6 Best Free Uninstaller For Mac (2021)

If you searching for the best uninstaller for Mac that can help you to remove apps easily. Here we’re going to discuss the best uninstaller software for Mac. The process of uninstalling an app on your Mac looks like an easy task but it’s quite difficult to remove all the trash of the particular app. 

You might have thought that uninstalling Mac apps is going to delete the app permanently but there are some files and folders which are left behind. You have to remove them manually with the help of Mac uninstaller apps.

Here’s the list of the top best app uninstaller software to uninstall an unwanted application on your Mac.

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Best Free Uninstaller For Mac

1. Cleanmymac

Cleanmymac - best mac apps uninstaller
image source: macpaw.com

This is one of the best Mac app remover software which helps to remove unwanted files and folders of the app. Cleanmymac X also helps to clean junk files, broken downloads, caches and helps in recovering storage space on Mac. This Mac Apps remover software protects your Mac from viruses, adware, malware, and other malicious threats.


  • Advanced Mac uninstaller tool
  • Single click work
  • Uninstall the application in bulk

Download here

2. Iobit Macbooster 8

Iobit macbooster 8
image source: Macbooster.net

This program is one of the best uninstaller programs for Mac and maximum users trust this program. This program is easier to use which helps in cleaning the unwanted files and junk files associated with the application. 


  • The latest version is a very effective and good user interface
  • The stool is available for a cheap price
  • The working is quite simple
  • Completely remove the app

Download here

3. Appcleaner and Uninstaller

best uninstaller for mac
image source: nektony.com

Appcleaner and uninstaller is one of the best Mac apps uninstaller after Cleanmymac X. The important function of this particular uninstaller is to completely scan your Mac and provide a list of application which are installed on your system. This tool helps to remove all the files of the deleted app.


  • The application size is quite small
  • It completes deleting all plugins and widgets
  • Application get updated automatically
  • Open application is secured with this program

Download Here

4. AppZapper

uninstaller software for mac
image source: macupdate.com

AppZapper has a unique interface which makes it quite interesting. These best free uninstaller apps for Mac follow the tradition of drag and drop. You can easily drag and drop an app if you want to delete it in the AppZapper interface. 

This installer has a function that helps to find all the files related to unwanted applications. This is one of the good application uninstallers from Mac as it secures and save your license and also registration information of the app purchased.


  • Easy to understand
  • Drag and drop functions are quite easy
  • It has a free trial

Download here

5. Omni remover 3

mac apps uninstaller
image source: Macupdate.com

This is the last best uninstaller apps for Mac in the list. This program is finally got updated and there are a lot of features which makes it quite amazing Mac uninstaller.

This program provide a quick installation of the apps and has a good user interface


  • User interface is very effective
  • Easy to process operations
  • Contains lot of advanced features

Visit here

6. CleanGeeker

CleanGeeker for mac
image source: newswire.com

This is one of the best uninstaller apps for Mac which is developed by tunesbro.  It also has a good user interface which makes it interface quite amazing. This is the last in the list but have some mind blowing features.


  • Remove any application in one click
  • It easily scan and delete junk files
  • All associated files can be removed easily
  • Clean up memory and boost the overall system speed.

Visit Here

What is the Best uninstaller for Mac?

Cleanmymac X is top uninstaller for MAC. This tool has been continuously ranked on the list because of its smooth and easy functioning.

How do I uninstall a program on a Mac?

Using any of the tools listed above you are able to easily uninstall and remove applications on your MAC.

How do I empty my Mac cache?

This listed software has an inbuilt function of cleaning your cache. All of them have this feature.

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