9 Best Strategy Games For iPhone To Play in (2020)

It is a matter of common observation that game is the source that provides various tactics to achieve your goals with unique techniques. In this digital era, everyone wants to play strategy games. Because it helps users to use their brain in all directions to come closer to win. There are many schools of thought about iOS that it is not contributed to strategic games. It is a myth about the iPhone. Hence, there are the best strategy games: Invisible, Inc, Banner saga 2, a kingdom: new lands and so on. It is time to roll the table and come forward to get advantages from this. It is more about your strength and mental ability.  

Best Strategy games for iPhone  

There is nine best strategy game on the iPhone. It will be helpful to improve your strength and make uniqueness in the world of games. They are; 

1. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

sid meier's civilization vi-min

It was composed by celebrated game inventor Sid Meier. Civilization is a turn-by-turn technique game that you will strive to construct a regime to abide by the test of time. Civilization VI assigns new means to connect with your World and used the mental ability to defeat the other ones. 

Moreover, this well-known program game that has been influenced by millions of people is now accessible on the iPhone and iPad.

Pros and cons  

  • It is designed for installation on most computers as well as iPhone  ✅
  • Overall gameplay has been changed with the extraordinary improvement  ✅
  • It looks as embarrassing camera control  ❌
  • Graphics are not up to mark as the previous version. ❌

2. Battle plans

battle plans for iphone

In this era, it is the best strategy game on the iPhone. Battle plans are a pleasure action-packed proficiency competition with the distinctive battalion in which someone will require both skills, attacker as well as defender, for achieving the destination. 

Pros and cons 

  • The graphics and gameplay are perfect ✅
  • It is an easy and quick strategy game. ✅
  • The main issue is loss of connections.❌
  • Sometimes work as an unbalanced game.❌

3. The Bonfire: Forsaken lands 

forsaken lands for iphone

It is also a most useful strategy game available for iPhone in which construct one’s colony in a snowy encampment and managed employees and resources also to withstand devil assaults during darkness. Therefore, it is a game of techniques and tactics. The faction is immersive and as you improve, you will earn admission to build and frame alternatives as well as business with a new society.  

Pros and cons 

  • Pretty awesome, the graphics, as well as control, are working well.✅
  • It is easy to play with different tactics✅
  • There is no distinction between guards and soldiers❌

4. Nobunaga’s Ambition  

Nobunaga's Ambition for iphone

It is a continuation of a turn-based vast method role-playing simulation tape game. The participant is assigned to attaining the ultimate goal of warlord Oda Nobunaga: the domination and joining of Japan. Moreover, it needs more than a battleground, you will also prefer sensitive talents and logistics. 

Pros and cons 

  • It provides various techniques to achieve the object. ✅
  • Graphics are also good ✅
  • It takes too much for loading ❌

5. Sid Meier’s Starship

Sid Meier's Starship for iphone

Sid Meier’s starship is developed by Firaxis Games and announced by 2k games. It is a game that enhances one’s skills in the domain of space battle. The game’s expedition instructs tactical space fighting and it provides plenty of customizations choice for one’s starships. Also, it has the substitute to use the fleet to explore the Galaxy. 

Pros and cons 

  • It provides customizable ships ✅
  • A taste of Sid Meier strategy gained without the civilization time commitment ✅
  • It not clear in the strategy ❌ 
  • UI is poorly designed ❌

6. Kingdom: New lands

Kingdom: New lands 

It is a kingdom related game that developed by Thomas Van den berg and Macro Bancale with assistance from the publisher Raw Fury. This game indicates that it is not easy to make an empire from scratch. So, it requires full mental ability to turn obstacles into an opportunity and face adventures in the way of building.

Pros and cons  

  • It is ever liking the game ✅
  • It is true to picture of technical game ✅
  • It is slow in progress and Growth of kingdom ❌

7. Banner Saga 2

Banner Saga 2 for iphone 

It is a great strategy game acquired by Stoic Studio and disclosed by versus Evil. Banner Saga 2 is more about a Viking expedition. It requires a thorough decision and planning to avail of something.

Pros and cons 

  • Expedition looks a real ✅
  • Sound and other control are good ✅ 
  • It needs some improvement in the field of illustrations❌

8. Invisible, Inc 

invisible inc game

It is developed by Canadian independent studio Klei Entertainment. This game enables someone to regulate hidden dealers as one infiltrate some of the most hazardous associations. Along with it, it is an outstanding turn-by-turn strategy game in which you can free more than 10 envoys. 

Pros and cons 

  • It is easy to play and addictive ✅ 
  • It provides various options to counter other✅ 
  • Graphics that are not good.❌  
  • Suddenly lost connection ❌  

9. FTL: Faster than light

Faster than light

FTL is the best strategy game among all. In this game, players are wandering across the Galaxy in their spaceship. It is a real-time policy rogue like game established by the indie developer subset game. Actually, in this game, one will have to organize one’s reserves and importantly, make sure one stays alive at any cost. Because there will be enough adversary clashes.

Pros and cons 

  • Superb comfort, enormous random generator, and satisfying learning curve.✅  
  • FTL is just a terrific game, everything is awesome- from plot to the mechanism. ✅ 
  • There is a lack of encounter variety. ❌


In a nutshell, strategy game pursues someone’s attention. Moreover, it is so useful to improve one’s ability to take action. iPhone is the best way to get engaged in these games. Nine best strategy games are available on iOS. It is not too late to spend time on theirs. 

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