10 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps for Android

Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps

Choosing the best YouTube video downloader apps for Android is not a difficult task. There are several applications available in the market but choosing the right one is quite important. Most of the users have questions if they can download YouTube videos on their Android device hassle-free or not then the answer is yes.

These apps make this possible and let the users download all the videos without much effort.

The apps are available along with their features so that you can make a better decision to download your favorite YouTube videos and watch them offline. So, without any delay let’s have a look at the best YouTube video downloader apps for Android devices. 

10 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps for Android

1. Videoder

Videoder app

Videoder is the best YouTube video downloader app that lets you save videos from YouTube in different formats and resolutions. It has a minimalist and straightforward User Interface so that anyone can use it without any problem.

The tool is equipped with an integrated video player which you can use to play videos before downloading them. Apart from YouTube, you can also download videos from other sources such as Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion, and many more. 


  • It can download videos from multiple sites in multiple formats
  • It supports batch downloads 
  • Download YouTube playlists 

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2. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader app

4K Video Downloader is a highly popular and reliable YouTube video downloader for Android and other devices. You can download any type of video file with or without subtitles. It supports multiple formats including MKV, MP3, FLV, M4A, MP4, and many more.

This application allows you to download videos from YouTube and other sites like Vimeo and Facebook. It supports saving videos in different qualities including 720p, 1080p, HD, 8k, and 4k ultra-high resolution. 


  • It can download videos in bulk
  • Allows you to save the entire playlist 
  • It is highly customizable 

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3. TubeMate

Tube Mate

TumeMate is the most popular YouTube video downloader app for Android which lets you download videos from YouTube in high quality with the fastest speed. Apart from YouTube, the tool is capable of downloading videos from other sites like Facebook, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and many others.

You can select the format and quality in which you want to download the video. If you wish to download the audio file then you can also extract MP3 format. 


  • It has an inbuilt browser
  • The inbuilt media player lets you create and play your playlist 
  • Download videos at a faster speed 

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4. iTubeGo


iTubeGo is another YouTube video downloader app for Android. The software also works on other OS like Windows, Mac, and many more. It is easier to download videos using this tool and in various formats including MP4, 4k, HD, and many others.

Using this tool you can create your own playlists and download them at once. It supports almost all video and audio file formats. You can also save YouTube videos on an SD card to watch the videos offline and save your precious phone memory. 


  • Supports batch downloading function 
  • It is loaded with inbuilt video conversion tools 
  • Download videos from 10000+ sites 

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5. Snaptube

Snaptube app

SnapTube is another popular app used to download videos from YouTube. It can download videos from other sources like Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and many others. This app supports downloading videos of different resolutions including 4k, 8k, 360 degrees, VR & 60 fps videos. It includes an inbuilt search box that allows you to search videos with keywords. 

If you want to download videos on your SD card then you just need to copy and paste the video link manually and the rest process will be performed by the app itself. 


  • It has powerful features 
  • It can download videos from 50+ sites 
  • It can download high definition videos and audio 

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6. InsTube


InsTube is another free YouTube video downloader app for Android that lets you download videos and watch them offline. It offers you a great downloading experience. It supports downloading high-quality videos up to 4k. Apart from YouTube, it can download videos from other video hosting services such as Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, Vimeo, Vine, and many others.


  • It has a powerful built-in video and music player
  • It has a clean and user-friendly interface 
  • Offers the fastest downloading speed with various downloading functions 

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7. KeepVid


KeepVid is another free YouTube video downloader app available for Android. The software allows you to download videos and audio from different sites including YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Tumblr, Dailymotion, and many others.

It supports downloading videos in different formats such as 1080p, 720p, 480p, and 320p. It downloads videos faster and also in HD quality. If you are a Windows user then check this blog about the Windows 11 YouTube video downloader tool.


  • It has an integrated video and audio player
  • Offers various customization options 
  • It previews video before downloading 

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8. OGYouTube


OGYouTube is a YouTube video downloader app for Android that offers all the features you require in a decent downloader app. It can download your favorite video clips in HD quality. It enables you to play YouTube audio in the background. All the functions like browsing videos, streaming YouTube, and downloading them from a single dashboard are possible. 


  • It is loaded with an inbuilt video-to-audio converter
  • Offers picture in picture mode 
  • It has an inbuilt browser to search and stream YouTube videos 

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9. YT3 YouTube Downloader

YT3 YouTube Downloader

YT3 YouTube Downloader is another YouTube video downloader app for Android. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. You can easily download videos from YouTube for offline watching purposes using this tool. It includes all the essential features that you require while downloading videos from YouTube. It can download videos in either MP3 or MP4 formats.


  • It can download high-quality videos 
  • Supports popular video formats like MP4, 3GP, and others 
  • Supports built-in music player 

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10. NewPipe


Last but not least, NewPipe is a YouTube video downloader app that helps you download your favorite videos through YouTube. It is an open-source application that can download YouTube videos for free.

The motive of the developers is to provide a similar experience to YouTube. It has a user-friendly interface and offers a feature that allows you to play YouTube videos in the background while using other apps. 


  • It offers a fast downloading speed
  • It has a straightforward interface 
  • Has a video pop-up mode 

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Conclusion On YouTube Video Downloader Apps

In conclusion, the best YouTube video downloader apps redefine convenience by offering versatile features, user-friendly interfaces, and efficient downloading capabilities. These apps cater to diverse user needs, enabling hassle-free access to favorite YouTube content offline.

While preferences may differ, these applications excel in providing reliable and high-quality video downloads, enhancing the offline viewing experience. Embracing these top YouTube video downloader apps empowers users to build personal video libraries and enjoy their preferred content conveniently across various devices.


Q: What’s the best video downloader for Android?

A: There are several great video downloaders available for Android devices. Some popular options include TubeMate, Snaptube, VidMate, and KeepVid.

Q: Which video downloader is safe?

A: When it comes to safety, it’s important to download video downloader apps from trusted sources such as the Google Play Store or the official websites of the app developers. TubeMate, Snaptube, VidMate, and KeepVid are widely used and reputable video downloader apps for Android.

Q: Which app is the best YouTube downloader for Android?

A: There are several excellent YouTube downloader apps available for Android. Some popular choices include TubeMate and Snaptube, NewPipe, and YMusic. Each app offers its own set of features and interface, so it’s recommended to try them out and select the one that meets your specific requirements.

Q: How to download a YouTube video on Android?

A: To download a YouTube video on Android, you can use a dedicated YouTube downloader app such as TubeMate or Snaptube. Here’s a general guide to downloading YouTube videos on Android:

  1. Install and open the YouTube downloader app on your Android device.
  2. Search for the desired YouTube video within the app.
  3. Tap on the video to play it, and a download button or option should appear.
  4. Select the preferred video format and resolution, then tap the download button.
  5. Once the download is complete, you can access the video from the app’s saved/downloaded videos section or through a file manager app on your device

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