest speedometer app, and you can get it right now. To determine how fast a car is going, you may use a speedometer app that utilizes the GPS on your mobile device.

Top 7 GPS Speedometer Apps for Android & iPhone

1. DigiHUD Speedometer

A digital HUD software called DigiHUD is highly regarded as one of the finest best free speedometer apps. Your travel time and mileage are shown. This is the way to go if your car’s speedometer has died. Whether you’re sailing, flying, jogging, or cycling, you may use it to confirm the pace at which you’re moving.

The display on the DigiHUD Speedometer may be flipped between HUD and standard modes. While in HUD mode, the windshield of the automobile will serve as a reflection of the viewing display. The app supports external GPS receivers. 

DigiHUD Speedometer


  • Sets maximum speeds that you shouldn’t go over
  • The choice between HUD mode and regular viewing
  • Shows the battery level 10 colors you can choose for the display
  • Even though it’s free, there are no ads.

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2. SpeedView

SpeedView is yet another fantastic GPS-enabled speedometer. The app will alert users when a user’s speed is too high. The program also lets you restrict your maximum speed. This app’s backdrop mode displays a digital compass.

It also tracks the distance you’ve traveled and the average speed you reached over time. This is the best app for speedometers out there, and it works well for all kinds of outdoor activities as well as driving. Multiple measurement systems are supported, including statute miles, kilometers, and miles. There’s also a speedometer showing your average speed over the last few minutes that you can check out in the app.



  • The choice to set a speed limit that fits your needs
  • In the background, SpeedView works.
  • Displays information about the direction you’re headed.
  • There is a speed graph to make it easier to see and keep track of the speed.

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3. Ulysse Speedometer

Ulysse Speedometer is the next app in our list of the top best free speedometer app. The app does more than show your current speed; it has plenty of cool extras.

A music player, a navigation map, and audible alerts for exceeding speed limits are just some impressive features. In addition, the following is what else you may anticipate from the Ulysse Speedometer, i.e., one of the top digital speedometer applications.

Ulysse Speedometer


  • Speed history is available
  • Full records of the current and past journeys (from yesterday and last month)
  • More than one profile for different trips on different phones
  • You get a head-up display and a GPS altimeter

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4. Speedometer Speed Box

If you own an Apple Watch or a smartphone, Speedometer Speed Box is one of the best apps for speedometers you can download. It is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. This app has both features if you want to keep track of your speed and distance covered. Aside from miles per hour and kilometers per hour, this app also displays your speed in knots.

The Speed Box clock features a built-in compass and three stylish skins. Because it can be used in either landscape or portrait orientation, you can set it up on your dashboard in the orientation that best suits the information you want to see. If you enter your final destination on a trip, it will calculate how far you have traveled.

Speedometer Speed Box


  • Top-speed monitor with speed alerts
  • View of a compass and a map
  • Both portrait and landscape modes are available.

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5. GPS Speedometer and Odometer

Another excellent Speedometer App for Android and iPhone for tracking your phone’s speed using GPS is GPS Speedometer and Odometer. It has been determined that this application is accurate to within 2%. The app’s greatest feature is that it works without an internet connection. The Speedometer is easily connected to the GPS and displays data like speed, distance traveled, trip duration, and more.

Depending on your needs, the GPS speedometer and odometer on your car’s windshield may be used in one of two heads-up display (HUD) modes. Two HUDs are shown; the first is a portrait, while the second is a landscape. In addition to a loud alarm, a long vibration or a flashing red light will activate if your speed exceeds the limit you set.

GPS Speedometer and Odometer


  • Time and distance covered during a journey are provided.
  • A speedometer that works even when the car isn’t
  • A GPS linkup in a flash
  • Speed-related data, including cumulative, current, and average rates
  • Various Heads-Up Display orientations
  • Reduced battery drain

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6. Drag Racer Car Performance

For drag racers, this Speedometer Apps for Android and iPhone. An app that measures both speed and distance for drag race cars. The program provides a graphical representation of your acceleration profile. Distances to all gas stations and convenience stores are also shown.

Swapping between kilometers and miles on this drag racer speedometer app is possible. This app needs to be connected to and permitted to use GPS for optimal functionality. Use of purposes is restricted to closed roads and racing circuits for obvious safety reasons. The app’s file size changes depending on the platform.

Drag Racer Car Performance


  • It shows the distance to each speed market
  • Ability to switch between miles and kilometers
  • You get a graph that shows how fast you are going.

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7. Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD

Continuing with our list of the top free speedometer apps for iPhone is Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD. The app’s warning system of changing the color of the digits and sounding an alert when the user’s speed exceeds the limit was a big plus.

In addition, it has an altimeter so you can find out your phone’s top speed at different elevations. Furthermore, a speed recorder alerts you if you exceed the predetermined speed limit. The following characteristics of this program are also noteworthy.

Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD


  • The speed limits can be changed.
  • The measurements of speed are very accurate.
  • There are 4 settings you can change.
  • It helps you figure out exactly where you are at the moment.

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Which speedometer app is most accurate?

When it comes to speedometer applications, Speedview is among the most advanced. Included are fundamentals like a heads-up display (HUD) and a speedometer, as well as more advanced metrics like average and maximum.

Can I use my phone as a speedometer?

You can use your smartphone for everything, even measuring your speed. With your device’s in-built GPS technology, you may use it in place of a standard speedometer.

How accurate are phone speedometers?

They give you remarkably precise average speeds. The delay they introduce makes the instantaneous service they provide merely adequate.

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