18 Best Safe ROM Sites To Download ROMs

Are you a game lover and want to play your old day’s classic games whose consoles are not available on the market still want to play? If yes, then here is good news for you. With the help of ROM sites, you can easily play classic games on your pc by downloading the ROM.

You will find several rom downloading sites but it is quite difficult to choose the genuine one as the market is full of fake and misleading rom websites which can harm your PC.

Now, you must be thinking about where to download ROMs so this article is specially created for classic game lovers who are looking for such sites which could help them to play those games without any problem. Now, you need not worry and search for the best website to download ROMs as we have listed the best ROM sites here in this article.

18 Best Safe ROM Sites to Download ROMs

So, without wasting any time let’s know the best sites for ROMs.

1. Rom Hustler 

Rom Hustler 

Rom Hustler is one of the best ROM sites which offers you a vast range of popular games. You can easily find the desired game using the search bar. It has a simple user interface and also provides a mobile friendly interface for smartphone users. 

The best thing about this ROM site is that it keeps you away from malware and other infections which can harm your PC. It has a huge collection of ROMs and emulators. 


  • You can sort ROM files in alphabetical order for your ease 
  • It offers a mobile friendly version
  • It features customers ratings and Votes 

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2. Gamulator


Next, on the list comes Gamulator which is also the best place to download ROMs. It consists of a huge library of gaming ROMs and all of them are free to download. This website includes various gaming titles, emulators and ROMs. 

You can filter your searches by genres, categories, consoles and keywords. Its games library is updated regularly. It is a completely safe website which minimizes pop-up ads and notifications. 


  • Easy to navigate the tools
  • You can download numerous emulators to play ROMs games
  • It includes popular consoles like PSP, Dreamcast, etc. 

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3. Retrostic


Retrostic is another best ROM site which allows users to play their favourite retro games easily. It has a clean user interface and everything is neatly categorized so that you don’t have any trouble using it. 

This website also consists of several emulators so you can use them accordingly to run ISO and ROM files. It has a huge database which contains about 70,000 titles and 40 consoles. If you are looking for reading websites like Wattpad then you must read the blog.


  • Here you can find game ROMs for all the consoles
  • Lets you easily download classic games 
  • You will not get disturbed by the annoying ads 

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4. DopeROMs


DopeROMs is one of the most popular sites where you can find the best ROMs. It has a huge library of ROMs which are available for different devices. You can easily search for the desired games using the search box. Also for your ease, you can filter your searches. 

This is one of the best rom websites as it lets you play games in multiple languages. It supports multiple languages so you will not find any difficulty using this website.


  • It has a huge library of games
  • It covers almost all classic games
  • Straightforward interface
  • Doesn’t contains any malware 

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5. Romspedia 


Next, in the list, we will discuss Romspedia which is completely safe and free to use and free from viruses. You can download ROM files from this site safely. Here you will get ROM files for both Android and iOS devices. 

On this website, you will also get information related to the specific game like releasing date, genre and region of the ROM file used. 


  • You will find different blog posts and articles 
  • It has a well-organized interface
  • All the popular ROMs are found here 
  • Provides a neat user interface 

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6. RomsMode


RomsMode is another Rom website which is quite easy to use among all the other websites and also easy to navigate to its tools. It contains lots of game ROMs. This website has an interface like Romsmaniac and Roms download. You can search for the console’s links to download ROMs. 


  • It has a straightforward User Interface
  • Easy to navigate 
  • You will find the most popular game ROMs here

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7. NICOBlog 


NICOBlog is one of the safest sites which helps you to download the most popular game ROMs. It offers various download links from trusted sites for better security. This website has a clean User Interface which is good for the users. It doesn’t host its own content but provides links from other websites to download ROMs. 


  • It offers a clean interface 
  • Completely safe to use 
  • Doesn’t contain any malware and virus 

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8. ROMNation


ROMNation is another reliable name in the list of best ROM sites which is safe to use and allows you to download game ROMs. It has a user-friendly interface and the best thing is that you can share the ROM with your friends. 

The site contains a huge library of ROMs, consoles and emulators. Due to its user-friendly interface, it is easy to navigate users. 


  • It offers a mobile friendly design 
  • You can share ROM with your friends and gamers around the globe 
  • It offers the most popular ROMs 

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9. ROMs Mania 

ROMs Mania 

ROMs Mania is another site where you will find multiple game ROMs, consoles and emulators. Here you will get about 40 consoles and 49 emulators. On this website, you will get most latest game ROMs. 

This website majorly focuses on your security and keeps the annoying ads away from you so that you will get a pleasant gaming experience. It has a very simple user interface and is also quite attractive. 


  • It has an attractive UI
  • It allows you to download emulators for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac
  • You can play games online in the web browser 

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10. The Eye 

The Eye 

The Eye is like an archive which contains ROMs from around the globe. It contains 60+ consoles and it is easy to download ROMs through this site. The best thing about The Eye is that it doesn’t irritate you with ads or pop-up notifications. 

It provides you with a search feature through which you can search for the desired content. You can also sort ROMs in alphabetical order. 


  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • It offers to find and replace browsers to find ROMs
  • It works on Windows as well as on Linux

11. Romulation 

best rom websites

Romulation is another ROM website which is quite old in the market and offers an extensive library of ROM games. Here you will find popular gaming consoles like Gameboy Advance, PlayStation 3, etc. It is completely safe as it runs various security and compatibility tests. 

This website has a feature which allows you to collect coins when you sign up for it you will get 10000 points as a reward and accomplish tasks to earn more. 


  • The website regularly gets updated 
  • Download ROM games for Nintendo, DS, 3DS, etc. 
  • It offers direct links to download ROMs 

12. CD Romance 

Safe ROM Sites

CD Romance is another best Rom site where you can easily download ROMs and ISOs. On this website, you will get a collection of the latest and retro games. As its name reflects its nature you can have an idea that it mostly supports DVD and CD games. This website also lets you know several details regarding the game like its genre, date of release, etc. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Offers original artwork games  
  • Provides additional details of ROMs and ISOs

13. ROM Universe

Safe ROM webSites

ROM Universe is the best Rom website where you can play various games online. This site neither displays any ad nor pop-up notifications. You can play ROM games without downloading them. 

It has a huge collection of gaming ROMs and emulators. It also lets you filter your searches as per your preferences. Being new to the market, it has shown immense growth in previous years. 


  • Filter games according to the genre, platforms, etc. 
  • Eye catchy interface
  • Extensive collection of ROMs and emulators 

14. Classic Games 

best ROM Sites

Here comes Classic Games which allows you to play your favourite games online. This site is specially meant for classic and retro game lovers. You can find those games also which do not even exist. Its name reflects that this website is dedicated to classic games. You can download the game for playing them offline. 


  • It has a clutter-free interface 
  • Doesn’t show any popup ads 
  • Quick loading of game ROMs

15. Edge Emulation 

Safe ROM Sites

Last but not least, Edge Emulation is a great site where you can download safe ROMs with ease. It is secure and safe to use and doesn’t display any ads. It has a clean user interface which is also easy to use. This website offers direct links to download ROMs. 


  • It does not contain any viruses and malware 
  • Doesn’t display any ads or popups notification 
  • Allows you to test other ROM files on the site 

16. WoWroms 


WoWroms is one of the most popular ROM sites which lets you play ROM files online without any need to download them. It is easy to use and completely safe. The website can work on multiple old computer versions such as DOS, Apple I, Acron, etc. 

You can also use it to download ISOs and video game ROMs for PlayStation, SNES and other consoles. One of the best things about this website is that it doesn’t display any ads or deceiving links. 


  • It has a straightforward interface 
  • It contains 30+ emulators 
  • Compatible with older computer operating systems 
  • It allows you to download high-quality game manuals 

17. Vimm’s Lair

Vimm's Lair

Next, we have Vimm’s Lair which is also a great and safe ROM site which is available for free. You can easily download classic ROMs and emulators from this site as it has a huge collection of classic ROMs. It supports downloading emulators for multiple devices including Windows, Android, Mac and Linux. 

The website offers you a search engine feature which allows you to search for the desired ROMs and sort them. It has easy-to-navigate features due to its user-friendly interface. 


  • You can sort game consoles and emulators in alphabetical order
  • Contains a huge collection of classic ROMs.
  • It has full-colour manuals for 400+ NES and SNES video games. 

18. FreeRoms


Through its name, you may get the idea that it is a free Rom Site and it consists of over 3000 ROM files. It has a wide collection of different ROM files but for a few consoles. Moreover, it is safe to use and doesn’t contain any viruses or malware which can harm your PC. It allows you to download the best emulators for your PC to play high-graphics games. 

It has a neat and clean user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use. One of the disadvantages of using this website is that it contains a lot of ads which can make the experience poor. 


  • It provides links for valuable utility programs like Bidding Scheduler, WinZip, etc. 
  • You can download up to 3000 ROM files for free
  • It consists of ROM files for GBA, PSP and many others

Conclusion On Best ROM Sites You Must Use

In the above article, we have listed the top 15 ROM downloading sites which are most genuine and don’t provide any damage to your PC. You can now enjoy your favourite games and due to secure downloading you have no fear of viruses and malware. All the above ROM sites are completely safe to use so you can rely on them and use any of the above sites to download your favourite games.


What is the best site for ROMs?

In the above article, we have listed the most trusted and genuine sites for ROMs. You can use any of them to play your favourite games. I suggest you use Romspedia, Retrostic and Gamulator. 

Where do I get ROMs for 2022?

There are many websites which let you download game ROMs for free. Some of the websites are Gamulator, Cool ROM, DopeRoms, RomUlation, etc. 

Is CoolRom Com safe?

If you are asking about CoolRom.com and want to use it then I suggest you not to use it. It is not safe and contains various viruses that can harm your PC. 

Are game ROMs illegal?

Yes, ROM games are not illegal and no one can file any case against you for using emulators and ROMs. It is legal only if you own a copy of the game you want to download and if you don’t own the copy then it is illegal. 

What ROM websites are safe?

All the above-mentioned sites are safe ROM websites. You can use any of the above without any worry to play your favourite classic and retro games. All sites allow you to safely download game ROMs. 

Where can I get ROMs for free?

There are many sites which let you download game ROMs for free. Some of the sites are Vimm’s Lair, Emuparadise, Cool ROM, etc. Romsmania is a ROM site which contains a huge collection of ROM games and emulators. 

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