10 Best iOS Emulators For Windows 10 PC In 2022

Looking for the best iOS Emulators for Windows PC? Then you are at the right place, in this article you will get to know about some of the topmost iOS emulators available in the market. But before going further let’s first discuss what are emulators? And what are iOS emulators??

An emulator is a software or hardware that allows one Operating system to run like another device. Basically, these emulators are specially created for Android or iPhone users who want to run their phone apps and games on Windows PC. 

What is an iOS Emulator?

You must have known about some of the Android emulators but here we will discuss the iOS emulators. iOS emulators are those programs that allow the users to run the iPhone apps and games on their Windows PC. With the iOS emulators, you can run the games and apps of the iPhone without having an apple device.

Apart from playing games or using apps of iPhone, the iOS emulators can also be used by the app developers to create an app and run on the Windows PC to know about the behavior of the app and before releasing the app to the app store you can learn about your developed app that how it looks and runs. Basically, the iOS emulators are the best applications for app developers to test their apps. 

You just need to install the iOS emulator and now you are ready to use your favorite iOS applications and games on the Windows PC. When you install the iOS emulator on your Windows 10 it will create an iOS environment on your PC that makes your Windows PC behave like an Apple device. 

9 Best iOS Emulators for Windows 10 in 2022

There are several iOS emulators available in the market but it is quite difficult to choose the best one among them. Although the iOS emulators are very easy to use. So you need not waste your energy in searching for such emulators as you landed in the right place. This article is all about the best iOS emulators for Windows 10 along with the list of emulators we have also mentioned their features so that you can make a comparison among them and choose the best one for you according to your preference. Let’s get started!

1. Smartface 

Looking for the best iOS emulator for Windows 10 then the first name that comes on the list is Smartface. The application is primarily created to develop apps but it has proved itself as a great iOS emulator. It is one of the easiest tools to use and most probably the tool is used by users to test run their iOS apps. Smartface is the best iOS emulator for those who want to develop and test their own app. Apart from testing apps, the application also enables you to run Apple applications and games on your PC with a unique experience. Smartface is a must-have application for app developers.

Smartface supports several frameworks like Kotlin, React, Native, Ionic, Swift and many others. 



  • It is best for testing cross-platform iOS apps 
  • This software consists of several best features of the iPhone emulator 
  • It works as an Android and iOS debugger
  • Code injection feature during run time 
  • Drag and drop tool 

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2. Air iPhone

Air iPhone, one of the famous iOS emulators for Windows PC is an Adobe AIR application that regenerates the iPhone’s GUI. The application requires to have an AIR framework to work. It offers the same graphical user interface as Apple devices on Windows. The application works best for the app developers as they can examine the app they created or test it before its final release.

AIR iPhone allows you to play games and run applications of Apple phones. The drawback of the AIR iPhone is that it doesn’t run some applications like the App Store and Safari.  

Air iPhone


  • Easy to use 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • It reproduces the iPhone’s GUI
  • No trouble in installation 
  • It offers similar features to mobile phone 

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3. iPhone Simulator 

iPhone Simulator another iOS emulator for Windows PC is the best emulator for those who want to experience the exact environment of iPhone on Windows PC. It offers the real-time experience of running Apple applications on Windows PC similar to iPhone. The only drawback of the iPhone simulator is that it doesn’t allow you to access the App Store.

Probably, it is not a suitable application for those who are looking for an iOS emulator to test apps. Apart from that, it enables you to use the apps like calculator, clock, notepad, etc. 

iPhone Simulator 


  • The UI is similar to iOS
  • It provides a realistic simulation 
  • You can use a clock, calculator and notepad
  • It uses Safari to test Web apps 
  • Rotate iOS devices 

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4. Electric Mobile Studio 

Talking about Electric Mobile Studio, it is the most expensive iOS emulator for Windows PC. Although it offers 7 days free trial its premium packages are quite expensive. Its pricing plan starts at $39.99. The application is completely dedicated to developing and testing iOS apps and games. It supports several platforms like Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

The application supports both iPhone and iPad and lets you evaluate the performance and assess the reliability of your mobile apps. 

iPhone Simulator 


  • It provides HTML5 Feature control 
  • Microsoft visual studio 2012, 2013 and 2015 integration 
  • Responsive design tools for hyper-productive design, prototyping and testing 
  • A robust command palette 
  • Step into the code with an Integrated web inspector and debugger 

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5. Remoted iOS Simulated for Windows 

Remoted iOS simulated for Windows, another effective iOS emulator for Windows PC designed for the users to test iOS apps on their Windows PC. The application is specially created for the app developer that comes pre-loaded as a part of Xamarin in Visual Studio. Microsoft has offered detailed documentation on its site that users can follow to test their apps with the iOS simulator.

Its toolbar has some basic tools options like settings, screenshots, lock, and home. In its setting tool, you can turn on Touch ID like shake gesture, simulate static, rotation, etc. It also offers iPhone-like touch gestures and stylus input.   

Remoted iOS Simulated for Windows 


  • Free version available 
  • Touchscreen support 
  • Allows rotation, shake gestures and rebooting 
  • It enables touch ID 
  • It supports Windows 7, 8 and 10

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6. iPadian 

iPadian is the most popular iOS emulator for Windows PC that offers the exact experience of using an iPhone on your Windows PC. It is not an iOS emulator but a simulator that lets you access thousands of apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, and many more. It enables you to run iOS apps and you can play your favorite iOS games on the larger screen of Windows PC. The application supports both Windows as well as Mac platforms. iPadian offers the same screen on your PC desktop as an iPhone to give a real-time experience.

The drawback of iPadian is that it doesn’t offer the same app store as the Apple device instead of that it provides an app store that has only those apps that are compatible with the Windows environment. Also, it doesn’t offer any free trial and it is a fully paid iOS simulator. 



  • It consumes fewer resources 
  • It allows you to play many iOS games and apps 
  • Simple user-interface 
  • Good for testing 
  • It supports Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10

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7. TestFlight

One of the most recommended free iOS emulators for Windows Pc is TestFlight. It is now owned by Apple and mostly used by the developers to beta test their iOS apps coded using Xamarin. The application supports apps for tvOS, iMessage, watchOS, and iOS. It has a feature of external beta testing of the apps before making the final review.

The best feature of TestFlight is that it allows other users to test your apps and you can receive their feedback before releasing your app on the App store.  



  • It uses email to invite testers 
  • It supports iOS, tvOS and iPadOS 
  • Freeware 
  • iTunes connect to invite testers 
  • Enable the users to send feedback 

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8. Corellium 

Corellium is another popular iOS emulator for Windows PC that was initially used by enterprises. But with the increment in time, it is also available for the individuals. The application is most often used by security researchers to operate a simulated iOS device within the browser. The pricing plans start at 0.25/hour per active CPU core, $99/mo for 2-core CPU plan, and $295/mo for a 6-core CPU plan.

The application is easy to set up and offers quick access to the devices you want. It has powerful APIs to automate your workflows. 



  • Easy and fast setup 
  • Enable kalloc and kfree trace access via GDB
  • Browse the device filesystem from UI 
  • It manages and installs apps from UI, IDE or ADB
  • Save, restore or clone your device with Device snapshots

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9. Appetize.io 

Next on the list comes is Appetize.io which is a great iOS emulator for Windows PC. It offers the best experience of using iPhone applications on the browser. With Appetize.io you are free to use it for 100 minutes but after that, it costs you $0.005 per minute. With its freemium version, you can use several amazing features and test the applications. It requires no downloads, plugins, extra permissions nothing. Appetize.io is the iOS emulator you can surely use if you want to use an iOS emulator for app demos, testing, automation, customer support, pieces of training, and other things. 

Appetize.io is a cloud-hosted application that is why you don’t require to install any app on your PC.  



  • It offers a playback option 
  • Embed your app 
  • Cross document messages 
  • Uploading apps 
  • Custom launch pages 

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10. MobiOne Studio 

Last in the list of best iOS emulators for Windows PC comes is MobiOne Studio. It is another amazing iOS emulator that enables to use of iPhone apps and games on Windows PC with ease. The program supports Windows XP, 7, and 8 versions. It offers the great experience of using iOS apps and games on Windows PC like you are running on an Apple device. Although MobiOne Studio is now closed, you can still download it to use as an iOS emulator.

 MobiOneStudio is quite an impressive iOS emulator in order to develop cross-platform apps that can work on Android as well as iOS. It has the same notification panel as iOS 7. 

MobiOne Studio 


  • It consumes very few resources 
  • It is best for testing cross-platform apps and games
  • Capable for iPad app design and testing 
  • No coding skills required
  • iPad user interface templates 

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FAQs – iOS emulator for Windows PC

Is there an iOS emulator for Windows?

There are many iOS emulators available that enable you to run iOS apps and games on your Windows PC. Some of the iOS emulators are:

  • Corellium
  • iPadian 
  • TestFlight 
  • Electric Mobile Studio 
  • Mobione studio 

Is there any iOS emulator for Windows 10?

Yes, there are several iOS emulators for Windows 10. In the above article, we have listed the best iOS emulators with their features. Read the above article you will surely know about the best iOS emulator for Windows 10.  

How do I emulate iOS on Windows 10?

You can emulate iOS on Windows 10 when you install the iOS emulators on your Windows 10 PC. Firstly, choose the best iOS emulator and then install it properly on your PC. You will be happy that you need not pay anything to install the iOS emulators on your Windows PC as they are free to install and use. 

Can I run iOS apps on Windows 10?

Yes, you can run iOS apps on Windows 10 with the help of an iOS emulator. You need to install an iOS emulator in your Windows system and this will let you use the iOS apps on your Windows 10 PC. 

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