7 Best iPhone Speaker Cleaner Apps to Clean Speakers in iPhone

Best iPhone Speaker Cleaner Apps

If you are searching for an iPhone Speaker Cleaner application then you have landed on the right page. The speakers of Apple phones are undoubtedly the best speakers. It offers great sound quality and a smooth audio experience. But with time dirt and dust accumulated in these speakers and may ruin the listening experience.

To regain its quality one is not advised to clean the dust manually with sharp objects as it may destroy your device. For this iPhone speaker, cleaner apps are developed which can clean your iPhone’s speakers easily. 

Various iPhone speaker cleaner apps are available and that is why it is quite difficult to choose the best one. 

7 Best iPhone Speaker Cleaner Apps

In this article, we have gathered the 7 best iPhone speaker cleaner apps that offer great features and help you to wipe out all the dirt from your iPhone’s speaker to get flawless and smooth audio quality.

1. Clean Tune

Clean Tune

The list of best iPhone speaker cleaners starts with the naming Clean Tune. It is a great application that can easily clean your iPhone’s speaker and provides you with a smooth sound from them. It plays multiple tones at a higher frequency which shoots out all the dirt quickly.

The tool is helpful even if your speaker got moisture or water. It offers various types of subscription plans based on time duration.


  • It offers a 7-day free trial
  • This app automatically cleans the water from the phone’s speaker
  • It requires just pressing a button to clean your speakers

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2. Fix My Speakers 🔊

Fix My Speaker

Next, we have Fix my speakers 🔊from Joseph Maxim. You need not download this app from the Apple App Store instead you can go to its official website to clean your phone’s speaker. You should use this website if you have dropped your phone into a water area like a sink or pool.

Due to the water in your phone, the sound becomes muffled. The app plays a tone that generates sound waves and ejects water from your phone’s speaker.


  • Needs only a single click or tap to activate Blower
  • It works exactly like Apple Watch’s built-in water ejection feature
  • You need not download any third-party app to use this tool

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3. Water eject

best iPhone Speaker Cleaner Apps

Water Reject is another helpful iPhone speaker cleaner from Aliaksei Tsiulin. It offers fun and interactive interfaces. You can use this application to clean water and dust from your iPhone speaker.

It plays the combinations of sounds and haptics patterns to remove the water and dust from your speaker. It offers an automatic wizard or you can also try manual mode with some adjustments.


  • It is an effective way to clean speaker
  • It uses a unique method with haptics and sound ejection
  • Consists of different sounds and vibrations to eject water and dust easily 

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4. Sonic

iPhone Speaker Cleaner apps

Sonic is another powerful iPhone speaker cleaners at every level on App Store. It is highly trusted by millions of users. It offers a smart yet simple interface that is liked by the users.

The best thing about this application is that it is free to download. You can set the audio frequency to as high as 25,000Hz to clean your iPhone’s speaker.


  • You can control this application from your Apple Watch
  • It lets you use other applications in the background
  • You can choose among five different classic waveforms

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5. Clear Sound

iPhone Speaker Cleaner Apps

Clear Sound is another free iPhone speaker cleaner app that you can download from App Store. The app offers a minimalistic interface and is suitable for both beginners as well as professional users.

The tool allows you to play low or high-frequency audio and clean the speakers of your iPhones. It helps to play different frequencies like 160HZ, 300HZ, 900Hz, and up to 20,000 Hz.


  • It can remove water and boost the sound
  • You can manually type the frequency on the sound generator tab
  • It offers ranges from 0 to 20,000 Hz

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6. Speaker Cleaner

best iPhone Speaker Cleaner

Another popular name in the list of best iPhone speaker cleaners is the Speaker Cleaner – water removes from Frantisek Krejci. It is one of the simplest applications which helps you to clean your phone speaker by following three steps.

Firstly you need to hold your iPhones in a position so your speaker faces the floor. Next disconnect the earphones or headphones, if connected, and set the volume to maximum. After that speaker cleaner will perform the rest process.


  • The app can remove the water from your speaker
  • It helps in boosting sound
  • It is easy to use and completely free 

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7. Fix My Speaker (Minicreo)

Fix My Speaker

We are ending the list of free iPhone speaker cleaner apps with Fix my speaker from Minicreo. It is somehow similar to fixing my speaker from Joseph Maxim. To use this you need not install it from App Store but visit its website.

When you landed on the website then tap on the button present on the home page to clean the iPhone’s speaker.


  • It plays ultra-low 165HZ high-frequency water removal sound
  • Apart from my phone it also is that water and dust out from your Android speakers
  • It supports more than seven phone speaker cleaning and water removal sound

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