10 Best IPTV Players for Mac To Use In 2022

Today, IPTV is considered to be the greatest Internet Streaming Sources, packed with a huge collection of TV shows, Live TV, films, on-demand videos and other stuff. But now the question arises, how does streaming happen? Well, it is possible via IPTV Player! It’s a dedicated application or service that allows users to play Internet Protocol Television content after you subscribe to your preferred IPTV Channels. 

These IPTV Players are available for different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and more. Means, you can effortlessly watch your favorite content probably on every device as per your convenience. In this blog post, we’ll discuss top recommendations for IPTV Players for Mac. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started! 

10 Best IPTV Players For Mac

When it comes to Apple devices, there are numerous paid and free IPTV Player services that you can choose to install this year. After reviewing, testing and comparing numerous IPTV Players for Mac, we’ve sorted out the following options for every kind of user. 

1. VLC Media Player 

Probably you didn’t see this coming in the list of Best IPTV Players for Mac. But not many people know that VLC Media Player works beyond just being a great media player for different Operating Systems. It comes equipped with a wide range of features, including the ability of the app working as an IPTV Player. Take a look at what all this IPTV Player App for Mac has to offer: 

VLC Media Player 

Highlights of VLC Media Player: 

  • Holds the ability to stream videos from both URL & loading channels from m3u playlists. 
  • Open-source and free IPTV Player that you should consider installing in 2022. 
  • Enjoy watching content both locally and online as well. 

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Highly compatible with all popular Operating Systems, including Mac, Android, iOS and Apple TV, GSE Smart TV is one of the widely used IPTV Players that you should consider installing in 2022. It supports live streaming and allows you to switch between 31 languages as per your preference. Using GSE SMART IPTV, you can stream videos in HTTP, HSL, M3U8, MMS, RTSP format. 


Highlights of GSE SMART IPTV: 

  • Compatible with XTREAM-Codes API. 
  • Supports playing content on Chromecast as well. 
  • Allows you to set up parental controls too. 

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3. Kodi 

If you are looking for a user-friendly IPTV app for Mac, choose none other than Kodi. The application supports installing hundreds and thousands of add-ons to stream and watch your favorite content with utmost ease. Using it, you can easily watch Live TV Channels and movies on your Windows, Mac, Android, iOS etc. 

Kodi - Best iptv player

Highlights of Kodi: 

  • Open-source and free IPTV Player to use in 2022. 
  • Allows you to manage both local and online videos. 
  • Variety of IPTV Kodi Addons are available. 

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4. IPTV Smarters 

Several users are trying IPTV Smarters these days to stream and watch their favorite IPTV channels. The application offers an intuitive and modern dashboard that makes it easy for users to watch Live TV, shows, video-on-demand and catch ups easily. You can add your favorite channel list in different formats, including M3U. 

IPTV Smarters 

Highlights of IPTV Smarters: 

  • Provides support for adding subtitles. 
  • Parental controls are added in this best free IPTV service. 
  • Allows you to integrate an external IPTV player within the app. 

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5. IPTV World: Watch TV Online 

IPTV World is a pretty convenient choice when it comes to choosing the best IPTV Players for Mac. It provides a hassle-free way to watch live streaming TV and VOD across the globe. It provides M3U and XSPF playlists support as well. You will find an integrated player where you can do language switching or find embedded subtitles. 

IPTV World

Highlights of IPTV World: Watch TV Online: 

  • Comes with support for different streams, including HLS, UDP, RTMP and others
  • Save your favorite channels and get reminders for interesting programmes. 
  • This IPTV app for Mac supports Dark Themes as well. 

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6. Flex IPTV 

Next on our list of Best IPTV Players for Mac is Flex IPTV. The application allows you to add an M3U playlist and watch your favorite content as per your convenience. It hosts a wide range of perks that allows you to record live streams, support for popular streaming formats, subtitle/audio track switch and a video equalizer. 

Flex IPTV 

Highlights of Flex IPTV: 

  • Allows you to add, manage and watch your favorite channels. 
  • Provides support for XMLTV EPG.
  • Auto-update playlists from external sources. 

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7. IPTV Player: play m3u playlist 

Listing out the best IPTV players for Mac and not finding an IPTV Player: play m3u playlist is strictly not possible. The program easily loads local and remote M3U, XSPF, JSPF playlists from the Internet and allows you to cast any video content to the TV screen. It comes with a built-In high quality video engine. Hence, you don’t need an external player to get started with streaming & watching. 

IPTV Apps for mac

Highlights of IPTV Player: play m3u playlist: 

  • Get your playlists and favorite channels synchronized according to your account on multiple devices. 
  • Has a built-in DVR as well, which is lacking by several IPTV apps for Mac. 
  • Supports hassle-free WI-FI transfer to sync your videos with your Mac via web browser. 

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8. IPgroove pro 

One of the most advanced IPTV Players for Mac is IPgroove Pro. The program is packed with a wide array of functionalities, which includes the ability to maintain a Favorite List, sync your playlists, customize the UI with different colour schemes & themes for best experience. You can install the IPTV app for Mac on your macOS running 10.12 and later versions. 

IPTV Apps for mac

Highlights of IPgroove pro: 

  • Slick, intuitive and modern dashboard. 
  • Browse through your channels within the IPTV player. 
  • Maintain a list of your favorite IPTV Channels at one place. 

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9. Mega IPTV – m3u Player 

While we are listing the Best IPTV Players for Mac, Mega IPTV had to be a part of the same. The application supports high resolutions both HD and FULL HD, so that you can enjoy your favorite content in the best way possible. Besides Mac, Mega IPTV supports Chromecast, Android TV, Google TV, Firestick TV etc. 

IPTV Players for Mac

Highlights of Mega IPTV – m3u Player: 

  • EPG support. 
  • Easily play video content in file format like M3U and M3U PLUS (HLS, MPEGTS, TS).
  • Holds the ability to download video on-demand content to watch offline. 

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10. IPTV Player by Xia Lina 

Before we wrap up today’s list of Best Paid & Free IPTV services, we would like to mention IPTV Player by Xia Lina. The best part about this IPTV service is its ability to drag your favorite TV & Radio Playlist to the window for an instant watching experience. It supports popular media formats like m3u8, mp4, mp3 etc. 

IPTV Players for Mac

Highlights of IPTV Player by Xia Lina: 

  • Allows you to make your own playlist. 
  • Ability to convert a playlist from TXT to M3U or vice versa. 
  • Resize the window from 480×320 to Fullscreen for the best video watching experience. 

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Wrap For Our List Of Paid & Free IPTV Players For Mac! 

All the aforementioned IPTV Players for Mac listed above work exceptionally well and all are equipped with user-friendly and intuitive dashboards. But if you ask for our personal recommendation, we would suggest you to rely on VLC Media Player or GSE SMART IPTV. Both of them feature their own set of advantages, including the support for live streaming, ability to switch between different languages, support for subtitles and more. 

Did we miss any important entry in the list of Top IPTV Players for Mac to use in 2022? If yes, then feel free to mention them in the comments section below! If we find it useful, we will definitely include it in our list! 

Till then happy streaming & watching your favorite content!

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