15+ Best Camtasia Alternatives For Mac & Windows


If you are looking for the best Camtasia alternatives then you are in the right place. If you create training videos and presentations more often then you have used Camtasia by Techsmith, a prime video-creating application that is easy to use and easy to learn with its supreme features but it has some drawbacks also such as regular bugs and crashes, synchronization error, restricted customization, inferior keyboard command, export issue, no keyframe following and high pricing which makes it less preferable than others. This is why there is a need for Camtasia Alternatives tools For Mac and Windows.

What to search for in a Camtasia alternative

If you are disappointed by using software like Camtasia and seeking for best professional Camtasia alternatives then you should focus on some imperative features which are as follows:-

Solid altering abilities–  Any software like Camtasia should have this capability in which users can easily trim their video recordings and can simply remove background noise.

Adaptable screen recording–  Any screen recording software should have flexibility in display recording and should also favor custom display tapping sizes.

Additional cursor impacts and annotations–  Video editing applications like Camtasia alternatives should possess additional cursor effects as this feature truly works on the nature of screencasts to make them simpler to follow.

Adjustment abilities– A video editor always faces display adjustment problems so if you go with any alternatives then you should focus that the software can adjust the white balance and dynamic range of video clips.

Combining videos and images– Combining multiple videos and images can be a daunting task so you should always prefer software that can do it.

The alternatives to Camtasia which I reviewed here are based on multiple factors like user interface, input formats, transitions, budget & price, cloud recording, instant sharing, video editing, etc.

15 Best Camtasia Alternatives For Mac & Windows

1. Wondershare Filmora

  • Latest Version: NA
  • Compatibility: Supports Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (both 32bit & 64bit versions)
  • Free Version: Free Download Available

Wondershare Filmora is an automatic screen recorder and video editor. It can be an affordable tool if you are looking for the best Camtasia alternative. Mostly this application is used by teachers, vloggers, and gamers. Here are some pros that make it preferable-

Wondershare Filmora 


  • Simple to use, with a little expectation to absorb information.
  • There’s a free form accessible. The superior plans are additionally reasonable.
  • Programming is accessible for both Mac and Windows.
  • The recorder allows you to record your screen and webcam.
  • You can draw and compose on the screen while recording.
  • Text liveliness formats, explanation apparatuses, and cursor impacts make it simple to alter your recordings.
  • Free trial available.

Visit Here


2. Screen Flow

  • Latest Version: NA
  • Compatibility: Supports macOS Catalina 10.15 and Big Sur 11 only
  • Free Version: Free Trial Available

Screen Flow is another best Camtasia alternative that can be used easily for video editing. It is very easy to use as beginners can also use it but window users can not access its services as it is not compatible with the window system. It provides you a feature through which you can first record videos and then can easily edit them and this feature makes it more suitable for professional video editors. Screen Flow provides features like voice-over, screen recording, easy to use, unlimited recording time, supported video format MP4 & MOV, etc. Some advanced editing features of screen flow are below-

QuickTime Player


  • Empowers top-notch recording
  • Elite video-altering devices
  • Empowers catching fractional screen
  • iOS recording
  • Suggestive of Windows Movie Maker
  • Available at $99

Platform Available ( Mac OS)

Visit Here

3. Ezvid Video Maker  

  • Latest Version: NA
  • Compatibility: Supports Windows XP3, 7, 8, 10, 11 (both 32bit & 64bit versions)
  • Free Version: Free Download Available

This software is probably the best application like Camtasia for the desktop system but it has a minimalist interface which makes it so unique however some users do not like this feature of the Ezvid screen recorder application. Ezvid is easy to use and can be very useful for beginners also. It helps the user to record videos and save them without a watermark. Investigate EzVid, one of the many free Camtasia options that have sprung up throughout the long term. In case you’re searching for a free, quick, and simple screen recording apparatus, this one merits the download.

Ezvid Video Maker


  • Simple interface and is easy to use.
  • Provides an excellent video editor to make changes to your recorded videos.
  • Save videos without a watermark.
  • It has options to automatically save video recordings. 
  • It helps to create and maintain a slideshow.  

Platform Available ( Windows)

Visit Here

4. Active presenter

  • Latest Version: 8.5.0
  • Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (64-bit only) and macOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15, 11 
  • Free Version: Free Download Available

The active presenter is a professional screencast software that is mostly used for creating e-learning courses consisting of high-quality graphics and videos. What makes active Presenters an alternative to Camtasia is that it provides you a facility to create high-quality videos in several modes like in locked application, customized mode, full-screen mode, etc. It is easy and convenient to use as you can easily record videos from your webcam and add a voice from your smartphone which makes it convenient for beginners also.

Active presenter


  • Tape display in full HD quality with your webcam and sound.
  • Underlying video altering apparatuses like cut, trim, crop, obscure video, eliminate green screen, text-to-discourse, zoom, and container, etc.
  • Create recordings into MP4, AVI, MKV, and WebM. The active presenter is available at different price rates such as the Free trial version.
  • Standard version at $199. Professional version at $399.

5. Movavi Video Suite

  • Latest Version: NA
  • Compatibility: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and macOS 
  • Free Version: Free Download Available

Movavi video suite is among the largest screencast software as it has a 3 million user base. It enables you to edit photos & videos, screen capture, and convert media. Here are some other features that prove it among alternatives to Camtasia –

Free Video Cutter


  • Deals with the two Windows and Mac.
  • Takes screen captures as well.
  • You can purchase the video proofreader and screen recorder independently or as a bundle.
  • There’s additionally a limitless arrangement that incorporates photograph altering and other valuable highlights.
  • There’s a video impacts store where you can get to impacts, changes, stickers, and foundations.

6. Screencast- O-Matic

  • Latest Version: NA
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac and iOS, Android, and Chromebook
  • Free Version: Free Download Available

Screencast- O-Matic is available for Chromebook, Mac, and Windows and it allows you to make your recordings for free. You can have it either as an online solution or as a desktop solution. Both work the same way. Different versions are also available on the Screen-o-Matic website like solo deluxe $1.50 and solo premier $4.00 which is quite economical than Camtasia.



  • Convenient full video suite
  • Drawing tools and advanced sharing & collaboration
  • Scripted recordings
  • Remove watermark
  • Green screen filter
  • Branded add free site

7. Loom

  • Latest Version: NA
  • Compatibility: For Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Free Version: Free Download Available

With Loom you can also record your screen & cam and screen only and cam only. Loom is also available in the desktop version as well as on the Chrome extension. Loom is available free for the trial version and they also have a pro version which costs $10 per month. With the pro version of Loom, you can record HD-quality videos with unlimited storage, unique drawing tools, and custom recording dimensions. Loom is available free as a starter and if you want to access the loom for business purposes then it costs you $8 per month.


8. Create

Create is an excellent video-creating and editing software by Vidello that is best suited for one who is seeking a one-time solution. This tool can be a new option as it’s not popular in the market but if you are in search of the best alternative for Camtasia then you should try this. Create is available only at half price as Camtasia with wonderful features such as-



  • Available for Windows and Mac systems.
  • Easily add annotations.
  • Provides a zoom feature.
  • Enables custom-size recording.
  • Available at $127 as a one-time payment.

9. DemoCreator

If you are tired of paying high prices for Camtasia then DemoCreator can be an alternative for you as the main features of Camtasia are available at a really low price on Democreator software. It is the reincarnation of Wondershare’s Filmora screen. Demo Creator is available on-site for a free trial and the purchased version enables you many attractive features such as



  • Easy way to change the appearance and add annotations.
  • Upgraded version of Filmora
  • Available for Windows and Mac system
  • Custom screen recording
  • Economic one-time fee $32.99

10. Freecam

Freecam enables you to record the screen for free without adding a watermark and this feature makes it a preferable alternative to Camtasia. Although it does not have many professional features as I found while using it is best suited for one who is looking for free screen recording and video editing software.



  • It has a liberal free form that doesn’t add watermarks to your recordings. There’s no restriction on screen time.
  • You can capture and alter recordings with it.
  • You can either save your video on your system or offer it on YouTube straightforwardly.
  • A free trial is available on the website and the pro version costs $227 per year.

11. OBS  

Best camtasia alternative

This is another best Camtasia replacement tools. It supplies a video recording studio that suggests live streaming features. This is available on Linux, Mac, and Windows versions. 

  • It maintains and manages so many filters for video editing. 
  • Intuitive audio pile-up is more advanced technology. 

Platform Available ( Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux)

Visit Here

12. Cam Studio  

Cam Studio

Cam Studio is another top Camtasia alternatives tools that allow receiving all sorts of audio and screen activities over the computer. Owing to the friendly version, it is rated as an industry-standard application. This is another popular Camtasia alternative on the list.

  • It mostly used to yield demos and tutorials  
  • If someone has a collection of small videos, it will be directly compiled onto CD or DVD.  

Platform Available ( Windows )

Visit Here

13. FFsplit 


FFsplit is the most useful and interesting software that provides valuable stuff regarding video editing. It helps in all perspectives for improving video resolution, and supportive online community, and great capture, and record functionalities.


  • It allows you to capture and store whatever you want, and upload it to your account  
  • Some great characteristics of this site are that provides hotkeys, a webcam, and an overlay. 

Platform Available ( Windows )

14. Free cam 

best camtasia studio alternative

Freecam is often used for creating professional videos and eLearning presentations. Along with this, users can get various types of options for editing video and audio. 

  • It gives an option for what part of the Screen you want to record. 
  • Sound editing is the best feature of it, where users easily change not only background music but also remove any background noise.  

Platform Available ( Windows and Mac )

15. Madcap Mimic

Madcap Mimic

This works as a screen recording tool with further instructions for multimedia and single-sourcing features. If someone is not able to get Camtasia, he or she will go with this alternative.

  • It has solid options for recording modes such as manual, automatic, and full-motion recording.
  • Users can easily find Western and Eastern European languages.  

Platform Available ( Windows )

16. Flashback 

flashback video editor

It is well fact that around one million users indulge in this application. Because it is an effective and efficient service to counter the Camtasia studio.  This is another good Camtasia alternative that users can use.

  • It helps to improve your videos with attached notes and images and edit different soundtracks simultaneously. 
  • It provides annotation and title assignments from start to endpoint.  

Platform Available ( Windows )

Conclusion On Camtasia Alternatives

I have listed several Camtasia alternatives that are readily available in the market so if you find it difficult to use Camtasia, and do not prefer its editing feature and high pricing then you can easily choose from one of the Camtasia alternatives I have listed above according to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get Camtasia for free:-

Yes…You just need to sign in on their website or download software and you can avail free trial of 30 days without adding your credit card and after 30 days you can purchase it if you find it suitable for your needs.

Is Camtasia worth the money?

Camtasia is a professional video editing tool which is created by Techsmith but in my opinion, there are various Camtasia alternatives available in the market that can easily be purchased with low price than Camtasia.

Which is better Filmora or Camtasia?

Filmora is the best option for people who are a beginner and find it difficult to use video editing software If you want professional video editing software then you must go with Camtasia as it provides you most excellent features of video editing.

What is similar to Camtasia

Camtasia is a superb video editing and screen recording tool that is available in the market with its exclusive features but many other Camtasia alternatives are also available in the market like Wondershare Filmora ScreenFlow etc.

Which software is good for Video Editing

Again the winner is Wondershare Filmora. A complete dedicated solution for all users

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