10 Best Broken Link Checker Tools You Must Use

Broken links are the type of dead-links which are very ineffective for different search engine and also for your users coming to your websites so that why broken link checker is important. Here are some of the 404 link checker tools which will detect 404 and dead links on your website.

Google loves backlinks. Backlink helps to grow your business with the help of a website and vice-versa to get business opportunities. They can be a paid link or free listing too. If you are interested in knowing the websites to buy backlinks then must-read here.

When the links are broken, your online portal visibility does come down. You may be penalized too for having many broken links. Yet, the links you open might show some error or a 404 error page. These links are broken links. You need to use the best Broken Link Checker Tools and remove them from your website. Here, we have suggested the top 10 Broken Link Checker Tools, which are available online as free and paid versions.

Best Broken Link Checker Software 2020

1. SEMrush

SEMrush top the list of the best online broken link checker worldwide. This is a paid online tool, which is available as Pro, Guru, and Business. These monthly packs are pricey at $99.5, $ 199.95, and $ 399.95. This is a great user-friendly tool for website owners, SEO professionals, and web-related ancillary service providers. It enables us to do proper backlinks audit to know broken links are there or not. By this, you can fix those links soon.

SEMrush backlink checker


  1. It is the best bulk broken link checker in WordPress site.
  2. You can check by geolocations.
  3. You can do deep broken link analysis.
  4. This tool allows you to check by broken link types.
  5. You can also read about the Semrush Free Trial

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2. Sitechecker

Sitechecker tops the list of the best free online website broken link checker tools. This is a freemium tool and which is the least pricey at $ 14 a month. You can use this tool in any operating system. It crawls all the present broken links, also does suggest you how to fix them too. With this tool, you can find all those 404 Error pages soon and take necessary action. This tool is enabled with a content management system or CMS. Thus, this kind of website can be easily crawled soon.


  1. You can get a comprehensive report on broken links.
  2. It can scan up to 100 websites a month.
  3. You can check for an accurate broken link audits monthly.
  4. This tool gives suggestions to whom to fix broken links too.

3. Dead Link Checker

This is the best among any dead link checker tools in 2020. This is a freemium online tool. You have to pay $9.95 later for a month after its trial version is over. This tool checks the dead links with all types of errors. You can do an efficient dead links audit. You can get a report in a few seconds. This is a user-friendly tool for business and web-related ancillary service providers. A website owner can handle them independently too.


  1. You can scan for hundreds of links at a time.
  2. It has an auto-check feature to find dead links.
  3. This tool enables you to pass and resume later too.
  4. You can do many multi checks of dead links in a month.

4. Google Webmaster

It is the best in Google broken link checker tool by Google. This is a fermium online tool. Yet, you have to contact Google for its paid version. This is the best broken link checker. This tool helps for those who have enabled Google search engine on their website. This is because; it can crawl efficiently as this tool is from the parent company. Its free version is a user-friendly tool. Yet, you must get help from Google to remove those broken links by contacting them online.


  1. You can do a better campaign by having good links on your website.
  2. It crawls through most hunted websites on Google and fixes broken links.
  3. You can do better backlinks audits and can find broken links and fix them.

5. WP Broken Link Status Checker

It is the best tool as a free broken link checker in the WordPress site. This user-friendly tool is the best to use website owners to check and fix them independently. It checks broken links, which is inclusive of images. You can scan hundreds of websites and do a proper audit related to broken link status. This also includes those no-follow links too. It can authenticate all response codes with HTTP status. Hence, you get a comprehensive report.


  1. You can stop a scan function and later resume without any technical interruption.
  2. Its crawling speed is efficient enough to get broken links status on your website within a few seconds.
  3. You can make use of its bulk action mode to fix broken backlinks.
  4. This is open-source software. Hence, you will get the latest updates.

6. Screaming Frog

This is the best sitemap free broken link checker. This is a freemium tool. After a free trial, you can buy them at an affordable price of $ 149 for a year. Its latest version is 8.0. Yet, this tool is a desktop application type. This is a user-friendly tool, which is the best for a starter and professionals. It comes with an SEO spider, where you can export results in excels and sorts out for various references related to broken links on your portal.


  1. You can check up to 500 links under its free trial.
  2. This tool enables you to crawl from large websites with a few seconds.
  3. You can use this tool to get custom reports on broken backlinks by types.
  4. You can get reports on XML sitemaps.

7. Ahrefs

It is the best online dead link-checking tool. You have to pay $ 7 to use its free trial version. Its crawler is efficient such that it is the 2nd dead link checker website than Google. It is the best tool to use by e-commerce industries. Its premium versions are good enough to keep away from dead links as it refreshes daily. You can schedule them, extract reports, and fix them to improve your site performance. This tool is efficient to crawl trillions of backlinks. If you are interested in reading the comparison between semrush vs ahrefs which is totally unbiased.


  1. This tool is quick to get dead links and fix them too.
  2. It has a scheduling tool to scan daily, weekly, and monthly, which is the best for SEO purposes.
  3. It is the best tool to identify redirected links.
  4. You can get reports in seconds in SCV.

8. W3C Link Checker

This is the best among the top broken link checker tools, which is very free. This bad link checker is the best fit for a website owner and others in web-related ancillary services. This tool is popular for having more display options to get broken links report. You can get reports in the CSS sheet. Quality Web Tool in association with W3C’s Validators develops this user-friendly free broken link checker. It is advisable to use the latest version, which is 5.0.


  1. You can inspect links and anchors.
  2. This tool has the provision of downloads and uses online too.
  3. You can get scanning results in HTML and CSS.
  4. You can apply permissible restrictions.

9. Online Broken Link Checker

It is the best website broken link checker, which offers 3,000 pages free under their free trial. This free online tool is the best to use by starters and website owners to improve their SEO. Yet, its paid version is the best to use by professionals in the web-related services. This tool allows you to scan unlimited to check external and internal broken links. This user-friendly tool functions on iOS, Mac OS, Linux, and Windows.


  1. You can get a report of scan in HTML.
  2. You can check for subdomains if any.
  3. It can check link root issues.
  4. It can show dead links and their locations

10. Xenu’s Link

This is the best free broken link checker, which is available as an open-source tool. This is an advantage to get the latest updates as internet technologies changes. This user-friendly tool is easy to download and use. Yet, you cannot expect this tool to work on Windows 3.11 and Windows 32. This tool is the best to re-check all broken links at any time.


  1. Its user-interface is with no frills.
  2. It checks re-directed URLs.
  3. You can generate a broken link report anytime and e-mail them too.
  4. It has site map features.


What are Broken Links?

Broken links are those links, which show an error or do not open when you click those links from a website. Most often, you may find a 404 Error.

Why does the problem of broken links arise?

This can be as the site is no more available on the web. A link maybe with an incorrect URL. Permalinks have being changed. A renaming would have happened and not updated the same on links.

How to check broken links in the website?

You must use a free or paid broken link checker to find those broken links in a portal. You must check this monthly once.

How to fix broken links?

You must use the best Broken Link Checker tool to fix those broken link issues. They are available as free and fermium tools.

How to find dead links?

You must use a dead link checker to find those links. It is available as a paid and free tool online.

Best Broken Link Checker – Conclusion

So these are the list of software that can help you to detect and fix all the broken and dead links on your website. Semrush is the top-recommended tool by experts for checking and fixing broken links. I hope you like this article


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