10 Best YouTube Video Downloaders for Mac

Best YouTube Video Downloaders for Mac

YouTube is a popular media platform with several unique videos uploaded by various users from all over the world. People can view all those videos but need help downloading them. So, people try to use several third-party YouTube video downloaders for Mac to download them directly. Due to the demand for third-party tools, several types of unique software are available in the market. 

The software listed in this blog is thoroughly tried and tested by 20+ YouTube downloaders and is listed according to their performance and features. Each product will have unique features that help to get better results. In this blog, we have listed the top 10 YouTube downloaders available for Mac.

10 Best YouTube Video Downloader for Mac

1. VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter 

This application for Mac will be the best option for people who need to download bulk videos with maximum quality, like HD or 4K, for free. The simple and effective downloader engine available in this product will help the users get more benefits, and it also helps the users get access to all the available features.  

  • Simple and interactive user interface
  • Video editing facilities
  • Video conversion features that help to convert videos into several forms
  • It is suitable for all Mac versions and works with other Apple devices like iPhones and Ipad. 

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So, all these are some of the unique features of VideoProc Converter. Just paste the URL, select the video quality, and press the download button to start the process. 

2. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader

This 4K video downloader will be the best option for people to use with Mac, and this will be the perfect option for Mac users to download high-quality YouTube videos for free. This product helps people to download all kinds of video formats, including 3D videos, 360-degree videos, and more. This application will be one of the best free YouTube downloaders for Mac, and it also provides several unique features like

  • It helps to download videos from various social media platforms
  • Simple user interface
  • Ability to download 4K videos with better quality
  • Practical desktop application with unique performance

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3. MacX YouTube Downloader

MacX YouTube Downloader

Apple has several products and many versions of its OS, so people must choose the best application. But, in this application, all users with different OS can use this product without any issues, and it supports all devices. This tool is entirely free and provides unique options to get more benefits. 

  • It helps to download videos in various quality levels
  • Provide options to download videos in different formats
  • Helpful in downloading videos from multiple social media platforms

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4. Airy


People who need to download YouTube videos with simple and practical steps for their Mac devices can consider this Airy application, especially for downloading videos on Mac-supported devices. People who need to get Youtube videos in 1080p,4K, and Ultra HD can use this application without any premium payments. It has unique features like

  • Downloading videos in different formats
  • It helps to download the complete soundtrack of the video without visuals
  • Capability to download entire playlists from YouTube channels.

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5. ClipGrab

ClipGrab for mac

This ClipGrab product is available in two variants: ClipGrab and ClipGrab legacy. The ClipGrab Legacy variant is for downloading videos in the older version of Mac and is also suitable for other devices with 32-bit processors. Similarly, this variant is for PPC processors like Snow leopards, Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks. The other variant is for all the latest versions of Mac. 

  • Search bar for searching keywords to download videos
  • Simple link-based downloading option
  • Unique and attractive user interface
  • Effective download speed with more download options.

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6. MediaHuman


People who need to download YouTube videos on Mac can use an application, especially for Mac users. Most people looking for products with better performance can use this application. People can download a complete YouTube playlist without effort, and it also helps them get perfect quality videos with maximum download speed.

  • It has a synchronous download option
  • Ability to download HD, UHD, and all other quality videos
  • Proper download notifications and task-completing signals
  • Features to extract audio from video. 

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7. 5K Player

5K Player

This application is free to use; people can directly download it on their Mac devices to use it as a desktop application. This application’s compact build helps people get more benefits and features that make downloading more simple and more effective for getting videos of different qualities. This application will be the best option for the Mac framework, making it popular among Mac users. 

  • Suitable for individual users to download long recordings
  • Best access features to download videos from various platforms
  • Different downloading options like quality and video format

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8. Apowersoft


This application is suitable for all Mac Os devices and provides services for other devices like PSP, iPad, and many more. This Apowersoft application is ideal for all users, allowing access to download videos from various leading social media platforms. It also helps people download the entire playlist from YouTube, and many people use this app to get their favorite videos without any payments. 

  • Ability to download videos with high quality
  • It has a screen recording feature
  • Video conversion section with unique video format options

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9. Wondershare AllMyTube


Users who need to choose the best YouTube Video Downloaders for Mac can consider this Wondershare AllMyTube application which is effective for all Mac devices. This app doesn’t have any exceptions on OS versions. In the free version, people can download up to 2 videos simultaneously.

  • It can change the video configurations and download music files
  • Handle cluster download with maximum benefits
  • Download the entire playlist easily

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10. iTube Studio for Mac

iTube Studio for Mac

This app is a single tool with various features like recording, video transferring, converting, and downloading. People who need all these features in a single app can consider this iTube Studio application, especially Mac users. It provides several valuable benefits for its users.

  • It helps to record video from various video-streaming platforms
  • Provide features to download high-quality videos
  • High-speed download with count free download option

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In conclusion, the best YouTube video downloaders for Mac redefine convenience by offering versatile features, intuitive interfaces, and efficient downloading capabilities. These downloaders cater to diverse user needs, providing seamless access to favorite YouTube content offline.

While preferences may differ, these applications excel in providing reliable and high-quality video downloads, enhancing the offline viewing experience on Mac devices. Embracing these top YouTube video downloaders empowers users to build personal video libraries and enjoy their preferred content conveniently across various Mac platforms.

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