9 Sites Like Wattpad in 2020: Wattpad Alternatives

wattpad alternatives

Featuring various genres like poetry, fanfics, teen-fiction and alike user-yielded anecdotes, Wattpad, has become a large online community of people with similar interest in writing and reading creative content. It has a whopping number of more than 65 million users worldwide and accounts for 400 million+ story uploads to date. With such immense popularity come … Read more

What Is Artificial Intelligence And Its Types

What is Artificial Intelligence

Most of the computer science students must have studied about AI or artificial intelligence. For others, they might not know what AI is. Yet, we all are living today with artificial intelligence-enabled technologies. We are using them as lifestyle gadgets, apps, in retail industries, healthcare, and the list goes on, where machines or computers perform … Read more

Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning – Complete Comparison

Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving this world, which was never than expected. Today, the IT-enabled, internet-enabled services and robotics perform as the human mind thinks. These were happening due to machine learning (ML). In the later stages, deep learning (DL) evolved as many types of researches were going on in AI. In the earlier period, … Read more

10 Best Games Like Stardew Valley You Must Play

Stardew is a farming simulation-based game. The Stardew valley game was launched in March 2019 and become popular because of the farming style and an interesting game strategy. The below article lists some of the games similar to Stardew valley Popular games like Stardew Valley  1. Moonlighter game It is similar to Stardew valley and … Read more

9 Best Camtasia Alternatives For Mac and Windows (2021)

There is no doubt that developers achieve the height of glory, especially in the field of software. There is various software used in different fields of life. Video makers are always looking for the best source to strengthen their video quality. Likely, Camtasia is the most popular application for screen recording and video editing. However, … Read more