How to Fix$annotatedconnectexception Error in Minecraft

Fix$annotatedconnectexception Error

Minecraft gaming is quite popular in the online gaming community. According to reports, 91 million players log in a month, which is vast in numbers. It proves how people are giving their love to Minecraft gaming and also enjoying playing it.  Many users have complained about one error, which is coming when they try to … Read more

How to Fix GeForce Experience Not Working

GeForce Experience Not Working

GeForce Experience is the associate application of the Geforce GTX graphics card. GeForce Experience is established to keep you away from outdated drivers; it suggests keeping your drivers up-to-date. Other than that, it automatically optimizes and changes the game settings for your good. Through GeForce Experience, you can share the greatest gaming moments with your … Read more

How to Fix “System Thread Exception Not Handled” Error on Windows 10

System Thread Exception Not Handled

If we are using Windows, we often face so many errors that irritate us to an extend. One of the main issues we have to face while using Windows is the system thread exception not handled error. It is Blue Screen of Death which is also known as BSOD. Everyone is familiar with BSOD, and … Read more