10 PDF Search Engine Sites to Get Free PDF eBooks

Best PDF Search Engine

We use search engines every day whenever we want to search for anything on any topic. It is a part of our life as we get everything on these search engine sites for our searches. But when it comes to searching for a certain type of document like PDFs we recommend you use PDF search engine sites.

PDF search engines are specially designed for searching PDFs and eBooks. Though you can search for these documents using Google or other regular search engines, the search results get mixed up in that and you don’t get exactly what you want. PDF search engines provide actual search results for the searched topic that is why it is recommended to use PDF search engines despite other regular search engines. 

A PDF search engines work as an online archive of PDF documents like journals, scientific research papers, tutorials, manual guide and eBooks. These are free and you can easily search for them no matter where you are and at what time. It offers you the relevant results for your searched words. These PDF search engines help in boosting your knowledge by allowing you to access information on different topics. It will help you while you are preparing for any exam or test, do assignments, execute any research, etc. 

If you don’t know anything about PDF search engines and looking for such sites then you have landed on the right path. In this article, we are going to discuss the best PDF search engine sites that will offer you great results for your searches and let you find PDFs and eBooks. 

Best PDF Search Engine Sites to Get Free PDF eBooks

1. Free Full PDF

Free Full PDF

Free Full PDF is the best PDF search engine site that involves all the information in PDF format. Here you will get free scientific papers, journals, posters, etc. You can search for different topics including health science, life science, physics science, mathematics, social science and humanities. It offers fast and accurate results for your search. It uses the Google custom search engine tool to discover precise results from distinct websites. You can filter results into different categories such as a clinical trial, thesis, patent, review, etc.


  • It uses Google custom search engine tool
  • Contain information in PDF format
  • Sort results in different criteria including thesis, copyright and clinical
  • Best for finding free scientific papers

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2. Find pdf Doc

Find pdf Doc

Find Pdf doc is another best PDF search engine site where you can access various PDF eBooks, novels, papers, contracts and spreadsheets. You can search keywords for different subjects like banking, school, commerce and software guide. The search engine allows you to select options that include PDF, docs, software, videos and games. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use for the users. The site quickly find links on the search results. It lets you choose the file types such as PS, RTF, PPT, XLS, DWF, etc.


  • DEF search
  • DOC search
  • PPT search
  • Software search 

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3. PDF Downloads 

PDF Downloads 

PDF Downloads is one of the fastest PDF search engine sites among all. You can download and search for thousands of PDFs on your PC and even on mobile. This is the best site where you will discover all those eBooks, PDFs, user manuals and tutorials that are not handily accessible on other search engines. This site mainly focuses on helping users to browse suitable PDF documents for their research works. It has a beautiful interface and easy to is use. 


  • Convert multiple file formats to PDF
  • The free version comes with many conversion features 
  • Scan documents to pdf
  • Create editable files 

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4. Free eBooks 

Free eBooks 

Free eBooks are another best PDF search engine site for those who are fond of reading. You can search eBooks for different groups like classic, fiction, non-fiction, academic, textbook and many others. You can also search for audiobooks belonging to different categories including fairy tales, religion, humor, mystery, adventure, crime and others. 

It is very convenient to use this PDF search engine site. You can either search eBook by search box or choose from the categories. You can create free account on this website to download eBooks. But there is restriction with the free site you can only download five books every month and for more you need to purchase its subscription. 


  • HTTP interface 
  • OAI interface 
  • Download five books with free version
  • You can also search for audiobooks 
  • Supports different file formats like TXT, PDF, etc. 

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5. eBook Lobby

PDF Search Engine sites

eBook Lobby is a decent place where you can download free eBooks on different categories including business, entertainment, biographies, cooking, art and photography, etc. Many users find the eBook Lobby’s interface outdated but there is no problem in using it. In fact you can easily navigate to every feature. It displays all the categories on the home page of the search  engine. Here you can also see the number of books available on the searched category. It uses a Google custom search engine feature that helps in finding PDFs easily. 


  • Browse under different categories 
  • Simple UI
  • Uses Google custom search engine 
  • Download eBooks for free

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6. Science.Gov


Science.gov is another PDF search engine site where you can find database of 60, 2200 websites, 200 million pages of authoritative federal science information. These information are available in different formats including citations, full-text documents, multimedia and scientific data supporting federally funded research. Using this site you can access research and development results and scientific and technical information from scientific organizations across 13  federal agencies. The site provides information on different fields like technology, education and training opportunities in science, engineering and mathematics fields. 


  • You can access over 38 databases and 200 million pages of science information via one query
  • Alerts service 
  • Mark and send option for emailing results to friends 
  • Expanded data related to the user’ real-time search

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7. Base 


The base is a robust PDF search engine site that helps you in finding academic records. It includes a database of above 240 million documents provided by over 8000 writers. It indexes data on different categories like journals, digital collection, institutional repositories and other academic sites But the drawback is that you can access only 60% of the indexed data for free and for rest you need to join the membership. 


  • Find academic documents 
  • Consists different categories
  • Join membership for full access
  • It has database of above 240 million documents 

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8. Google Scholars

PDF Search Engine sites

If you are one among them who always seek for the academic or research papers then the Google Scholars is the perfect PDF search engine site for you. The site lets you search across different disciplines and a sources from a single place. It quickly presents relevant content on your research topic. You can search for thesis, online achieves, professional societies and on many other topics. It not only lets you search for the academic papers for free but also offers a link to download them into the PDF format.

Apart from downloading the PDF it also shows the information of the PDF file like its publication date, authors name and many others. 


  • You can explore authors, publications and citations
  • It lets you create public author profile
  • Search for all scholarly literature 
  • You can search who is citing your publications

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9. Printfu

PDF Search Engine websites

Printfu is a Free PDF search engine site that enables you to download free eBooks, instruction guides, handbooks and PDF documents. It uses a robust algorithm to quickly searches the relevant information for the searched keywords. It previews the searched result in Google Docs. To get more precise results you can add words like eBook, manual, instruction, etc. It is easy to search PDF in Printfu you just need to enter the keyword you want to search and then click on PDF search. 


  • Easy to use 
  • It previews search results in Google docs format
  • Download free eBooks, handbooks, etc. 
  • Quickly searches for the keyword 

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10. Research Gate

best PDF Search Engine

Last on the list comes is Research Gate. It is one of a PDF search engine site where you can join a community and share your discoveries, get support and collaborate with your companions. The site has about 20 million individuals who have shared their research findings. In this search engine site, you can uncover topics like computer programming, health, physics, sociology, climate change, astrophysics, etc. It is one of the favourite sites for academics and researchers. It includes 135 million publication pages related to the given fields. 


  • Individual researcher profile
  • You can get advice from researchers
  • Allows you to create contacts 
  • Find jobs 

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What is the best PDF search engine?

There are several best PDF search engine that allows you to access millions of eBooks and PDFs on different topics for free. One of the best PDF search engine sites is free full pdf. It uses Google custom search engine for offering more precise results. 

How do I search in a PDF?

The PDF document cannot be indexed by Windows search and should be open in a PDF reader. Now, search for the topic you want. 

What is a PDF search engine?

PDF search engine site is like an online library of PDF documents like journals, eBooks, manual guides, tutorials and scientific research papers. These PDF search engines are free to use. 

How can I search PDF files for free?

You can use any of the PDF search engine sites to locate PDF documents, eBooks, novels, etc. in different categories. In this article, we have listed some of the best PDF search engine sites that allows you to access PDF files for free. 

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