How To Fix Bluetooth Connections Problems On Windows 10

Bluetooth is one of the integral components in Windows 10 which is used in various tasks such as sharing files or connecting any device through this software to your laptop or PC.  Bluetooth is a revolutionary change in the technology era because it allows you to perform various tasks of connectivity without the use of any wire. Bluetooth works on the wireless connectivity principle. 

But sometimes, there can be some issues related to Bluetooth connectivity in your system. You need to fix this problem. In this article, we will provide you some common ways to fix the Bluetooth problem in Windows 10. So, let’s start it. 

Fix Bluetooth Connections problems on Windows 10

1. Make sure that you turn on the Bluetooth

It’s a very simple and generally used method to fix the Bluetooth connections problem on windows 10. Sometimes, we forget to turn on the Bluetooth of our system and try to connect it with any accessories but it’s showing some errors in contacting the same device.

So, we recommend you to check that you turn on Bluetooth before performing any task.  You can find the Bluetooth icon in the notification icon which is available on the bottom of the PC on the right side.  

How to check that Bluetooth is on

The color of the Bluetooth icon is used to check the status of Bluetooth connectivity. The grey color indicated that Bluetooth is turned off and the blue color which shows that your Bluetooth is on.

There is another alternative method to turn on the Bluetooth in your windows 10.  Use these steps to turn on Bluetooth: –

  • Go to the settings of your windows 10
  • Click on the devices option and search for Bluetooth and other devices.  
  • On clicking on the Bluetooth icon you can turn on or off it.

Bluetooth Problems On Windows 10

  • Restart the Bluetooth connectivity: –

It might be a helpful tip to solve the Bluetooth problem on windows 10. You should turn off the Bluetooth once and then enabled it.

2. Check the battery status of the device

The battery of your device that you are trying to connect with Bluetooth of windows 10 may be a cause for non-functioning. So, you must check the battery status of the accessories devices for the proper functioning of the Bluetooth. 

3. Restart the Windows 10

It’s one of the most effective and simple steps to fix the issue of Bluetooth on windows 10. Here we are giving some steps to restart your Windows 10: –

  • Press Ctrl+A4 simultaneously and you will find that a dialogue box is appearing on your screen. Select the Restart option and press enter.
  • After pressing enter your windows 10 will be restarted after some time. 

4. Update Bluetooth on your Windows 10

Bluetooth gets automatically updated but in some cases, it’s updated. Due to continuing the use of the older version it becomes corrupt and showing error in the smoothly functioning of Bluetooth. 

Update Bluetooth on your Windows 10

You can update the Bluetooth driver from any trusted websites. There is also another method to update the Bluetooth driver through an updated driver. For this, you need to click on update driver options from your windows 10 and visit an updated driver to launch the update for the device.

5. Remove and Reconnect the Bluetooth device from your Windows 10: –

To fix the issues related to Bluetooth on Windows 10 you should remove the connected devices from the Bluetooth connectivity. Once you removed the Device properly than you should reconnect the same device to Bluetooth.  We hope that this will work for you and your problem will be solved. 

  • You just need to follow steps to remove and reconnect the device: – 
  • Go to the settings of your window 10
  • In settings, you will find an option of devices. Click on device options and you will find another option of Bluetooth and another device.
  • When you will click on Bluetooth and other devices you will find the status of connected devices. Now, click on the remove option disable the device. 
  • When you remove the device you need to restart your PC. After restarting the pc, follow the same steps up to Bluetooth and other devices. After that, you need to click on turn on Bluetooth option for reconnecting the accessories. Before that, you just need to add a device in Bluetooth driver of your windows 10. 

6. By using windows 10 troubleshooter

This is the last option but the most efficient method to solve the issue of Bluetooth on windows 10. In the case of non-functioning of the above-mentioned ways, you can adopt this method.  However, you should use this method if the above methods become unsuccessful. 

In this section of our article, we will learn you how to open a troubleshooter in Windows 10 to fix the various issues particularly related to Bluetooth.  You just need to follow those steps which we mentioned below: –

  • Go to the settings options of your PC.
  • Click on the Windows 10 update and security option. 
  • After clicking on the windows 10 update and security option, you need to select troubleshooters and look for Bluetooth options from the given options. 
  • After choosing the Bluetooth options click on the run the troubleshooter option that will allow you to fix the issue.  
  • When searching will be completed then you will choose an option to solve the issue. 

By using windows 10 troubleshooter

Here, you should notice one important point that if you aren’t able to find an error by using this troubleshooter then you must use any other troubleshooter because sometimes the issue is related to hardware. For example, you will find that sometimes playing Audio or other troubleshooter option is an effective way to solve the Bluetooth problems on windows 10.

Conclusion on Bluetooth Connections Problems

If you aren’t able to detect any error by using the above-mentioned methods then we strongly recommended that you must consult with your Bluetooth device manufacturers, they can help you to solve this issue.


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