10 Best Canada IPTV Service Providers In 2024

IPTV is a new and modern way of watching television including live channels and on-demand videos. If you are looking for a Canada IPTV service provider? If yes then you have come across the right platform. 

IPTV has made our life easier and now we can stream content all over the world. To access IPTV you just need a working internet connection. If you have missed your favorite show due to a busy schedule don’t worry IPTV enables you to watch that content without any hassle.

With the right IPTV service, you can stream live shows, watch informative videos, sports, news, videos on demand, and other stuff. 

It is quite a tough task to choose the most genuine Canada IPTV subscription as the market is full of a lot of scams and illegal providers. That is why we have accumulated a list of the most authentic IPTV service provider for Canada

10 Best IPTV Service Providers For Canada

We have tried and tested several subscription services and listed down the 10 best Canada IPTV Service providers so that you can watch all the content that belongs to Canada. 

1. Voco TV

Voco TV

Voco TV is the leading Canada IPTV Service Provider which provides you with another level of watching experience. It offers a wide collection of live channels and videos on demand.

Whether it is drama, entertainment, sports, and other informative content whatever you want to watch. It supports almost all devices so you can easily use this IPTV service provider.


  • It offers a great customer support 
  • Easy to install and launch 
  • Offers high-quality content 

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2. Xtreme HD IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV is another best IPTV for Canada which offers a wide collection of 20,000+ channels, 50,000+ VOD, EPG, movies, and TV shows. If you wish you can watch multiple programs at one time.

It also offers an electronic program guide (EPG) but for a limited 7 days. It offers you a great experience of streaming movies, shows, and VOD without any buffering.


  • Offers 24/7 customer support 
  • It offers three layers of quality; HD, Full HD, and SD
  • Works on almost all device 

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3. Necro IPTV


Necro is a great Canada IPTV service provider you should choose to stream your favorite shows. It is loaded with 2000+ live channels from all over the world including the UK, US, Australia, and New Zealand.

The specialty of this service provider is that it offers great speed of loading and you will not get any disturbance due to the buffering. It offers all those features that are required in an IPTV provider that also at lower prices. 


  • It offers a complete EPG guide 
  • Provides two connections in a standard plan
  • It offers a free trial for three days 

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4. Best Buy IPTV

Best Buy IPTV 

BestBuy IPTV is another popular IPTV service for Canada which has an impressive collection of live channels and VOD content for Canada. It is compatible with a wide variety of IPTV players.

It supports 7300+ live channels and 9600+ VOD options for movies and TV series. One of its special features is that it offers a sorted list of VODs according to country. 


  • Enables you to add and remove your favorite channels 
  • Offers customer support via live chat and email/tickets 
  • It offers EPG (electronic program guide)

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5. IPTV Smarters 

IPTV Smarters 

IPTV Smarters is a good option for you to choose if you are looking for a Canada IPTV service provider that offers decent features and a good range of channels. You will find several live channels, radio channels, video-on-demand, and music videos at lower subscription rates.

While streaming content you will not get distracted due to buffering. It is loaded with extraordinary features like parental control, VPN integration, EPGs, and many others. Check the IPTV for Samsung tv if you want apps for your TV.


  • Offers good quality streams
  • It uses cutting edge anti freeze technology 
  • Supports multiple devices 

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6. IPTV Trends

IPTV Trends 

Next, we have IPTV trends in the list of the best Canada IPTV service providers. It provides various TV channels which you can watch without buffering.

The best thing is that you can watch your preferred shows and channels on any device whether you are in any location. It also offers various sports packages and PPV. 


  • Offers various subscription plans 
  • It provides M3U and MAG enigma format 
  • It offers customer support through phone and Whatsapp

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7. Eternal TV 

Eternal TV 

Eternal TV is a great IPTV service provider which is quite popular in the North American region. It offers 3000+ live channels. You can stream content in various qualities like SD, HD, and full HD quality. It offers about 15000 movies, radio channels, music videos, and other types of videos.

You will get a pleasant experience of streaming your favorite content. If you are not satisfied with their premium plans don’t worry they also offer a money-back guarantee. 


  • It offers a 24/7 live chat feature
  • 2800+ premium live channels 
  • Offers 14000+ VOD and TV shows 

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8. 6IPTV


Talking about 6IPTV is a Canada IPTV service provider which is quite user-friendly to other service providers. This is a German company that offers great content from Canada and other English-speaking countries.

It maintains 99.99% uptime and fast streaming speed. It supports almost all the devices which are frequently used in this modern world. 


  • It provides HD content and premium channels 
  • Offers 100% satisfaction guarantee on their services 
  • Provides efficient customer support 24/7

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9. Area 51 IPTV

Area 51 IPTV

Area 51 IPTV provides excellent service which is why we have placed it in the list of best Canada IPTV service providers. It consists of a wide collection of 13500+ live channels and 20000+ videos on demand.

Apart from Canada, it enables you to stream content from 80 other countries. Its huge library is loaded with various entertainment and informative content. 


  • Provides 99% uptime 
  • Quickly loads content
  • Offers free trial of two days 

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10. The Bull TV

Red Bull TV

Lastly, we have The Bull TV as the best Canada Service provider. It lets you access over 2000 premium channels from Canada, the UK, the US, and Latino America.

It is popular for providing live sports channels. This is an amazing IPTV for sports lovers where you can watch major sports events and sports like WWE, NFL, NHL, and UFC in HD quality.


  • Offers parental control feature
  • It has an integrated web player
  • Offers buffering-free experience

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What are the best IPTV services in Canada?

Many IPTV services in Canada are available which you can use to stream your favourite shows, VOD and many more via the internet. Some of the best IPTV services in Canada are: 

  • VocoTV
  • Xtreme HD
  • Eternal TV
  • IPTV Trends 
  • Necro 

What to look for when selecting IPTV service in Canada?

While selecting an IPTV service in Canada you must consider some points. Those are: 

  • The service provider should offer more channels and videos on demand.
  • Should offer all video quality like GD, 4k, and 8k.
  • It should be compatible with multiple devices such as Android, Apple TV, Firestick, Smart TV, Windows, etc. 
  • It should offer features like EPG, DVR, etc. 
  • Must have security features like VPN, content protection, and 99.99% uptime.


In the above article, we have mentioned the best IPTV for Canada. All the IPTV service providers are effective and consist of a huge collection of channels and videos on demand. You can stream the channels in HD, 4K, and 8k.

I hope the article could be informative for you and you can choose the Canada IPTV service provider as per your preferences.

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