10 BEST Music Visualizer Software for Windows PC

Are you looking for best Music Visualizer program? There is no need to look any further. We’ve examined some of the best music visualizer software in this article, which will make you fall in love with them once you start using them. 

When you listen to music while watching something enticing and colorful on the screen, it feels great. Let’s get started.

What is Music Visualizer software?

Music Visualizer Software generates graphics or patterns dependent on the beat of the music you listen to. The primary distinction that will bring more feel to the music is the intelligence in the coding of various musical visualizers.

Some music visualizers additionally include a screensaver on the screen that uses the same effect libraries as themes.

What to look for in music visualizer software

A decent music visualizer software should provide you with easy options for visual themes. They must be different and visually appealing. The procedure for selecting and implementing these themes in your music should be as easy as possible.

It must be compatible with the most recent operating system and function seamlessly across different PCs and other devices.

Here are my top picks to try this year.

  1. BOOM 3D
  2. Magic Music Visualizer
  3. Renderforest Music Visualizer
  4. Motionbox.io
  5. Morphyre
  6. VSXu
  7. Adobe After Effects
  8. SongRender
  9. Plane9
  10. Sonic Visualizer

BEST Music Visualizer Software For Windows 10, 8 and 7 PC

1. Boom 3D

Boom 3D

BOOM 3D is an award-winning professional music visualizer software intended to display your media materials with amazing 3D effects on any speakers from any device, medium, or streaming platform. To experience your music, you wouldn’t need an expensive headset or pricey audio system boosters. The finest audio enhancement software with amazing 3D sound systems that makes any other kind of earphones sound fantastic!


  • Its surround sound transforms your computer into a music amplifier.
  • It includes a powerful 31-band equalizer for fine-tuning sounds.
  • This tool is accessible for both Windows and Mac computers.
  • It can play your locally saved music with unrivaled boom effects.

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2. Magic Music Visualizer

Magic Music Visualizer

Magic Music Visualizer is another best music visualizer that is perfect for musical performances, clubs, education, theatres, advertising, and a range of other uses. Its user-friendly and modular design simplifies the creation of audio effects and animated graphics.

You may use the tool to create stunning images from scratch by combining various bright and distinctive effects. You may draw different geometrical patterns to move in response to your commands, make 3d models that move or spin in rhythm with the beats, and alter media in real-time utilizing visual content and live performances.


  • It can generate geometric designs that move and pulse on demand.
  • It enables real-time video alteration with video recordings and live performances.
  • This tool can generate GLSL shaders.
  • It has GPU-accelerated visuals that blend in with the sound.

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3. Renderforest Music Visualizer

Renderforest Music Visualizer

Renderforest is a free music visualizer that allows you to easily make visual content. This little software will enable you to operate across several browsers. It is an excellent tool for producing visual content on the web. The software allows you to select from a variety of visualization templates, especially designs with text and templates with image holders.

Its design process is incredibly easy. You have to provide your name, the song’s title, a backdrop photo (if applicable), and then choose a design that best matches your music.


  • It provides a diverse set of visualization templates.
  • It sends your completed video to you via email.
  • This tool can create excellent intros and outros for your YouTube channel.
  • There are explainer animations and presentations.
  • It provides time-saving video editing options for your business.

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4. Motionbox Music Visualizer

Motionbox Music Visualizer

Motionbox.io is the best music visualizer. Its quite easy to navigate. However, if you’re experiencing difficulties, they provide a wonderful get started tutorial and a support crew to assist you.

Because it is online, you can access it from everywhere as long as you have a connection to the internet. Because they are Freemium, you may produce videos by just creating an account. Paid users have the option to make more videos without a watermark. Fortunately, they are also among the most affordable in the marketplace.


  • It can directly import videos and pictures from Pexels and Unsplash.
  • It has the features of text animations, audio spectrums, and motion graphics.
  • This tool is one of the most affordable providers.
  • It contains many templates that will suit 99 percent of users.

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5. Morphyre


Morphyre is a fantastic 3D music visualizer with hundreds of unique 3d models that will take your breath away with the graphical quality and music synchronization. You have flexibility about which scenes are presented as well as the various effects.

To use this software, you’ll need a processor that runs at least 1GHz and a graphics card that supports OpenGL 2. Although the tool has been thoroughly tested, it cannot be assured that Morphyre will operate on every machine. If this utility creates problems on your pc after installation, simply remove it and try other software from our list.


  • It features a simple user interface.
  • It supports video streaming and real-time input from several sources at the same time.
  • This tool allows you to create custom settings by changing their source code.
  • Use sliders to change the saturation, direction, zoom, hue, and brightness.

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6. VSXu


VSXu is a strong and very user-friendly tool. It is basically a device modular programming system that exists solely to visualize music and generate graphical effects in real-time.

The software is designed on a customizable plug-in-inspired structure, allowing users to create their own presets. As such, it is used to produce real-time graphics, visual effects, and various other related things. Because the software is open-source, it is free to download and use.


  • It is open source and completely free to use.
  • It has a powerful visualizer of music.
  • This tool can generate images in real-time.
  • It is completely configurable.

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7. Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects

There’s no better alternative than Adobe After Effects if you’re seeking a music spectrum visualizer tool with simple features. Adobe After Effects is a well-known digital visual effects tool, so be sure it’s sufficient for the job. To add the music spectrum effect you want, start by making a new composition, then importing the music file into your project window and search for the Music Spectrum effect.

Bars, analog lines, analog dots – whatever the effect, they’re all ready to give viewers a feeling of changing the sound, resulting in a stronger overall impression.


  • It features a large number of unique effects from which to choose.
  • It has VR Technology titling and graphics.
  • This tool has a VR Converter and VR Comp Editor.
  • It integrates seamlessly with any other Adobe apps you have installed.

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8. SongRender


This web-based software lets users make videos using their own audio and visuals. From within the software, the waves can be simply altered and exported to social media platforms. Users can submit their own backgrounds and the final output, which is produced in 1080p HD.


  • It has a User-Friendly interface.
  • It has the feature of Live Preview.
  • Waveform types and forms are supported.
  • It may generate stunning video segments for each episode of your podcast.

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 9. Plane9


Plane9 is a scene-based best 3D music visualizer that works well on Oculus Rift, VR, or as a screensaver. With over 250 configurable effect settings, you’ll never have to settle for a single perspective for a whole music track. Plane9 helps you mix scenes with smooth transitions, providing you with a continuous experience of a music’s flow.

Aside from responding to sounds captured from a mic, it effortlessly moves to any music you are playing, be it iTunes, Spotify, or whatever. Music visualizer may also be added to OBS.


  • It can analyze music from approximately 18 speakers and supports real-time audio streaming.
  • This tool can display several monitors.
  • It functions as a standalone window, Oculus Rift, screensaver.
  • It may even respond to anything you capture from a mic or other source.

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 10. Sonic Visualizer

Sonic Visualizer

Sonic Visualizer is the best free, open-source tool for Windows, Linux, and Mac that is intended to be the first software you use when you want to attentively examine an audio recording. It’s intended for archivists, musicologists, signal-processing specialists, and anybody else seeking a user-friendly approach to examine what’s within an audio file.

This software is best suited for professional use. In particular, it may be utilized for high-quality audio transfer during single vocal recordings and rendering of comparable recordings.


  • It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • It is fully customizable.
  • This tool gives precise visualizations.
  • It offers the ability to quickly visualize numerous audio files.

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FAQs – Music Visualizer Software

Q: How do I make a free audio visualizer?

ANS: Follow the given steps below to make a free audio visualizer:

1: Use any of the music visualizer software listed above.

2: Upload an MP3 or WAV file in good quality.

3: Personalize the visualizer.

4: Upload any of your logo and any other photos you have.

5: export your video.

 Q: How do you Visualize music?

ANS: You can use any of the music visualizers listed above to visualize music.

Q: How do I add a visualizer to audio?

ANS: follow the steps below-

  1. Download and install any music visualizer.
  2. Import your audio file to installed software.
  3. Add visualizer to audio

Q: Does VLC Visualizer?

ANS: Yes, VLC is a music Visualizer. By default, in Windows, it has six visualization effects.

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