9 Best PPSSPP Games for Android

Android devices have come a long way since they were first released. In addition to being powerful and versatile, they are also incredibly capable gaming platforms. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to bring the classic PlayStation Portable (PSP) experience to your Android device, look no further than PPSSPP Emulator.

This open-source PSP emulator can run almost any PSP game on your device, giving you access to all of the beloved classics from Sony’s original handheld console. Here are 9 of the best PPSSPP games that you can play on your Android device today.

9 Best PPSSPP Games for Android device

1. God of War: Chains of Olympus

God of War

This action-adventure game is a prequel to God of War and follows Kratos as he battles his way through hordes of enemies in order to save the world from destruction. A gripping storyline makes this one of the best PPSSPP games available for Android devices.

Incredible Features:

  • It has intense action sequences and beautiful graphics.
  • It brings alive characters from Greek mythology, Olympian Gods, and Titans.
  • This is a single-player, fixed-camera perspective combat game.

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2. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Metal Gear Solid

Developed by Kojima Productions and published by Konami, Peace Walker is one of the most popular entries in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Set in Costa Rica in 1974, peace Walkers try to defend the country.  With its unique stealth gameplay and immersive story, this is one PSP game that no fan should miss out on.

Incredible Features:

  • Peace Walker offers an exciting single-player campaign.
  • It also facilitates online cooperative play for up to four players at once. 
  • It has a “Teen” rating from ESRB.

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3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto

This open-world action-adventure game puts you in control of Victor Vance as he navigates his way through an expansive cityscape filled with dangerous criminals and corrupt officials alike. With plenty of side missions and activities to keep you busy, Vice City Stories will provide hours upon hours of entertainment and is indeed an enjoyable PPSSPP game for Android.

Incredible Features:

  • This game is decked with commendable graphics and an amazing storyline.
  • Supports a multiplayer mode.
  • This action-packed adventure game is designed from a third-person perspective.

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4. Final Fantasy Tactics: War Of The Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics

This tactical role-playing game puts you in command of a powerful army as you battle your way across Ivalice in pursuit of victory over your foes. With its deep strategic combat system and compelling storyline, Final Fantasy Tactics will keep any strategy gamer engrossed for hours on end.

Incredible Features:

  • This is an RPG-genre game.
  • It’s a turn-based tactical role-playing game.
  • The game assigns zodiac signs to the characters too.

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5. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 

Set before the events of Kingdom Hearts I & II, Birth by Sleep follows three protagonists—Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. They battle their way across multiple Disney worlds in pursuit of their own goals while trying to protect their beloved home from destruction at the hands of an evil force known only as “The Darkness.” 

Incredible Features:

  • Features multiple endings based on how players progress through each character’s story arc.
  • Supports single-player mode and multiplayer mode.
  • Also features multi-cartridge and offline co-op gaming.

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6. Patapon 3

Patapon 3 

A unique rhythm-based real-time strategy game, Patapon 3 allows players to command their own army against other opposing forces using a variety of rhythmic commands such as tap-tap tapping or drumming beats. Patapon 3 is another best PPSSPP game hit among gamers looking for something new.  

Incredible Features:

  • Offers colorful visuals, intuitive controls, and fun gameplay.
  • Supports multi-player gaming.
  • Classic skills and Set skills offer new powers to gamers.

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7. Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core - best PPSSPP Games for Android

Get ready for an epic adventure set within the world’s most popular RPG series, Final Fantasy VII! Players will take control of Zack Fair, a member soldier 1st class tasked with uncovering secrets left behind by Sephiroth while fighting off various enemies along the way. Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII is sure to keep fans entertained for hours!

Incredible Features:

  • Designed with intense action sequences, fascinating characters, deep storyline.
  • Has beautifully rendered graphics. 
  • This is a role-play single-system game.

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8. Lumines

Lumines - PPSSPP Games for Android

An addictive puzzle game featuring bright visuals and catchy tunes, Lumines challenges players with creating combos by matching colored blocks together before they reach the bottom screen. And with its simple yet challenging gameplay mechanics, it’s easy to see why this PPSSPP game for Android remains one of the most popular PSP games ever released!   

Incredible Features:

  • Single-player game.
  • Offers over 40 skins with an electronic atmosphere for magnificent sound effects.
  • Gamers can even enjoy the vibrations in their body with the trance vibration feature.

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9. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

PPSSPP Games for Android

Get ready for some intense monster-hunting action! Players will take control of their own hunter character tasked with tracking down various monsters throughout numerous environments while collecting items necessary for crafting better gear used during fights against tougher opponents. 

Incredible Features:

  • Comes with robust character customization options.
  • Facilitates content download option.
  • Supports both online co-op multiplayer and offline co-op multiplayer gaming.

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These are just some examples of some great PSP games that are now available for Android devices, thanks to the PPSPP emulator technology. Whether you’re looking for some nostalgia or just want to experience some classic titles there’s something here for everyone to enjoy! So fire up your phone or tablet, load up one of these amazing PPSSPP games for Android, and embark upon some incredible adventures today.

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