How To Clean Junk files on Mac

Read the guide on the best way to clean junk files on your mac system. We hope readers of this article are users of Mac PC and laptops. There are millions of Mac users now. All of them would have faced slowness in their functions due to junk files. The users without any technical knowledge may re-install Mac OS to seek a same-day solution. The next option you chose is to call a computer service personal and pay them to speed up your Mac PC. These are costly ideas when you can download Cleanmymac and do it all by yourself. It is trusted and free to download junk cleaner for Mac.

Here, we have discussed how to do junk file deletion and with the use of these apps listed here.

How To Clean Junk Files on Mac

First, you must know the files that affect your Mac PC or laptop performance. 

  • Cache Files
  • Downloads Files
  • Garbage Files 
  • Junk files
  • Language Files
  • System Logs
  • System Registry Files
  • User Log Files
  • Xcode junk files

From the list mentioned above, you can only DIY a few of them if you do not know to type commands. This is because it is not easy to learn them by how to clean junk files on Mac.  

Delete Junk Files on Mac by Cleaner Tools

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How to clean junk files on Mac is explained here step-by-step. Junk cleaner tools are available as paid tools online. Yet, there are also free cleaner tools. Cleanmymac is free to download junk files cleaner software for Mac. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to do it all by yourself.

1. First, download free Cleanmymac for Mac OS.

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2. After downloading, you have to open and check its features.

3. On its features, you have to select the junk file.

4. Now, click scan to remove junk files on Mac.

5. It will delete all junk files within a few seconds. 

You can read the complete Cleanmymac X Review if you want detail info.

Delete Cache Files of Safari Browser on Mac

When you use the internet on your Mac, cache files are stored automatically. It will slow down your computer performance after a long time as they occupy space in Gigabytes or GB. You can DIY by the following steps.

  • First, select Safari from the menu bar.
  • Now press preference
  • Next, select the advanced tab. (here, you have to click enable the develop menu)
  • From the develop menu, click empty cache files.

If you cannot memorize these steps to delete Safari cache, you can download free Cleanmymac and clean cache files instantly. It is a safe and legit system junk cleaning app for Mac users.  

Delete Xcode Files

It is advisable to save the below-mentioned paths if you are unable to memorize them.

  • ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData
  • ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/iOS DeviceSupport
  • ~/Library/Caches/
  • ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup
  • ~/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator
  • ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Archives 

If you find it is taking the time or you are entering a wrong path, it may lead to deletion of OS files. It is advisable to use Cleanmymac if you are not confident to use these paths to delete Xcode files, which are occupying space and cause performance issues. 

Delete Cache Files of on Mac

  • Go to finder and open them. 
  • Now, press command key + shift key + G
  • Now, type ~/Library/Caches and press enter.
  • Now, you can view cache files in a folder.
  • You can select all and delete them by pressing the Del button.

If you are not through with how to clean junk files on Mac, you can use Cleanmymac app.

Delete Unwanted Downloaded Files on Mac

You might have downloaded many files on your PC. In that many of the downloaded items are merely there, or not used by you anymore. They all occupy space in GB and slow the Mac OS performance. You can optimize them by selecting and deleting the unwanted download files from the download folder. Yet, you must also remove them from the trash bin.

Delete Trash Bin

The files you delete directly sit in the trash bin. A new user might not know they have to remove them from the trash bin too. It is advisable to delete your trash bin weekly once. It will speed your Mac performance. 


Hence, how to delete junk files on Mac is easy now. For optimizing your Mac OS performance, you can select user cache files, download files, system cache files, user logs, language files, and Xcode junk files, and run the scan. It would help if you opened Cleanmymac and hit the clean button whenever you find any performance issue or slowness on your MAC computer system or a laptop. Today, many happy Mac users are benefited from this free cleaner. 

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