10+ Best Websites To Buy Expired Domains In (2021)

Are You looking to buy expired domain names that are available for cheap then you are in the right place? Here we have examined the best website which will provide you with a list of expired domains from which you can select.

What is an expired domain

Expired domains or dropped domains are those domains that have been expired by the persons, people in business, or organizations, but due to specific reasons, they did not get it to renew after the end of the validation. The company gives the time of 30 days to get it to renew. But when you don’t get it to renew in the extension period, then the company announces it as an expired domain. These deleted domains have good DA and PA which anybody can use.

Then the registrar opens it for selling. They start bidding, and whoever puts higher bid, wins the domain.

If you want to commence your company on the web, either planning to migrate your website to a new domain, you must buy an expired domain instead of a new one. If it is a suitable match for your company, then it will be turned out to be the best deal for your website.

If you want sufficient exposure and declaration of your brand and maintain exclusivity, it is imperative to get the domain and register with it. The domain name indicates many things about the website it depicts.

Many new people in business want to find the expired domain and utilize it fully. 

But certain things should be kept in mind and consider before buying expired domains. Firstly find an expired domain list to choose the most appropriate expired domain for your website.

Best Ways to use Expired domains

1. 301 redirect– It is the easiest way to transfer all the links to the new sites or blog.

2. Private Blog Network– PBN is a network of a website used to create links for a single site. It tricks the search engine rankings.

You require to create a good website on the expired domain, which has a high backlink from the other sites. It will allow you to enhance your ranking. 

3. Create an authority site on the domain – The domain that already has a backlink from the high authorities from other websites will make it easy for the user to increase their rankings. 

Whatever you write on your blog, it will be ranking on the search engines. You can earn the right amount from the past authority of that domain. 

Best Websites To Buy Expired Domains

The listing below is the top 10 sites to buy expired domains. 

1. Dynadot.com

Talking about Dynadot.com, it is the most popular website to buy expired domains. This website contains the complete expired domains list which you must see.

The main aim of establishing Dynadot.com is engineering and design superiority. It has multiplied and expanded to almost 108 different countries all over the world and served thousands of customers.

Dynadot.com is known for providing world-class registration and hosting services at a very reasonable amount.  

It includes all the best domains list which are expiring soon. You can place a bid for your chosen domain, and if you win, the domain is yours. 

Key Features

  • Recently expired domain names
  • Best place to buy expired domains
  • It also shows expired domains with traffic.

2. Domain coasters.com

Domain coasters are one of the favorite sites for buying expired domains for SEO.

Distinct to other traders, it enables the users to operate the domains for the SEO requirements. It uses unique methods to find domains.

Domain coasters are based on automation and sophistication. It is very cost-effective and provides services at a very nominal cost.

The users of domain coasters use the expired domain for money site, PBNs, and 301 redirects.

3. GoDaddy Auctions

Most people prefer this site to buy expired domains. It is the protocol where you find all the expired domains, information regarding paced bids, market price, traffic, etc. You can place your bidding offer in the box to buy an expired domain. 

When you click on a particular domain name, all the specific details will be very beneficial for you to pick the most appropriate expired domain which suits your website. 

4. ExpiredDomains.net

Every single day thousands of domains get expired due to various reasons. Some of the domain owners don’t want to work further with them, or some might forget about the expiry date of subscription.

The businessmen who understand the value of expired domains, ExpiredDomains.net is one of the sites to buy expired domains. 

You will quickly get all the necessary information on this site regarding all the expired domains without paying any amount. 

The best feature is that you need not sign up to check the expired domain, you can choose the one domain and get all the required information.

5. Stuckdomains.com

Stuckdomain.com is another site that is simply a portal of the expired domain. The check-in and check-out policy are very convenient. To check the details of the domains, you need not sign up for that, and also the registration is not a must. It also offers very exclusive filters.

6. FreshDrop.com

It is another of the best sites to buy expired domains. It is one of the best and easy to use the site. It has a lot of features that a person wants to see in a website. 

FreshDrop.com has effortless filters, and at the right side of the top of the homepage, search options are mentioned where you can search for the desired domain. 

7. NameCheap Domains

The website came into existence in 2000. Richard Kirkendall set it. The website is one of the top domain registrars globally; furthermore, it also provides web hosting services. 

It is the proper forum where you can find the expired domain as well as new domains. Several domains are available on this website; you can bid the offer price for the desired one and move forward. It will be easy to buy a perfect domain for your site, which can improve your website. 

8. DomainPeel.com

DomainPeel.com is one of the best websites which offers the spam-free expired domain list. It is one of the reputable websites for those businessmen who don’t know more about the industry or are new to the field. You will get all the truthful information and domain names here.

9. Flippa.com

It is the website that delivers all the information of domains, whether they have been sold or are going to expired soon. When you click on an individual domain name, a new page appears, and all the essential details will be there with the biding option.

It also provides you a facility of blogs related to domains. It enables you to understand what type of internet space you need.

10. SeekaHost.in

Seekahost.in is the best website where you will find the best of the expired domains with traffic. It enables millions of buyers and sellers of parts every month to find the best-expired domains. If you want to get a free site and consist of expired domains with a lot of traffic, you must go through this.

It also provides web hosting services. It offers super-fast services along with security. The website provides reliable information regarding the expired domains. You will easily find a domain that is more suitable for your business.

All the websites are listed above, which consists of a lot of details. Top ten websites that offer information regarding expired domains. You will be able to get information about various websites and even the specialty of each website. 

It will help you understand which one is more suitable for you. But then also there are a lot of people who have a lot of questions regarding the expired domains. So, some of the frequently asked questions. 


Do expired domains still work?

When a domain expires, all the functions stop working. The domain will be inactive immediately. When the domain expires, you are not allowed to make any updates. But the domain will be accessible for reactivation at your regular domain rate.

What is an expired domain?

An expired domain is those domains that have been enrolled by the people, companies, or organizations. But when the contract ended, they do not renew it, or they have gradually discontinued it. It shows that they are available for re-registration.

How do I find out when a domain expires?

Some steps must be considered to know when the domain name will expire:

  • Start a WHOIS lookup, and it can be conducted on various websites.
  • Enter the IP address in the input box. Mention the domain name of interest and hit the lookup button. 
  • All the essential details regarding the domain will appear on that page. You can easily find the date of the domain expires at the bottom of the record. This way you can easily buy old domains.

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