4+ Best Webinar Software For Windows 10 PC (2021)

Nowadays, it is common for all marketers to host webinars. Using the best webinar software for small and medium-sized businesses, you can engage and interact with multiple leads and move them down the sales funnel. However, you do need to realize that hosting live webinars are tough. Sometimes they might not provide you with the best and great conversion rates.

What Is Webinar Software?

Good webinar software is easy for recording, sharing, and following up the prospects without undergoing any kind of difficulty and downtime. Do you know that the best webinar software help in telecasting live and high-quality videos? 

Most importantly, you can easily automate your sales methods. Even with a good webinar platform, you can engage with various MQLs through live training, product demos, etc. 

Best Webinar Software Platforms For Windows (2021)

1) ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is one of the best webinar software having a user-friendly and impressive interface. This webinar platform allows you to easily reach out to your customers or students for various activities like training, marketing, and other aspects. 

Frankly, this is the well-integrated and intuitive platform providing options for customized invites and automated webinars. Also, it is suitable for medium and small size businesses too. Unlike other webinars, this provides clear instructions regarding setting up events effortlessly and that too without worrying about the technical stuff. 

best webinar software for small business

Key Features

  • Best chat options and interactive sessions.
  • Providing surveys and polls for good feedback.
  • Easily connectable to YouTube and Facebook for enhancing engagement. 
  • Recording the whole video and audio of the live sessions. These would be stored in the cloud and downloaded effortlessly.
  • Various presenters can easily present a webinar with HD video.


The pricing for ClickMeeting begins from $25 per month (which is billed annually) for 25 attendees. Also, it is priced at $35 per month (billed annually) for 50 attendees. Besides, there are options for custom-pricing suitable for enterprise customers. 

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2) WebinarJam

WebinarJam is one of the best webinar software that is available online. The best part is that this one is the perfect choice if you have very little or less technical detail regarding how to set up the webinar. Frankly, this is the perfect one if you want to host webinars in an automated fashion for a larger audience. 

Plus it allows you to stream into the YouTube page directly. So, you end up having a secured, password-protected meeting with your targeted audience online. Also, it provides various advantages compared to other best webinar software for marketing like providing pop-ups to the audience during the webinar session. So, this allows them to purchase your product or services right away from the webinar. 

Another major aspect involved in using this webinar platform is that it provides two-way communication through advanced Live Chat. This will pull out the video of the participant for 1:1 video communication. 

WebinarJam - best webinar software

Key Features

  • Provides great customer support
  • Automatic recording
  • Built-in autoresponder
  • Social media integrations
  • Ability to take care of various attendants easily


The basic plan is $499 per year (which is $41.58 per month). This plan provides you with 500 participants per webinar. Also, up to three presenters and 24/7 support.

The professional plan is $699 per year (which is $58.25 per month). Now in the professional plan, the number of participants increases to 1000, and speakers reach 4. 

The premium plan is $999 per year (which is $83.24 per month). This plan is for businesses that depend heavily on webinars for their online marketing. Here it features six speakers and the webinar audience can reach up to 5,000. 

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3) WebinarNinja

WebinarNinja is one of the best webinar software for small business and all-in-one solutions that is trusted by various brands like Podia, AppSumo, etc. Frankly, these are one of the easiest and best webinar platforms to use. It has an out-of-the-box thank you and interactive sign-up pages, thereby allowing you to develop a webinar in just a minute. 

WebinarNinja helps to create four various kinds of webinars-

  1. Live: This is broadcasted with a live host for interaction with the audience.
  2. Automated: A recorded webinar running at a certain time or on-demand.
  3. Series: This consists of a group of various webinars.
  4. Hybrid: A combination of recorded and live videos.

WebinarNinja - best webinar platforms

Key Features

  • Instant screen sharing
  • Lighting fast live chat
  • Email automation and drip campaigns
  • Timed offers for displaying at any time while the webinar is going
  • Analytics dashboards having export data ability
  • High conversion, custom registration landing pages


Besides the priced packages, WebinarNinja provides a 14-day free trial. This is for testing the features present. The four major paid plans are –

Starter Plan is $39 per month and is suitable for users having limited requirements and 100 webinar viewers. 

The popular Pro Plan is $79 per month and you get to add 200 attendees in it.

The Plus Plan is charged at $129 per month.

Lastly is the Power Plan that is $199 per month.

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4) Demio

One of the best webinar software and commonly used is the Demio. The best part of using it is that it is very easy to record webinars automatically in the cloud. So, when it concerns visual aesthetics, it provides HD streaming, real-time, and best or attractive platform design. 

The pricing plan of Demio provides standard features like 24/7 chat and email support, advanced webinar setup, storage for 100 recordings, unlimited webinars, etc. 

Webinar software for education

Key Features

  • Provides the best and value-based customer experience.
  • Automatically records the sessions in the cloud. 
  • Allows the best customization options for users. 
  • Provides in-built analytics.
  • Provides powerful tracking options.
  • Easily integrated with any kind of marketing tool.


Demio provides a 14-day free trial for testing out the features. Besides that, there are three plans such as – 

The Starter plan begins at $34 per month which supports 50 persons in a webinar room.

The Growth plan is available at $69 that supports 150 persons in a webinar room.

The Business plan is priced at $163 per month for 500 individuals in a session.

What Are The Best Benefits Of Using Webinar Platform?

  • Making Best Use Of Organization’s Online Content

The biggest advantage of using webinar software is that it helps businesses to increase the available online content for interested parties. Each of the webinars hosted by you will help in addressing the common questions and concerns that many prospects, suppliers, and employees have. 

  • Creation Of Authority

Flocking towards things that provide answers is what most people do. It is common for individuals to interact with people or organizations who have expertise in many fields. By creating and hosting webinars filled with valuable details and insights will show off your authoritative value in the market. 

  • Wider Reach

The best webinar software is accessible by huge global audiences. It means that your business can extend its reach to any individual in the world in an effective manner. They would be convenient if they are accessible to simple internet run devices. 

  • Making Business Activities Engaging

Webinars are a great digital marketing tool for businesses. With it, you can easily gain the attention of audiences. Not only that they are highly engaging in live online events. Any individual that wants to follow your presentation is going to show up for the event earlier. 

What Are Some Tips And Strategies For Using Webinar Platforms?

The following are the tips you can follow – 

► Select A Reputable Webinar Platform

Firstly, you have to go with the best webinar software and platform. It needs to be the one that is trustworthy. With reputable webinar software, it is easy for people to register for your webinar. 

► Select Right Day And Time

Always host the webinar on the day and time when there is a maximum number of attendees. It is based on the demographic and various researches shows Wednesday and Thursday to be the best ones. 

► Use Correct Equipment

The equipment used can make or break the webinar. You can depend on the built-in microphone of your desktop or laptop. But it is better to go with the landline phone or headset microphone to make sure audiences can clearly hear you.

► Promotion Of Webinar In Advance

To get more or maximum attendance, it is better to promote your event in advance. All you have to do is create an engaging landing page. It should discuss topics related to the webinar and speaker. 

► Go For Topics That Interests Audiences

When you are choosing a topic, go with the one that resonates with your audiences. If your idea is broad, just narrow it down and try to cover a single part. An in-depth webinar on a certain topic is much better and useful to a general one. 

► Engaging Your Audience

Never forget about engaging with your audience. While the webinar is going on you should make sure that your audience can provide valuable feedback. Ask them questions and get them to interact after four to five slides.

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