11+ Best Volume Booster Apps for Android

Best Volume Booster Apps

Several of us use our smartphones as the primary device for listening to music on the go. Over time, cell phones’ bodies have gotten bigger but unfortunately, manufacturers are not paying much attention to their speakers or the overall audio output quality in general. Having said that, a lot of mobile users are looking for multiple ways to improve sound quality. Thankfully, using the Best Volume Boosters for Android & Tablets can ease our overall task of improving the audio level of your devices.

Several applications may fail to deliver the desired sound output. Hence, after testing dozens of applications, we have listed out the most reliable sound boosters for Android that work perfectly and optimize your respective device’s audio output in a few taps and swipes. 

Top 12 Volume Boosters Apps For Android

Pick any of the below-mentioned volume amplifiers for Android to boost the smartphone’s sound, and enjoy enhanced calling volume and improved headphone audio. 

1. Volume Booster GOODEV 

Simple, lightweight, and free are exactly what defines this sound booster app for Android devices. The application has an effective boost slider that instantly amplifies the volume of your device by up to 60% in one go.

Volume Booster GOODEV is popular for listening to audiobooks, movies, and more. It can be easily integrated with popular third-party apps as well.

Volume Booster GOODEV 


  • Lets you enjoy the amplified sound output from any app.
  • Can significantly boost your speaker or headphone sound volume. 
  • Allows you to listen to the improved audio for free.
  • Ability to configure the app to boost volume by more than 60%. 

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2. Precise Volume (+EQ/Booster) 

Here comes a great volume amplifier for Android that you can try using – Precise Volume (+EQ/Booster). As soon as you install the app on your device, it safely hooks into your smartphone’s audio system, giving you plenty of volume control options to boost audio in a few taps & swipes.

Using it, one can easily set the loud volume for a variety of Bluetooth devices, headphones, applications & more. 

Precise Volume

FEATURES & BENEFITS: Precise Volume (+EQ/Booster)

  • Offers a 5-band Equalizer with a bass booster. 
  • Supports sound amplifier and effective Equalizer Presets. 
  • Highly customizable volume booster for Android & tablets. 
  • Supports a dark theme, perfect for night viewing. 

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3. Equalizer FX: Sound Enhancer

Talking about the best sound amplifier apps for Android and forgetting Equalizer FX: Sound Enhancer in the mentions is certainly not possible. It’s the ultimate music equalizer to get the best audio quality possible from your Android device.

It’s a suitable choice for playing audio via music player and popular streaming services like Spotify, TuneIn, Pandora, Radio, and more. If you want to use mic sound amplifier to improve microphone sound.

Equalizer FX

FEATURES & BENEFITS: Equalizer FX: Sound Enhancer

  • Offers Equalizer Widgets for your Home Screen to get instant access. 
  • Effective audio filters to change the frequency of sound. 
  • Provides the ability to enhance the stereo effect. 
  • Automatically on/off when the music player starts/stops playing music.

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4. Volume Booster -Sound Booster

Designed and distributed by SoulApps Studio, Volume Booster is a must-have amplification tool to use on your Android smartphone. Using it, one can easily improve the volume of your tablet to its maximum extent. It’s a useful application to use while watching movies, listening to audiobooks, playing games, and more.

Not only this, but using it you can also enhance the volume of the ringtone and alarm clock in a couple of clicks.  

Volume Booster

FEATURES & BENEFITS: Volume Booster -Sound Booster

  • Can enhance sound of your headphones, Android speaker & Bluetooth devices. 
  • A perfect sound booster app for Android to immerse you in the 3D super volume+. 
  • Offers a clean and cool user interface, suitable for both novice & pro users. 
  • Enjoy louder volume than the default phone volume in a single tap. 

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5. Speaker Boost: Volume Booster & Sound Amplifier 3D

Offered by Prometheus Interactive LLC, this best volume booster app for Android is a simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use tool to maximize your phone volume and enjoy your favorite movies, games, and voice calls at the highest volume possible. If you are a Windows pc user then check the Windows volume booster

Read its major highlights in the below section: 

Speaker Boost

FEATURES & BENEFITS: Speaker Boost: Volume Booster & Sound Amplifier 3D

  • Can improve the music volume of your headphone or speakers in a few taps. 
  • Feel the real bass with this sound amplifier app for Android. 
  • Gain full control of your music player equalizer. 
  • Lightweight and free volume booster for Android & tablet users.

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6. Volume Booster – Loud Speaker with Extra Sound

True to its name, Volume Booster offers exactly what you need to enhance the music quality of your device in the easiest way possible. The application is perfect for music lovers to enjoy loud and clear sound while listening to your favorite songs, watching movies and playing games.

In just a single swipe you will be able to set the volume of your Android to a specific level.  

Volume Booster - Loud Speaker with Extra Sound

FEATURES & BENEFITS: Boom: Music Player, Bass Booster, and Equalizer

  • Adjust the volume to 40%, 60%, 80%, and maximum level. 
  • Provides the ability to control sound levels for a variety of applications. 
  • Amplify the sound of your Bluetooth speaker and external devices easily. 
  • Users are offered a useful widget for instant access. 

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7. Boom: Music Player, Bass Booster, and Equalizer

Our list of best volume amplifiers for Android will be certainly incomplete without mentioning Boom, by Global Delight Technologies. The application is specifically designed for users who want to immerse themselves in a 3D sound experience.

It even gives users the opportunity to create their own Equalizer setting using the 16-band or 8-Band Equalizer.


FEATURES & BENEFITS: Boom: Music Player, Bass Booster, and Equalizer

  • Allows you to play & enjoy over 20K+ Radio channels & podcasts. 
  • Supports playing songs via Cloud storage platforms like Google Drive & Dropbox. 
  • Play your favorite songs in 3D mode. 
  • Comes equipped with 22 handcrafted Equalizer presets for all popular genres of music. 

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8. Volume Booster Pro

So, what makes Volume Booster Pro one of the best sound amplifier apps for Android? Well, its ability to not only amplify the sound of your device but its robust equalization tool, that comprehensively optimizes the frequency channels using special algorithms.

So that you can enjoy clearer and louder audio than ever before. Check out its major highlights right below! 

Volume Booster Pro

FEATURES & BENEFITS: Volume Booster Pro

  • Enable or disable Volume Boost from active notification. 
  • Allows you to launch your music player directly from the volume booster app. 
  • Ability to enhance the music player, ringer, alarm volumes, or the blend of all. 
  • Just add the right amount of extra volume, without making the device noisy. 

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9. AmpMe – Speaker Booster

Probably no list of best volume boosters for Android & Tablets is concluded without reviewing AmpMe. The application is considered to be the no. 1 music player that gives the opportunity to turn your device into a portable speaker.

With AmpMe, you can drastically improve the sound available on YouTube, Apple Music, and Google Music. You can even adjust the volume of your smartphone with a few taps.

AmpMe - Speaker Booster

FEATURES & BENEFITS: AmpMe – Speaker Booster

  • Allows you to watch videos on multiple devices at the same time with enhanced quality. 
  • You can collaborate with your friends to generate compilations. 
  • Start your own party via YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, or your music library. 
  • Highly compatible sound booster for Android, Tablet & Bluetooth Speakers. 

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10. Sound Amplifier

To conclude our list of best volume boosters for Android, we’ll list Sound Amplifiers, designed and distributed by the tech giant, Google LLC. The application has received hundreds and thousands of positive reviews on Google Play Store.

And, all credit goes to its robust feature set to filter, segment, and amplify the sound around you and on your device in a few taps.

Sound Amplifier

FEATURES & BENEFITS: Sound Amplifier

  • Quickly customize sound enhancement and reduce background noise.
  • Adjust audio or microphone settings effortlessly with the help of a simple tuning UI. 
  • Ability to implement desired audio boosting settings independently for each earbud. 
  • Connect your headphones (wired or Bluetooth) to amplify their sound quality. 

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11. Extra Volume Booster

Extra Volume Booster is a nice tool that helps you boost your speaker’s volume to a high level. As its name, the software increases the volume of your speaker extra than the maximum volume. You can increase the volume to 200%. 

It has an easy-to-use interface and includes all those features that make it easier for you to enhance the volume which is not even in range. It also helps you to equalize the sound according to your choices. 

Extra Volume Booster


  • It is best for headphones and external speakers 
  • The music equalizer helps you to boost volume without distortion 
  • Equalize the sounds with presets or custom settings
  • It works for games, video players, and system volumes 

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12. Super Loud Volume Booster

If you are looking for a sound booster for Android which doesn’t require much effort in boosting the sound then Super Loud Volume Booster is the perfect choice for you. It is a lightweight application that requires less than 10 MB of space to get installed on your Android device. 

The tool is super easy to use and lets you enhance your smartphone speakers. It is a powerful volume control app that controls the volume of your Android phone.

Super Loud Volume Booster

FEATURES& BENEFITS: Super Loud Volume Booster

  • The subwoofer bass allows you to enjoy powerful bass
  • Visual sound spectrum incredible screen visuals 
  • The bass amplifier boosts the bass level
  • It provides realistic sound quality 

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In conclusion, the best volume booster apps for Android provide effective solutions for enhancing audio output across various devices. Whether boosting speaker volume, improving headphone sound quality, or customizing equalizer settings, these apps cater to different user preferences and audio needs. However, it’s important to choose a reputable app that prioritizes safety and quality to ensure a positive experience without compromising device integrity or audio clarity.


Q1. Which volume booster app is best?

Precise Volume is probably the best Android application to boost audio for Android. Using it, one can easily set the loud volume for a variety of Bluetooth devices, headphones, applications & more.

Q2. Is there a volume booster app that actually works?

Well, true to its name, Volume Booster offers exactly what you need to enhance the music quality of your device in the easiest way possible.

The application is perfect for music lovers to enjoy loud and clear sound while listening to their favorite songs, watching movies, and playing games.

Q3. Are volume booster apps Safe?

To be honest, using volume booster apps for Android for a short amount of time is generally fine, and it won’t damage your hardware at all. But it can significantly impact your ear health if used regularly! 

Q4. What is the Best sound Enhancer app for Android?

Volume Booster Pro is one of the best sound amplifier apps for Android and all credit goes to its ability to not only amplify the sound of your device but its robust equalization tool, which comprehensively optimizes the frequency channels using special algorithms.

Q5. Is the volume booster app free?

Yes, Volume Booster by SoulApps Studio is completely free to use.

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