9 Best Video Recovery Apps for Android

You sure know how it feels to accidentally delete videos you want to see later. It’s even more frustrating when such videos are difficult to retrieve or too stressful to re-download. The best way to see all your favorite videos is with a recovery app. 

That’s why you need to check out some of the best video recovery apps for Android devices. These apps offer several vital features users need to recover permanently deleted videos on Android. Take advantage of these apps and recover lost videos on your Android OS devices without hassle!

9 Best Video Recovery Apps for Android 

In this article, you’ll get to see the 9 best video recovery apps for Android devices and major details.

1. DiskDigger


The DiskDigger app allows users to retrieve deleted apps from their Android devices. Users can recover permanently deleted files from their memory card or device’s internal storage. The app also allows users to upload recovered videos and other files to cloud storage or email accounts. 

Main Features 

  • Recovers videos, audio, photos, and other content
  • Email-sending support allows users to recover apps and send them to their inbox or drafts folder
  • Recovers files from memory cards and internal storage
  • One-tap recovery allows users to recover multiple selected files with one click

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2. iSkysoft

iSkysoft Android data recovery

The iSkysoft Android data recovery app offers users significant support to retrieve deleted videos in moments. Users of the app can easily get many deleted videos back along with other important data. The app also offers users several tools to recover files with its virus-free offline installer. 

Main Features 

  • The deep scan allows users to recover files from external memory and internal storage
  • Recovers data that disappears due to corruption of your storage
  • Operates offline and allows users to search all connected drives for deleted files
  • Simple interface perfect for beginner users keen to recover videos and other files

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3. Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Data Recovery is a file recovery software from Daily Utility Apps and one of the top video retrieval apps for Android devices. The app operates with a smart algorithm to help users see and restore deleted videos, audio files, documents, and much more. 

Main Features 

  • Recovers videos, documents, audio, and much more
  • Operates as a recycle bin to get your deleted files on an Android device
  • The preview tool allows users to see content before recovery
  • Search bar to look up deleted videos on your local storage for recovery

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4. Undeleter Recover Files & Data

Undeleter Recover Files & Data

The app un-deletes files from Android devices and is a popular recovery app on Google Play Store. It offers users enough tools to recover files like audio, archives, music, videos, and other content. 

Main Features 

  • Has an easy-click restorer to recover multiple files
  • Comes with simple interface beginners can leverage to recover deleted files
  • Supports recovery from local device storage or memory card
  • Allows upload of recovered files to external storage sources like Google Drive and Dropbox

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5. Recuva


Recuva is a popular data recovery app for Android devices. The app offers users enough tools to recover lost videos and other files after deletion. It offers several essential services free with its paid version loaded with many deep recovery tools.

Main Features 

  • Recovers videos from local storage or SD card
  • Deep scanner finds fractions or full versions of previously deleted files
  • The beginner-friendly interface allows users to recover data at the first try
  • Allows recovery of contacts, call records, WhatsApp messages, and much more

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6. Tenorshare UltData

Best Video Recovery Apps

Tenorshare is another video recovery app for android that offers users multiple tools to retrieve deleted videos with ease. The app also offers users data recovery for social media client apps like WhatsApp and retrieves audio, contacts, and much more.

Main Features 

  • Recovers messages without rooting the Android devices
  • Allows users to retrieve documents, audio, photos, and much more
  • Restores data lost to factory reset, system root, OS reset, and much more
  • Recovers videos and other content from all Android 4.0 devices and higher irrespective of model

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7. EaseUs MobiSaver

Video Recovery Apps for android

The Mobisaver app from EaseUs is a premium video recovery software for Android and other devices. This app comes with tools to recover deleted but essential videos, documents, photos, SMS, and so much more. 

Main Features 

  • Simple-step recovery allows users to get deleted content after a few clicks
  • Allows users to recover videos, audio, photos, and other content 
  • Recovers data from external storage cards or internal memory
  • The preview tool allows users to see deleted files before recovery

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8. Dumpster: Photo/Video Recovery

Video Recovery Apps

Dumpster currently boasts 30+ million downloads and is one of the most popular video recovery apps for Android users that can help you recover photos and videos easily. 

Main Features 

  • Instant recovery of deleted videos, audio, and music videos 
  • Offers backup storage of recovered files to cloud drives
  • Runs without requiring rooting 
  • Operates fully offline (apart from cloud uploads)

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9. MyJad

Video Recovery Apps

MyJad works as a deleted video recovery software for Android devices to recover audio, video, documents, and much more. The app can retrieve content deleted from your SD card and internal storage.

Main Features 

  • Recover deleted contacts, SMS messages, and more
  • Supports recovery on most Android-ready devices from v4.0 and higher
  • The selective scan allows users to choose and recover exact files from deleted content
  • Allows users to preview metadata of deleted files before recovery

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In conclusion, the best video recovery apps offer a lifeline for users seeking to restore lost or deleted video files by providing efficient tools and user-friendly interfaces. These applications cater to various scenarios of video loss, ensuring the retrieval of valuable multimedia content effortlessly.

While preferences may vary, these apps excel in their ability to recover and restore videos, minimizing data loss concerns effectively. Embracing these top video recovery apps empowers users to regain access to crucial video files, ensuring peace of mind and data restoration on their devices.


How can I recover a deleted video on my Android?

You can recover a deleted video from your Android device by installing a recovery app. The video recovery app can search through patches of your local storage and retrieve deleted content. 

Is there any video recovery app?

There are 30+ video recovery apps available on Android, Linux, iOS, macOS, and other operating systems. These apps operate to retrieve deleted videos from the local storage of devices. Most video recovery software are client apps and can operate offline. 

Can DiskDigger recover videos?

DiskDigger for Android can recover videos, photos, messages, and many other files deleted from your device’s storage. The app offers several essential tools users need to retrieve essential videos and other files long after their deletion from most Android OS devices. 

Can permanently deleted videos be recovered?

Permanently deleted videos might be recovered depending on some factors. Top video recovery apps like Recuva, EaseUS MobiSaver, and many more can restore permanently deleted videos, contacts, photos, SMS messages, and other files. 

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