9 Best Hard Drive Cloning Software For Mac In 2022

Most people are aware of the requirement of data backups and the necessity of a good hard drive cloning tool for Mac. With the best hard drive cloning for Mac tool, you can easily copy all the data from your hard drive. So, you have the backup of the data even though it gets corrupted accidentally.

Even though Apple provides an in-built mechanism, Time Machine, for making copies of the system present in the hard drive; still having a free and best disk cloning software for Mac would help you to store the data in another location without the requirement of the external drive.

How To Choose A Good Cloning Software For Mac

All you need to do is check out for attributes that are mentioned below –

► Advanced features like the extraction of data whenever needed, and getting volume video files, etc.

► Easy to understand and use for beginners. This must be great for people that are new to the technology and are in a hurry to get data copied.

► The software should be compatible with the latest versions of the macOS like Catalina.

► The tool should be compatible with the latest versions of the macOS like Catalina.

Best Hard Drive Cloning Software For Mac

1. EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup is one of the best and free disk cleaning tools. This allows one to take back up of all the data in a single click. Also, it supports incremental, full, and differential backups for Windows devices.

Here the backups could be scheduled and suppose in the event of any disaster, you can easily recover your data. Also, suppose your system goes down, you can restore it and that too without reinstalling. The tool is ideal for users that want a free tool for backing up the hard drive.


  • The tool is one of the best disk cloning systems to use.
  • The tool would allow you to take the image backups easily.
  • The disk cloning software provides incremental and differential backup.
  • The cloning tool provides the best cloud backup.

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2. Acronis True Image 2022

Think of Acronis True Image as an easy-to-use disk cloning tool that would allow you to copy the Mac and Windows system without having the need to reboot it. You can run the backup in the background while working on necessary tasks during the cloning procedure.

Sometimes, you won’t want to copy the whole files, in that case just choose the individual folders and files that you need. The biggest feature would be the dual protection that can create a localized backup and even replicate it automatically on the cloud.


  • The tool is the best disk cloning and mirror imaging software.
  • Also, the cloning tool has the best cloud backup management feature.
  • The major feature that would really impress you would be the incremental backups.
  • The blockchain verification would help at the easiest means of cloning necessary files.

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3. Stellar Drive Clone

This tool enables you to create the best replica of the Mac partitions and even the hard drive. Furthermore, it would support FAT-to-FAT, NTFS-to-EXFAT, and HFS-to-HFS cloning.

Additionally, the program would create and store the disk mages of the hard drive. Here the tool would develop identical and ready to use copies of the hard drive and even make the partitions in the same way as they were in the actual location.


  • The clone software can easily clone Recovery HD, Macintosh HD, and Local Volumes to another destination like the network drive, hard drive, and folder. Now the clone would develop a replica of the hard drive.
  • The tool would help in taking the back up of your Mac hard drive smoothly and efficiently. Here all you would have to do is just choose the folder or files from any of the partition.
  • The Restore feature of the tool helps in cloning the application and even restores the Mac hard drive or HFS volume to their original state.
  • The tool would store and copy the data faster compared to manual copying and storage.

4. Macrium Reflect Workstation

Now the Macrium Relfect Workstation is the best disk backup platform. This is created for Windows and supports enterprise users.

This Hard Drive Cloning for Mac tool helps you to take back up of the files present in laptops and computers and even the compressed image file. When it is related to restoring your system, the Rapid Delta Restore feature would help in recovering the disk image and that too in a matter of minutes.


  • The tool creates backup images of the folders and files.
  • The MBR and GPT support helps in creating bootable drives.
  • The tool helps in creating the pre-defined backup template.
  • The cloning tool provides support for the SSD trim.

5. Clonezilla

Clonezilla is the best and the most free disk Cloning Software For Mac. This helps the system in various aspects like metal backup, system deployment, and recovery. Here each of the file systems that would be supported is HFS+, ext, VMFS3, ext, and more. Well, the good thing about Clonezilla is that it has AES-256 encryption that helps at securing data and its storage.


  • The tool is the best multicast cloning software.
  • It even supports BitTorrent.
  • Another best feature is the AES 256 encryption
  • GPT and MBR partition is supported by this tool.

6. MiniTool Partition Wizard

The MiniTool Partition Wizard is one of the best and free partition tools for Windows and MAC. Here the tool supports various devices like SSD, HDD, USB flash drive, SSHD, SD card, external hard drive, hardware RAID, etc. Not only that, users could create, delete, move, and even realize the partitions.

Frankly, the disk space analyzer is greatly useful for managing disk space as it can help you to view what types of files are filling up space right on your hard disk.


  • The tool helps in the recovery of the lost partitions and files.
  • It supports the GPT and MBR formats.
  • The tool helps to assess the disk performance and even fixes the system errors.
  • The tool provides a less cluttered user interface.

7. Iperius Backup

The Iperius Backup tool is the best backup tool for Mac and Windows 10. This allows one to create the disk images and can easily clone drive images and even be able to send them to the cloud automatically.

This Hard Drive Cloning for Mac software supports various cloud services like OneDrive, Google Drive, Azure Storage, Amazon S3, etc. Also, the Cloud backups would be securely using the AES 256-bit encryption for making sure that the data are kept safe.


  • Automatic backup and email notification
  • Incremental backup to the disk, NAS, RDX, USB, etc.
  • Compatible with server 2012, server 2016, etc.
  • Compression, advanced filters, etc.

8. Paragon Drive Copy Professional

This is a professional disk Cloning Software For Mac that would easily create backups and best partitions. Here you have the option to decide between copying the whole hard drive or the partition files.


  • Full range of cop operation for the whole hard disk.
  • Restore or copy the content present on the 512-byte hard disk.
  • Migrate any Windows OS from Windows 7 onwards.
  • Avoid data that you don’t want to copy.

9. O&O Disk Image

Commercial and personal disk management consists of imaging, disk cloning, and remote scripting for MAC OS. Here the application would take the backup of the whole system while the system is getting used.


  • Best MAC and window boosting system
  • Develop virtual hard drives.
  • Dynamic and GPT volumes.
  • Differential and incremental backups.

Conclusion – Best Disk Cloning Software for Mac

As now you are aware of the best cloning tools for your MAC, go ahead and try the ones present in this list.

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