7 Best Spotify to MP3 Converter for Windows & Mac

Are you looking for best free Spotify to MP3 Converter then you are on the right place. Spotify is one of the world’s largest music streaming providers. Most people listen to Spotify Music on the go, in their homes, and also at parties. The free version comes with interrupting ads and yet, many people are fine listening to the free version with the ads. The $9.99 premium version offers a wonderful platform for uninterrupted, high-quality music anytime, anywhere for a month.

But irrespective of whether people use the free or the paid version, most people think of having an MP3 converter that could help convert Spotify songs. That way it’s easier to for people to listen to Spotify songs whenever they want and also gives them the freedom to play these songs as offline music.

Best Free Spotify to MP3 Converter For Windows PC

To make matters easy for you, we bring you a list of the 7 best free Spotify to MP3 converters.

Here’s what you can do whenever you tune in to Spotify Music with these best Spotify to MP3 converters – turn it into MP3 music and play them everyday by taking them with you even in places that lack internet access.

1. Sidify Music Converter

Sidify Music Converter

Sidify Music Converter is one of the best Spotify to MP3 converters which can convert Spotify music to MP3 is simple steps.  With Spotify, your machine can convert tracks in just three simple steps as given below;

  • Choose music, podcast, or radio for converting from Spotify. Now you can also drag and drop the title to the software if you wish to.
  • Select the output quality 
  • Opt for the output quality format to MP3

Now, press the Convert tab and wait a bit while the conversion happens in real-time.


  • You can keep your ID3 tags while the converted audio with no imminent quality loss.
  • You have the option to practice the drag and drop.
  • Conversion to multiple audio formats is possible with Sidify Music Converter.

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2. TuneFab Music Converter

TuneFab Music Converter

TuneFab was spotted as another best Spotify to MP converter where one can convert music easily to MP3, M4A, FLAC, and WAV formats. Newly released Spotify playlists can work well with TuneFab music converter easily. With it, you can easily customize the play rate and the bit rate. 


  • Apart from being the best Spotify to MP3 converter, you must know that TuneFab has an inbuilt Spotify music player. Downloading Spotify is never needed whenever you start using TuneFab.
  • It can support converting Spotify playlists and albums altogether.
  • The app can help you with features that can customize your output music quality easily.
  • Editing ID3 tags and their metadata is possible with the use of TuneFab.

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3. NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter

NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter

NoteBurner is another best Spotify to MP3 converter for Windows PC and can convert without compromising on the quality of music. With the converted device, you can easily convert Spotify music to MP3 files and not just MP3 but AAC, WAC, FLAC, and AIFF. The converted music plays normally on every offline device that you choose for your song playlists.


  • You can access faster audio conversions with the NoteBurner Spotify music converter.
  • NoteBurner also gives you access to the drag-and-drop feature.
  • Burning music to a CD is possible with NoteBurner Spotify music converter.
  • With NoteBurner, you can even convert music to any other audio format at the same speed at which you convert it to MP3 and there is never any loss of quality.

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4. Allavsoft


Allavsoft is just not an audio converter but also a video downloader that can get you videos and audios from anywhere- YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Vimeo, Twitter, and many more such platforms. Converting music from Spotify to MP3, FLAC, M4A, WAV, AC3, WMA, OGG is possible with Allavsoft & is one of the best Spotify to MP3 converters.


  • You can try a batch download from almost 1000+ websites.
  • Conversion of music from Spotify to MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and AC3 is easily possible.
  • You can pause the downloads and can resume them again whenever you have sometime.
  • The Allavsoft MP3 converter can support Windows/8/7/XP/Vista/2000.

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5. AudFree Spotify Music Converter

AudFree Spotify Music Converter

With AudFree comes a visually appealing User Interface and has been deemed by users as one of the best Spotify to MP3 converters. The conversion is fast and can take just two steps to complete. With AudFree adjusting your converted music quality is easy. Editing ID3 tags, bit ratio, and the sample rate are easily possible with AudFree.


  • The two-step conversion happens quickly and provides an extremely fast conversion rate.
  • Supporting conversion into different audio formats is possible with AudFree.
  • Adjust and edit the output quality as per requirement.
  • It also comes with a music library organizer so that you can adjust all your music in one place.

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6. SpotiKeep

SpotiKeep Converter

The software is again rated as one of the best free Spotify to MP3 Converters and it can download not just songs but also podcasts and entire playlists from Spotify. Legality issues are resolved with SpotiKeep with the removal of DRM protection from all downloaded Spotify music tracks. High-quality audio downloads and maintaining ID3 tags are possible with SpotiKeep.


  • The DRM removal process is easy with SpotiKeep.
  • The interface is extremely user-friendly to use.
  • Audio quality is the same for the downloaded music as it is with the Spotify tracks.
  • ID3 tags can be kept intact with downloaded offline music files.

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7. AllToMP3


This is another free Spotify to MP3 converters and is so, as it does what it says it does. Nothing more than ordinary but even the ordinary task of converting music is done with quality when using AllToMP3 converter. With it converting music is just a two-step process- Import the Spotify music files you want to convert and then choose the Convert tab to convert the files.


  • They have a rapid batch conversion speed for converting music from Spotify to MP3 format.
  • Conversion speed is more than even some of the best ones available in the market.
  • The User Interface is without clutter and is quite clean and connectable.

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Conclusion On Spotify To Mp3 Converter For Windows

If you want to listen to a song again and again, or you want to play music offline to prevent all online charges, you must refer to some of the best free Spotify to MP3 converter lists as provided here. The best part is, all these seven are tested thoroughly for their sound quality, conversion speed, DRM removal, and other such functionalities. These seven have passed these tests and are therefore one of those lists that you can use for your requirements.


Can I convert Spotify to MP3?

Yes, you can convert Spotify to MP3 easily using one of the best free Spotify to MP3 Converters as given in the list.

How do I convert Spotify to MP3 for free?

AllToMp3 is one of those that can help convert Spotify to MP3 for free and you will not have to pay any charges for it.

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